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14:09 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) Hi everyone! I run my padrino app with `padrino s -e production` but it'll only listen on `` and i can't get it to listen on ``. Can anyone help?
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14:41 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) I found out that running it with `RACK_ENV=production ./config.ru` does the trick
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15:32 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 I wonder if providing `-b` would of worked.
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16:39 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) @adam12 Hi! I've just looked through the Rack code and it seems that it listens on localhost only in development mode, but test and production make it listen on all interfaces
16:40 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 so you're saying `-e production` didn't work for you? Do you know if it loaded into production environment, but didn't listen correctly?
16:40 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) @adamin
16:41 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) @adam12 oh no, it worked with `-e production` I just didn't like putting that in place and it bugged me :) I'm only working on a training application with docker-compose and couldn't connect to the services inside the container even though i forwarded the ports
16:42 <wikimatze> hey
16:42 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 As long as you got it working :) I was just wondering if there was a bug
16:42 <adam12> wikimatze: hello
16:43 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) @adam12 I don't think so :) I'm gonna try `-b` as well though
16:43 <wikimatze> @Leopard2A5: can you post your docker container?
16:44 <wikimatze> Or does it works for your
16:44 <wikimatze> you now?
16:44 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 I think listening on by default was a security bug that was fixed fairly recently. I'm guessing the `-b` option will work for you.
16:44 <wikimatze> with Padrino 0.14.1?
16:45 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 Alternatively you need the -h method. I don't remember.
16:46 <adam12> @Leopard2A5 Neverbind, it is indeed -h. "-h, [--host=HOST] # Bind to HOST address (default:"
16:47 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) @adam12 ah, thanks :)
16:47 <adam12> Here was the PR that changed the default, in case it matters. https://github.com/padrino/padrino-framework/pull/1052
16:49 <wikimatze> yes, that was the answer
16:49 <wikimatze> great adam12
16:51 <padrinobot> (Leopard2A5) `-h` indeed does the trick, thanks @adam12 and @wikimatze
16:51 <wikimatze> awesome, thanks for asking us
16:52 <wikimatze> time to prepare "Tarte Flambee"
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