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09:16 <Athavan> What is the redis server Performance when the dump.rdb file have no write permission?
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09:27 <badboy_> Athavan: that question makes not much sense
09:30 <Athavan> @badboy My Redis error log says "Could not open dump.rdb . Permisssion denied" . Is there any possibility that my redis server slows down because of this error?
09:31 <badboy_> no
09:31 <Athavan> What are the sideeffects when this Write permisssion is forbidden to dump.rdb file ?
09:35 <Dabo> Athavan, I believe that causes redis data to not persist between restarts?
09:35 <Dabo> besides that it should operate normally, with no speed slowdowns
09:35 <Dabo> IIRC data is only saved to dump.rdb, not ever read except for at database startup
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09:43 <Athavan> How Can I kill all the clients connected when max Client is reached in redis?
09:52 <badboy_> https://redis.io/commands/client-kill
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12:14 <ChoHag> Can I report bugs without signing up to any online shit?
12:14 <ChoHag> And speaking of bugs, you might want to update your /topic
12:14 <ChoHag> Unless 3.2.1 really is the latest version?
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12:23 <Dabo> as far as I can tell from the website, the only way to report a bug is via the google group
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12:28 Topic for
12:28 <soveran> ChoHag: what's the bug?
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12:32 <sheikpunk> hello guys, what is the best data type in redis to control a job queue system? i need to receive data, put on redis as queue and another worker will find this queue jobs process and remove it.
12:33 <ChoHag> Oh no. I'm getting seriously pissed off with these me-too CADT projects and their retarded restrictions on bug reports. If redis doesn't want me reporting bugs then I won't.
12:33 <ChoHag> It's in good company after all.
12:33 <sheikpunk> I will need control the queue job limit and find if data is already in queue.
12:33 <ChoHag> See I can set up stupid hoops to jump through, too.
12:37 <Dabo> sheikpunk, maybe two lists with using RBOPLPUSH, something like what is described here? https://danielkokott.wordpress.com/2015/02/14/redis-reliable-queue-pattern/
12:38 <Dabo> ChoHag, I'm sure someone in here would be willing to go through the bug and report it if you'd describe it, but I'm curious: what large open source projects have you found which *don't* require signing up to something to submit bugs? doesn't most everything either require a github account, an account to their dedicated bug tracker, etc.?
12:39 <ChoHag> Perl, debian, openbsd.
12:40 <ChoHag> Off the top of my head.
12:40 <Dabo> ah, cool
12:40 <ChoHag> It's only the cool kids who insist on that crap.
12:42 <ChoHag> I don't particularly care if someone in here could fix it. I don't jump through these hoops. You get an email, or at a pinch a web form, or you get to remain buggy.
12:42 <soveran> ChoHag: I think you can report it here
12:42 <Dabo> I guess I haven't had to report bugs for any software which doesn't require an account on something, but that probably speaks to the current culture and my lack of experience than anything else
12:43 <soveran> ChoHag: I get that you hate the current setup. Would setting up an email address for bug reports solve the problem you see right now?
12:44 <ChoHag> Yes.
12:44 <soveran> Cool. In the meantime, do you prefer to state the bug here or you would rather for an email address to be set up?
12:45 <ChoHag> I will wait. Maybe I'll still be interested when it's available.
12:57 <sheikpunk> Dabo: Thanks. I will read it.
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13:09 <soveran> ChoHag: I just sent you a private message
13:11 <ChoHag> Yes it says ping.
13:11 <ChoHag> Sort of boring.
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18:56 <bberry> so i am using pubsub (redis v3.0.7) for communication between two node.js applications. Right now the pubsub output buffer limit is set at 32mb 8mb 60 (defaults). I publish a string that is ~22MB, it gets consumed, cleared from redis memory (up to ~24 MB back down to ~1.3 MB), and all is well.... 5 minutes later I publish a 7MB string and the connections is
18:56 <bberry> severed. Right now i have verbose logging on.
18:56 <bberry> https://gist.github.com/bberry6/2128ae488da8ec271eef0a38ae3fa128
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19:00 <bberry> i shouldve done this before hand... but now ill check to see if changing the buffer limit makes the problem go away.
19:08 <bberry> yep it does make the problem not happen.
19:08 <bberry> (i set it to 0 0 0)
19:09 <bberry> So the question is, if i am sending these strings well outside of the 60 seconds where the first is being consumed and cleared from memory, why is the connection being severed when i send the 2nd string?
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20:33 Topic for
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22:43 <BoogieMan> If there is a dump.rdb file in the configured 'dir', will redis read that on startup regardless of configuration? we don't define a dbfilename directive in our configuration, and assumed that it would not load the file. This does not appear to be the case - anyone know for sure?
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