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02:09 <wakatara> adam12: fair enough. It is working (very well, actually) on heroku running puma, so curious. Will spin up a staging and experiment a bit. Thanks though!
02:11 <adam12> wakatara: cool :)
02:13 <wakatara> My guess is that puma handles the activerecord initialization from the workers it uses, rather than through the main padino thread, but it would be good to get a clear idea of how the routes padrino start and rackup/foreman starting are different.
02:13 <wakatara> It definitely makes a big diference in performance (visibly) using Puma
02:15 <wakatara> adam12: Out of curiosity, where are padrino issues being discussed thee days? The mailing list seems dead (or people just haven't gotten to it) and here is a little quiet. Just wondering, especially for in-depth technical discussions.
02:15 <adam12> I'm not sure they are taking place, to be honest.
02:15 <adam12> The issue tracker is where I've seen the most activity.
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02:45 <wakatara> Hmmm... ok. It still feels like things are being released and fixed though. So, was just wondering if a party was going on somewhere I hadn't figured out where the door was to yet... =]
03:12 <adam12> Nope :) Things are moving, but Padrino is fairly stable. Because it's basically glue for a bunch of libraries, probably not much to see on the surface.
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08:09 <wakatara> adam12: what sort of help do you guys need contrib-wise on padrino? Anything I can help out with (even documentation) while I've got some time. I till feel like I owe you guys a whole bunch of blog articules from role your own authentication, to this puma thing, to using a rabl template to pass json to datatables to speed up the admin... :-/
10:27 <skade> adam12: I'm a little confused about the ops being temporary :(
10:27 <skade> adam12: hope this helps...
15:09 <adam12> skade: I lost connection and it never came back. It would help if you could add me and wikimatze as opers of the channel? so we could get ops through chanserv.
15:09 <adam12> wakatara: I feel like blogging and talking about Padrino is the biggest area we need help. How you achieve X, etc.
15:39 <skade> adam12: try disconnecting and connecting again
15:40 <skade> i did it through chanserv, as per the instructions from freenode, but I'm not sure what I did wrong :/
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15:42 <adam12> skade: no luck
15:44 <skade> meh
15:45 <adam12> :P
15:45 <adam12> oh well
15:45 <skade> the annoying thing is: You are not authorized to execute this command. (when trying to modify flags)
15:47 <adam12> Yeah. That's odd.
15:49 skade joined
15:50 <skade> You are not authorized to (de)op adam12 on #padrino. :(
15:51 <skade> I guess we need one of the owners
16:19 <adam12> skade: Yeah :\ I noticed that in another channel someone set me as oper to
16:19 <adam12> I don't know who owns the channel.
16:22 <skade> achiu founded it
16:23 <skade> no such nick... rich
16:23 <skade> nesquena and such might be other people to try
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