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01:28 <postmodern> adam12, started a code spike for db-tasks. wondering whether it or the user should be responsible for loading/passing in the dataabase config? or should the lib try to detect ENV['DATABASE_URI'] and config/database.yml?
01:28 <adam12> Hmm good question.
01:29 <adam12> I don't think you should assume - for Sequel at least, since there are plugins / etc to be loaded
01:29 <adam12> Maybe you can pass a block that gets called to do the load?
02:03 <postmodern> adam12, i'm working on the db specific tasks first (create, drop, console). also db:seed, which is ORM agnostic imho
02:04 <postmodern> definitely going to rely on the environment task to setup the ORM
02:04 <postmodern> or make that configurable via an option
03:50 <postmodern> adam12, how do people usually store database credentials for roda apps?
03:50 <adam12> postmodern: jeremy suggests a db.rb file
03:50 <adam12> Which is basically require sequel, setup DB variable with Sequel.connect
03:51 <postmodern> DATABASE_URL seems popular
03:53 <adam12> Yeah. Herokuism maybe
03:57 <postmodern> trying to find the similarities between how apps store/represent their DB config
03:58 <postmodern> interesting how heroku went with a single DB, and rails inspired the multi-env/db configuration
03:59 <postmodern> also interesting that ruby MVC frameworks and ORMs avoided multi-tenant DB support. Well DataMapper supported it.
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10:39 <wakatara> I'd vote for DATABASE_URL... =]
10:40 <wakatara> It is very common for third party add-ons even that don't use Heroku directly. Almost a de facto standard I'd argue.
10:41 <wakatara> In the case of multiple databases, you would just use a variation on the DATABASE_URL... ie. DATABASE_RDB_URL or DATABASE_NOSQL_URL if you need it. Just a convention really.
10:41 <wakatara> (I think)
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