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00:55 adrianvalenz joined
01:00 <adrianvalenz> hello guys
01:04 <adrianvalenz> I'm new to IRC in general, so are there any tips I need to know. Can you notify someone with an @ symbol and all
01:23 <adrianvalenz> adam12: I think I'm getting somewhat the hang of the IRC
01:24 <adam12> adrianvalenz: You can notify most people just like you did me. nickname<colon>
01:24 <adam12> It depends on their client having alerting setup, of course.
01:24 <adam12> How you doing?
01:25 <adrianvalenz> Nice, I'm doing good. I'm trying to find a good IRC for iOS, I noticed LimeChat has one for iOS also
01:25 <adam12> Yeah? Never looked. i figured I'd switch over to IRCCloud
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01:28 <adrianvalenz> adam12: LimeChat just crashed and I don't see the previous chat messages. Is there a way to find them?
01:28 <adam12> Weird. Nope.
01:28 <adam12> IRCCloud does. $5/month
01:29 <adam12> I've never seen Limechat crash before.
01:30 <adrianvalenz> and so the chats are gone forever? Is there a tutorial or article on some basic "must-knows" for IRC
01:30 <adrianvalenz> gotta run to the laundromat real quick. gonna try to find wi-fi there lol
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02:35 <adrianvalenz> adam12: ok i'm back
02:35 <adam12> ok
02:35 <adrianvalenz> using limechat, how do I know if people are online...
02:35 <adam12> adrianvalenz: should have a list of users on the right
02:36 <adrianvalenz> ok cool, I see the list, but I wonder if that is just a list of members of the chat and some are offline? because some have an @ symbol and are highlighted orange and I don't know what that means. lol
02:36 <adam12> adrianvalenz: Only who's online. There is no registry of users like Gitter.
02:37 <adam12> adrianvalenz: The @ sign indicates a channel op - someone who can manage the channel.
02:37 <adrianvalenz> ahh right on. I get it now
02:39 <adam12> adrianvalenz: cool.
02:41 <adrianvalenz> adam12: What are some other cool irc channels around the internet?
02:42 <adam12> adrianvalenz: On this network, #ruby and #sequel (if you're using Sequel with Padrino?)
02:42 <adam12> I'm in a whole bunch. You can right click my nick and choose Whois to see a list.
02:44 <adrianvalenz> Nice, Sequel sounds good to join.
02:44 <adam12> Anyways, I am out. I'm further into the future than you :)
02:44 <adam12> Cheers.
02:45 <adrianvalenz> haha oh yea! I forgot, you are a time traveler lol
02:45 <adrianvalenz> Have a good night
02:45 <adam12> Later
02:50 <adrianvalenz> Anyone else on here chat often about Padrino?
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18:49 <adrianvalenz_> I couldn't find anything on using a CDN like Cloudfront with Padrino. Any tips?
18:50 <adrianvalenz_> I'm avoiding Amazon S3 for serving images, Cloudfront is nicer
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19:38 <adrianvalenz_> wikimatze: Hey!
19:38 <adrianvalenz_> I was wondering if you got the messages about why the docs were out of order
19:39 <adrianvalenz_> by the way, how is it going? It's been a while
19:41 <adam12> adrianvalenz_: ohai
19:41 <adrianvalenz_> adam12: Hi there!
19:42 <adrianvalenz_> adam12: I was looking through the docs for info on using a CDN (Cloudfront) with Padrino. I couldn't find anything. Have you guys used it?
19:43 <adam12> adrianvalenz_: I can't say I have.
19:44 <adrianvalenz_> adam12: Would it be difficult to implement? I used Dokku which is like Heroku's ephemeral containers, and assets will be destroyed on every deploy
19:45 <adam12> adrianvalenz_: Not sure if this was ever implemented, but worth checking out: https://github.com/padrino/padrino-framework/pull/1720/files
19:45 <adam12> My guess is it isn't :\
19:46 <adam12> I'd probably just make your own helper
19:46 <adam12> that concats the host you want
19:47 <adam12> I'm not sure how easy it would be tho.
19:53 <adrianvalenz_> Yea you are probably right.
19:53 <adrianvalenz_> I gotta head out guys! later!
20:10 <wikimatze> hey
20:11 <wikimatze> yeah, I got your tweet
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