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00:09 <Enverex> Why's that? Mplayer claims joystick support. Expecting it to actually work doesn't seem like much of a stretch :P
00:12 <gnarface> yea, it doesn't, until you find out what type of rep mplayer has (even here in it's own IRC channel the official maintainers will tell you to use literally anything else)
00:13 <gnarface> please don't mistake this to mean i'm unsympathetic, or that i disagree with your sense of justice. i can't do anything to save you from the disappointment, i'm just trying to save you the additional effort of reaching the conclusion on your own.
00:14 <gnarface> if you actually figure out why it wasn't working though i'd love to know for my own edification
00:15 <gnarface> i'm not holding out or anything. you've legitimately run into a problem i've got no idea how to solve. i've given you the best workarounds that i could think of already - all summarily rejected, i'll point out.
00:29 <orbea> too bad other upstreams insist on mplayer and the alternatives crash my system
00:30 <gnarface> yea despite all efforts to the contrary, it just won't die
00:30 <Enverex> gnarface: Your workarounds would technically work, but they add more complexity to what is already a delicate ecosystem at this point (and some clash with other workarounds I'm already using for other things).
00:31 <gnarface> (there's stuff i still need it for here too that nothing else supports)
00:31 <Enverex> I mean what other command-line video players would people recommend instead? MPlayer's typically been pretty bulletproof for me.
00:31 <gnarface> well i know that vlc and xmms2 both have command-line "remote" interfaces
00:31 <orbea> gnarface: if I want hwdec support with nouveau, the only thing that sometimes works is mplayer :P
00:32 <gnarface> orbea: yea, nobody else has adopted hm12 raw video support either :(
00:32 <orbea> yea, mplayer tends to support hwdec for anything I throw at it while alternatives support a subset at most
00:33 <orbea> i'd like if mpv would work instead, but I guess that is not a possibility in the foreseeable future
00:33 <gnarface> Enverex: around here i hear mpv thrown around a lot (a fork of a fork)
00:34 <orbea> instant full system crashes is not good
00:53 <Enverex> gnarface: HAH. Turns out it was a simple issue. Joystick support has to be explicitly compiled it and it's not obvious that it's not. Doesn't look like Arch includes it by default. I compiled it myself with the option and now the gamepad works :)
00:53 <Enverex> *compiled in
00:53 <gnarface> oh really?? interesting...
00:53 <gnarface> thanks for letting me know
00:53 <Enverex> I remember it used to work so either Arch stopped enabling that flag at some point, or it went from enabled by default to disabled by default.
00:54 <* gnarface> begins to wonder what compile-time options the debian build uses
00:55 <gnarface> Enverex: well, good for you. that's definitely a cleaner solution that i was expecting possible...
00:55 <Enverex> But yeah, to this day I still think mplayer is the best CLI media player for Linux. The sheer compatibility with codecs and hardware support is great.
00:55 <Enverex> gnarface: Thanks for being the rubber duck in the meantime :P
00:55 <gnarface> it's just really old and i guess nobody likes maintaining it anymore
00:56 <gnarface> but it does have the benefit of being "finished" in many ways that newer, more maintained players are not
00:56 <gnarface> anyway, no problem. i'm glad we both learned something here
00:56 <Enverex> Right, as it's 2am I really need to get to bed. Night!
00:56 <gnarface> peace
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