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06:16 <wakatara> Can someone update the padrino version on the channel in the Topic? =] As well as the ChanServ message?
06:16 <wakatara> =]
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09:19 <wakatara> Had some problem with my ZNC bouncer and did not see the (if there was one) response to my question about running puma locally with foreman and on heroku and the conflict in the ActiveRecord Establish Connection string for the database.rb and the config/puma.rb I mentioned.
09:22 <wakatara> Did anyone have a canonical answer to that? I've commented out database.rb line and pushe the working foreman/heroku config with that line in config/puma.rb (and it's much, *much* faster) but of course, padrino console and padrino server no longer work. Is it ok to uncomment it? I just am hazy on how the distinction between spinning up via padrino x command versus foreman/rackup Procfile goes
09:22 <wakatara> with using the database.rb cofig file vs the puma config created.
09:22 <wakatara> (and yes, I promise a blog post when I've got an answer. I had to piece this together since there was no easily googleable answer.
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18:01 <adam12> wakatara: No answer on the database stuff.
18:01 <adam12> wakatara: And I am not sure skade is around. My ops was only temporary.
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