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01:43 postmodern joined
01:45 <postmodern> has anyone thought of extracting padrino's db rake tasks into a separate gem?
01:45 <postmodern> i think it would be useful to have a canonical set of db tasks
01:46 <postmodern> that way you could initialize ActiveRecord, DataMapper, MongoDB tasks, and have them all linked to common db: tasks
02:06 <adam12> postmodern: Not Padrino's, but I've started to do something similar for my Roda apps. It's called `batteries`
02:06 <adam12> I only use Sequel, so I doubt it would support all the ORMs.
02:06 <postmodern> adam12, i was thinking of extracting them into db-tasks-* gems
02:07 <adam12> (I use rubygems-tasks to manage batteries btw, thanks).
02:07 <postmodern> yeah was thinking of doing the same API style
02:07 <adam12> I like it. What do you think inspired batteries? :P
02:07 <postmodern> make them all classes which you can initialize and configure (what env, where is the config file, etc)
02:08 <postmodern> also banging my head currently against automating pg_dump/pg_restore in padrino
02:10 <postmodern> might divide them into db-tasks-#{orm} and db-tasks-#{db}
02:10 <adam12> ;\
02:11 <adam12> Yeah tht would work.
02:11 <postmodern> what started out as a single day task quickly turned into a new project :P
02:11 <adam12> lol. you should see my github feed :\
02:12 <adam12> I think I've released 6 new gems in the last few weeks :
02:12 <adam12> ;\
02:13 <postmodern> m-m-m-m-micro-libs
02:13 <adam12> Aye.
02:13 <adam12> I kinda wish microrb.com was still a thing
02:20 <postmodern> TIL it isn't. yeah there's an argument against highlighting things. micro-libs should just be normal libs which we rely on for day-to-day dev tasks
02:20 <postmodern> for example, the ls command doesn't have it's own webpage.
02:21 <postmodern> which is also why i'm in favor of taking canonical names for micro-libs (ex: db-tasks)
02:22 <adam12> I'd just like somewhere to discover these libraries
02:22 <adam12> ie. your rubygems-tasks.
02:23 <adam12> Github trending doesn't help, Rubytoolbox is woefully out of date.
02:23 <adam12> Awesome Ruby has requirements for being listed (age, # of stars, etc)
02:26 <postmodern> we should reclaim microrb, but have logical requirements so people can't just split their gem into a thousand other gems, just to get listed (i've thought of this for an april fools prank)
02:26 <adam12> I wonder if this chinese firm will let it lapse
02:26 <adam12> I think they picked it up in a dropcatch scenario
02:27 <postmodern> that or check for variations
02:27 <postmodern> or just setup a github pages site
02:29 <adam12> Yeah. Bunch of options i guess.
02:30 <postmodern> crazy spit ball idea. it would be nice if rubygems.org supported hosting sub-domains for basically gemsets
02:30 <postmodern> either listings of gems, or like PPAs
02:31 <postmodern> one can dream
02:34 <adam12> Hmm
02:34 <adam12> What do you mean? gemsets or ppas?
02:34 <adam12> I was kicking around the idea of free private gem repos
02:35 <adam12> since I just set one up for my new project.
02:35 <postmodern> like a way of hosting your own rubytoolbox
02:35 <postmodern> either gems pulled from rubygems.org proper, or ones you pushed yourself
02:36 <adam12> Ah.
02:36 <adam12> I like it. I wonder how popular it would be.
02:38 <postmodern> might be popular for enterprise orgs who want to tightly control the gems they use, but don't want to setup their own gem servers
02:39 <adam12> There's a system kind of like that. Hmm
02:39 <adam12> Let me check Twitter.
02:40 <adam12> Gemstash?
02:40 <adam12> Not exactly the same tho. Only acts as cache.
04:00 wikimatze joined
05:43 wikimatze joined
07:18 <wakatara> I'm getting a strange error from what looks to be params_protection in padrino ("
07:19 <wakatara> ie. When assigning attributes, you must pass a hash as an argument.
07:19 <wakatara> (strangely it works on "indicating interest" but blows up on "removing interest")
07:21 <wakatara> I can't find a lot of documentation on how to set the attributes to allow (re)assignemnt on the update though. Can someone give me the short version? (I'm stil puzzled why it is throwing the error on removal but not indicating interest).
07:23 <wakatara> (I figure I override this in the controller, but if someone has a canonical example, that would be awesome.).
07:31 jaequery joined
15:50 <adam12> wakatara: did you solve your issue?
22:45 jaequery joined