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11:50 <xco> hi, i’m using ruby and i have a class that looks like Cat < RedisModel … i want to ask how to find the field names of a redis model?
11:51 <minus> if your thing is a hash in redis: HKEYS. no idea how that translates to whatever ruby framework you're using
12:09 <xco> minus: thanks. and if it’s a set?
12:10 <minus> SMEMBERS
12:10 <minus> see https://redis.io/commands/ for all availble commands
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12:15 <xco> minus: thank you :)
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15:52 <granitosaurus> Hey, could someone explain me what does the 0 mean in redis url like this: redis:// ?
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15:59 <minus> granitosaurus: database id most likely
15:59 <granitosaurus> oh ok, so redis can have multiple databases?
16:00 <minus> yes, 16 by default
16:00 <granitosaurus> lovely! Thanks minus
16:00 <minus> they're numbered and the amount can be configured in the config file
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16:53 <Jonuz> Hey, I want to a) "Find item by it's key" and b) "Find multiple items by value of property", should this be doable with redis? Here is example how items are stored right now https://paste.debian.net/926742/
16:54 <Jonuz> So in this case I can find item easily by key, but can I find items whose thread_id is 2?
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16:58 <jimeno> Hello. Is there any redis native type to store data structures like ["user1": ["pole", "liked!"], "user2": ["liked", "disgusting"]]? (comment's system)
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17:13 <minus> Jonuz: create a set thread_id:2:messages with message ids. but if you need something like that redis might not be what you're looking for
17:14 <minus> jimeno: no, but you can e.g. json-encode the values of the hash
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17:16 <jimeno> minus: read today about using json encoding or pickle for that. What's the best choice?
17:16 <minus> redis doesn't care, it's up to you. json has the advantage of being readable
17:16 <minus> and of not being able to execute code
17:18 <jimeno> minus: any good documentation on how to pub|sub? I mean I cannot find any good resource on how to subscribe my userA to channels from userB and userC without infinite loops listening for messages
17:19 <jimeno> minus: yup, pickle has somewhat the kind famous pho object injection vuln :/
17:19 <minus> also, json works with other languages than python
17:21 <minus> jimeno: when you do pubsub on a redis connection you can't use it for anything else and you need to run it in a loop
17:23 <jimeno> minus: then, if I want to receive for example messages from all users I subscribe to, is it possible to implement that with redis?
17:23 <jimeno> I thought about when I follow userN, I subscribe to his channel
17:23 <jimeno> but if it must run in a loop... I'm out of ideas
17:24 <minus> do you also store messages in redis? if yes, check keyspace notifications, but that's a different story
17:24 <minus> how does your client look like?
17:25 <jimeno> minus: I thought about implementing a comments system, but for now I want to be able to receive notifications from the users I follow
17:26 <minus> but what's your client; a python app the user runs on their system and that connects to redis. or a website using websockets/SSE?
17:26 <jimeno> minus: my users've an uid to unique identify them, and when I follow userA (which uid is == 1), for example, my redis adds my uid to user:uid:1:followers
17:27 <jimeno> minus: python app that I run in separate ttys
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17:27 <minus> one process per tty?
17:27 <jimeno> tty_1 is userA, tty_2 is userB and etc
17:28 <minus> then on startup get the list of followed people, and subscribe to each of their channels with one redis connection (and optionally have another if you need to do other things)
17:29 <jimeno> minus: separated threads? (to be able to listen to the channel in a loop)
17:32 <minus> yeah, you'll probably need threads there
17:32 <minus> or an event loop
17:33 <jimeno> minus: will give it a try. Thank you very much!
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20:04 <jgt1> hey folks. I did a dumb thing. I did a GEOADD for about 1.2M records, but I got the LAT and LON backwards. Is there an easy way to flip them?
20:05 <badboy_> no, remove the key and re-add everything
20:06 <minus> it's just geohashed and added to a zset, right?
20:06 <minus> 1.2M records shouldn't take long anyway
20:07 <jgt1> it shouldn't take long, but I don't want to re-add everything from scratch, over the network
20:07 <jgt1> because over the network (against an API) it'll take over a week
20:08 <minus> ouch
20:08 <jgt1> I should be able to do it in place, or at least on disk
20:08 <minus> just shove the script onto the machine?
20:08 <jgt1> but, I'm a redis noob, and I'm not sure how to approach it
20:08 <jgt1> yeah, I guess I could script it
20:08 <jgt1> feels like a hack, but I guess that's the best I got
20:09 <minus> well, you'd need to fetch the data, decode the geohash, flip it and readd it anyway
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20:11 <jgt1> ah, right, it's hashed
20:11 <jgt1> it doesn't store the LAT and LON vals anywhere as-is, right?
20:12 <badboy_> no
20:13 <minus> https://redis.io/commands/geoadd#how-does-it-work
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