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05:22 <wakatara> skade: You can ping freenode and explain the sitch and see if they can do something. They are honestly pretty great at ironging out issues.
05:23 <wakatara> And I am just trying to clean up a fairly (well, I think) nifty padrino code base for open source and thre are a few interesting things to blog there just as soon as I clean up the design and sift through the 2000 posts on my old blog (which is the goal for Easter weekend.). So, can no doubt do that if something else doesn't knock me off track.
05:25 <wakatara> Hehe... I think your biggest problem is with Hanami being released and possibly being seen as the new ruby hawtness at the mo.
05:25 <wakatara> If I point you guys at reviews drafts of the posts I'd like to publish (like in a magic URL before it goes live, would you guys feedback on the posts?
05:27 <wakatara> (also, I would really really love it if someone could explain the diff in the startup bootup using padrino start/console versus something like foreman/rackup. I have puma working fine, but can't tell if I can uncomment the database.rb directive to establish the ActiveRecord connection versus having that set by puma's workers.
05:27 <wakatara> (oh, and happy easter, folks! Even if you don't celebrate (I don't), I hope you got lots of chocolate bunnies/bilbys. =] ).
14:20 <adam12> wakatara: I'll review posts, but I'm still fairly new to Padrino myself.
14:21 <adam12> I like the idea of Hanami but last I looked it was fairly slow. Object allocation isn't cheap in Ruby, and I think that's 99% of Hanami.