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03:54 <wakatara> wikimatze: Interestingly, even with enable :sessions active, heroku is making the appliation secure, so I have to admit I am a little confused as to what needs to be done with sessions in order to make it ssl safe for a non-heroku example.
03:55 <wakatara> So, basically, using the default padrino setup (without Rack middleware) and enabling ssl on heroku seems to be delivering a secure application, so trying ot understand how the sessions stuff is working on padrino has me scratching my head a little. Not sure if heroku is doing osmething behind the scenes to addresses padrino's session shortfalls, but it does appear to be ssl-ing properly.
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08:07 <wakatara> Btw, with enable :sessions seemingly working with heroku's new ACM SSL I've merely put a before filter in each mounted app to check if request.secure? and then redirect to https url. Seems to be working fine.
08:07 <wakatara> (please if anyone sees a security issue with just having enable :sessions working and the above, do let me know.)
08:13 <wikimatze> wakatara: sounds great
08:13 <wikimatze> and your blog post about it should make it onto padrinorb guides
08:14 <wakatara> (I'm not too sure the cookie is properly secured though. It def does not appear to be encrypted... JUst Base64... hmmm... though it's over ssl/https though, so... )
08:14 <wakatara> Was silly easy with heroku. Just turned on ACM.
08:14 <wakatara> (Auto Cert Mgmt)
08:15 <wakatara> Just overhailing blog now, but it is next on list of things to do...
08:15 <wikimatze> awesome
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11:38 <padrinobot> (BrunoMVPCosta) hey there, how are you?
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11:38 <padrinobot1> (BrunoMVPCosta) is it possible to add a prefix for all the padrino cache keys when using redis?
11:38 <padrinobot> (BrunoMVPCosta) is it possible to add a prefix for all the padrino cache keys when using redis?
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12:02 <bvcosta> hi
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15:04 <adam12> bvcosta: hello
15:09 <bvcosta> hi adam12
15:09 <bvcosta> do you know if it is possible to add a prefix on padrino cache when using redis?
15:10 <adam12> I'm not sure to be honest. Let me look.
15:13 <adam12> set :cache, Padrino::Cache.new(:Redis, prefix: "your_app_")
15:13 <adam12> maybe something like that?
15:16 <adam12> ^ bvcosta
15:17 <bvcosta> I think Padrino cache does not support prefix
15:17 <bvcosta> but not sure
15:17 <adam12> bvcosta: Padrino Cache just wraps Moneta.
15:17 <adam12> So I think as long as your version of Moneta supports prefix, and the adapter supports prefix, it should work?
15:17 <bvcosta> cool, let me try :D
15:21 <bvcosta> working
15:21 <bvcosta> u'r the man1
15:21 <bvcosta> u'r the man!
15:23 <adam12> Nice :)
16:27 <wikimatze> thanks adam12 for the help
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