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07:36 <wakatara> wikimatze: Hey! Hope the bunny was good to you! More to the point though, is it *ok* to leave both the ActiveRecord Establish call in database.rb *and* in the config/puma.rb? I assume database.rb works with padrino start and console, whereas the other works with the foreman start/puma rackupstart, but unsure of what the repurcsussions of leaving the database.rb one uncommented are... Thoughts?
07:36 <wakatara> wikimatze: (hope you got lotsa chocolate bunnies... ).
07:53 <wikimatze> hey
07:54 <wikimatze> I would comment the settings in database.rb and only put it in your config/puma.rb. If you don't need to play around with padrino console and your database, you should be fine with it.
08:06 <wakatara> wikimatze: Ok, sure... that's what I did, though I guess what I was hoping for is an understanding of how the two spinups (padrino vs puma/rackup/foreman) work as ob viously having acess to padrino console in dev isa good thing... =p
08:07 <wakatara> (also, was writing up a blog article on it so wanted to have the canonical answer if possible... =] ).
08:10 <wakatara> wikimatze: Hehe... I feel ike I am going to have to go spelunking in the codebase to understand this unambiguously... :-)
08:13 <wakatara> I guess it feels like the database.rb AREstablish should have a conditional on it for correctness and such... in the case of foreman taking that...
08:29 <wakatara> And another question, since I'm also trying to set up the app to work with ssl:
08:29 <wakatara> I'm using rack-ssl-enforcer since that seems to be the most updated.
08:30 <wakatara> it needs to have enable :sessions disabled for that and the rack middleware inserted ahead of priotection in app.rb
08:31 <wakatara> However, it also seems to require you disable `set :protect_from_csrf, true` in padrino as that depends on enable :sessions
08:31 <wakatara> Is there a better way to enable ssl in padrino apps nowadays? I can't find anything updated to let me know if that's the case.
08:31 <wakatara> wikimatze: can haz ssl?
11:08 <wikimatze> a pry debug in the padrino code may work for you to get into the internals
11:08 <wikimatze> for the ssl: that would be the same way as I would go
11:49 <wikimatze> looking forward to your blog-post
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