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06:48 <padrinobot> (kkaushik) Is there an official way to donate for development via paypal or BTC ?
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14:17 <adam12> @kkaushik I don't believe so.
16:46 <padrinobot> (wikimatze) Hi Karan, we haven't something like a donation for the development - Padrino is Open Source
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16:59 <wakatara> Is there a canonical guide (or code base for perusal) fir adding SSL support, particularly in the /admin are, to padrino?
17:00 <wakatara> I was planning on attempting with the rack-ssl-enforcer grm but also noticed older posts detailing the rack-ssl gem.
17:06 <wakatara> (target deployment is to heroku with its ACM for cert management)
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18:31 <wikimatze> wakatara: there is no guide
18:32 <wikimatze> wakatara: have you tried to integrate http://www.rubydoc.info/gems/rack-ssl-enforcer/0.2.9 and integrate it into your app.rb?
18:32 <wakatara> wikimatze: is there a code base that implements it and is githubbed that someone could point me at?
18:32 <wakatara> wikimatze: I haven't yet tried though that is my first port of call.
18:33 <wakatara> wikimatze: (that gem, I mean... and use it with heroku's ACM)
18:34 <wikimatze> The thing I found is: http://www.benjaminoakes.com/2011/09/07/enforcing-ssl-in-padrino/
18:34 <wikimatze> never worked with heroku acm so far
18:35 <wakatara> wikimatze: Yes, I saw that in my search, I was just wondering if anyone on the core team had tried it? (and had it working.). The article is quite old... =]
18:36 <wikimatze> yes it's old ..
18:36 <wakatara> wikimatze: The gem itself has special instructions on configuring for padrino/sinatra (don't enable sessions), put the Middleware at the top of the Middelware stack etc.
18:37 <wikimatze> can you give it try? And see how far you get?
18:37 <wikimatze> oh nice, that they put a description for it there
18:37 <wakatara> Lol... yes, absolutely. I was just hoping someone had already blazed the trail on it and had it working.
18:38 <wakatara> I definitely have to write some blog articles after finishing this upgrade. =]
18:38 <wikimatze> "do not use enable :sessions instead add the Rack::Session::Cookie middleware after Rack::Ssl::Enforcer."
18:39 <wikimatze> wakatara: that would be great if you can post your experiences as a blog and that add it to the documentation on padrinorb.com
18:40 <wakatara> wikimatze: Yep, got that and should write a bit abot how I used oj and rabl for the json responses to feed datatables with will_paginate. Made it quite slick.
18:40 <wakatara> wikimatze: I'll also clean up the code and open source it shortly. It was pro bono stuff for a charity but I think it came together really nicely and demonstrates a non-trivial padrino app.
18:41 <wakatara> (though really, really have to write some better tests and figure out some caching.
18:42 <wikimatze> sounds neat with rabl and will_paginate
18:42 <wikimatze> of course we could need some more example apps on our page
18:47 <wakatara> Will trade a code review for putting it up as an example app... =p
18:47 <wakatara> lol
18:48 <wakatara> Anyhow, thanks for the info! I'll forge ahead on the ssl-ing of the app and post learnings in the blog. Need to fix it up the blog in any case.
18:48 <wikimatze> sounds great
18:49 <wikimatze> try to hang around here in IRC to get feedvack + help
19:02 <wakatara> will do. Thanks for the assistance!