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05:14 <wakatara> adam12: I did not. I have to admit i'm not sure as to why it is throwing that error.
05:21 <wakatara> adam12: Would love a second eye (or third and fourth eyes) on the controller action. I'm sure I've just done something stupid in older code that worked, but the weird thing again is that the code works for assigning the interest, but not for removing it.
05:22 <wakatara> Gist here: https://gist.github.com/wakatara/64d48140d7b3db8d3a3cfd9f542c1172
05:22 <wakatara> relevant bit is the elsif params[:remove_interest]
05:28 <wakatara> Padrino and ActiveRecord 5.0.2 if that makes a difference.
05:42 <wakatara> (any help greatly appreciated. I'm a bit stumped on what might be causing the issue...)
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07:17 <wakatara> adam12: I got the thing working by using update(manually set hash of attribs here) though I think my big problem is not understanding why I had an issue in the first place. Any ed-u-ma-ka-shun would be appreciated.
07:31 <wakatara> ie. (if @assessment.update({:interested_org_id => nil, :interested_needs_help => nil, :interested_at => Time.now })
07:31 <wakatara> Though I still do not understand why the update(params[:assessment]) did not work, which is my confusion here.
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15:24 <adam12> wakatara: I'd probably have to see some code. What ORM is this?
15:24 <adam12> Nevermind, I scrolled up and saw AR.
15:26 <adam12> You likely want `update` and not `update_attributes` if you're using AR.
15:27 <adam12> I'm not sure if that's your problem. It's not obvious from your gist.
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