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01:01 Renich joined
01:02 <Renich> Hello!
01:02 <Renich> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/C7jHJSCaHATXImss3nXykF5M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
01:02 <Renich> any ideas?
01:02 <Renich> My site is down cause I had the awesome idea of updating just like that
01:02 <Renich> ... it used to work wonders...
01:02 <Renich> but, this time, my website is down
01:03 <adam12> Renich: ActiveSupport was removed form 0.14
01:03 <adam12> Renich: if you need it, you probably should add it as a dependency to your Gemfile
01:04 <Renich> adam12: no, I don't. Not that I know
01:05 <adam12> I'm not sure what's looking for it - I'd probably just add it back in and debug locally.
01:05 <adam12> Soomething to do with padrino cache or moneta I guess. Maybe your app config.
01:05 <Renich> adam12: thanks
01:05 <Renich> I will test the work around
01:05 <adam12> OK
01:06 <Renich> adam12: The odd thing is that the app starts and all. But, in every request, it gives me that
01:07 <adam12> Renich: Yeah. Maybe you can post your app.rb and we'll see what's going on? but really it could be anywhere.
01:09 <Renich> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/JTEC~8iUFOK3mtyL79Xpy15M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
01:11 <Renich> adam12: included gem 'activesupport' and it is not helping
01:11 <Renich> should I require it?
01:11 <adam12> yeah, try requiring it.
01:13 <adam12> I bet you have ActiveSupport objects in your redis cache. Maybe you can purge your redis cache if that doesn't work
01:14 <Renich> ah, must be required as "active_support"... :S
01:15 <Renich> adam12: it works!
01:15 <Renich> you saved me
01:15 <adam12> Cool!
01:15 <Renich> now I can, calmly, debug :D
01:15 <adam12> Haha. Yeah. My guess is that redis has a serialized ActiveSupport object.
01:15 <adam12> so you'll have to purge redis.
01:15 <Renich> adam12: might
01:16 <Renich> I tried restarting it
01:16 <Renich> anyway, thanks a lot. I will debug locally and see what's up
01:16 <Renich> c ya later
01:16 <adam12> Cool. Cheers
04:22 wikimatze joined
11:01 <flips> Wow, padrino is really nice. :) Been away doing boring/frustrating stuff (php, wordpress etc) for a while. Also took another round to grasp/learn Sinatra better. Padrino really has "batteries included". To use erubi, should I just add "-e erubi" to "padrino g" ? (instead of erb)
13:59 wikimatze joined
14:10 ksinkar joined
14:38 <adam12> flips: If you're using the latest version of Padrino, you should be able to just pass -e erb and it will use erubi.
14:42 <flips> Right! Cool :)
14:42 <flips> Was already in Gemfile ...
15:16 <wikimatze> should we add this to the documentation? I mean it's just another implementation of ERB and just another renderer
15:18 <adam12> wikimatze: perhaps? tho it's more behind the scenes than slim/etc.
15:18 <adam12> bbl.
15:20 <wikimatze> adam12: okay
15:21 <wikimatze> flips: hmm, the release notes under http://padrinorb.com/blog/padrino-0-14-0/ didn't say what you have to do, when you're updating from 0.13.* ...
15:22 <* flips> ran a clean install, running through the blog tutorial, using sequel and erb instead of AR and haml
15:28 <wikimatze> flips: so you had problems with the blog tutorial?
15:30 <flips> wikimatze: No, no problem ... I've been away doing other stuff, re-learning Padrino stuff now, and this time around I want to use Sequel and erb/erubi :)
15:31 <flips> In the tutorial, the db/migrate/003_add_account_to_post.rb part (which used AR), are these lines "first_account = Account.first" and "Post.all.each { |p| p.update_attribute(:account, first_account) }" AR/ORM specific?
15:38 <wikimatze> yes, they are bound to AR ... I want to change this to Sequel and make notes according to the ORM which are used (and that those commands change if you use another one)
15:41 <flips> sequel just seems better to me, been experimenting with plain sinatra, bcrypt and sequel ... Padrino has nice automations :)
15:44 <wikimatze> good to hear that
15:45 <wikimatze> as long as you have fun
15:45 <wikimatze> Padrino will not stand in your way
15:46 <flips> I'm thinking of migrating a site from wordpress, but I need more experience first. Now reading sequel stuff, gotta recreate those migration examples :)
15:49 <wikimatze> awesome
15:49 <wikimatze> that would be a great feature article on padrinorb.com
15:50 <flips> It's a very nice tutorial, but I need some time to figure out what all the "included batteries" did. :) So I spent a couple of weeks just making plain Sinatra stuff from scratch. Now I understand more. :)
15:51 <flips> Maybe I'm weird, but I strongly prefer erb to haml/slim :)
15:52 <flips> I guess my "visual grep" is trained for xml/sgml/html style tags :)
15:54 <wikimatze> That's fine
15:54 <wikimatze> first Sinatra
15:54 <wikimatze> then Padrino :)
15:55 <wikimatze> I prefer erb over Slim/haml, it's just more to the core
18:22 kuadrosx joined
19:49 wikimatze joined
20:59 hive-mind joined
22:03 <wikimatze> I've rework ActiveRecord rake commands texts - details under https://github.com/padrino/padrino-framework/pull/2129
22:59 kuadrosx_ joined