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13:23 <ember3> hi, has anyone here tried patching SETBIT/GETBIT to use getLongLongFromObjectOrReply instead of getLongFromObjectOrReply?
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13:24 <ember3> 2^31-1 isn't enough for my use case, unfortunately
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14:05 <badboy_> ember3: likely a limitation because of the length-limit on objects
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14:21 <ember3> badboy_: yes, it appears Strings can only be up to 4 gigabits. so the real question is has anyone patched that as well
14:23 <badboy_> did we ever really lift the 500mb limit?
14:24 <badboy_> or do we just not support >500mb input protocol-wise, but 4gb for the total length? something like that I guess
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14:38 <adac> When rdb was enabled, and I then set also AOF to enabled ind the redis config file and restart the redis service. Does the old stuff from the rdb then copied over to the AOF file?
14:40 <Habbie> last i read, it was easy to lose all your data in such a switch if you are not careful
14:40 <Habbie> google gives lots of results on it
14:40 <badboy_> Redis will load the AOF if one present and otherwise load the RDB
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14:52 <adac> badboy_, Habbie ok thanks. Will read a bit more about this. I proobably will birng up a new redis instance and copy the stuff over
14:52 <adac> *bring up
14:54 <ember3> badboy_: particular use case is a large bloom filter, so there are cases where larger strings would help even without protocol change
14:54 <badboy_> ember3: yes
14:55 <ember3> feels like someone must have patched this for their own needs before
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15:09 <adac> RDB is always enabled by default, right?
15:11 <minus> yes
15:12 <minus> well, in the default config provided. it's not if you don't provide a config
15:14 <adac> minus, thanks!
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15:59 <badboy_> minus: it is by default
15:59 <badboy_> save defaults to "3600 1 300 100 60 10000" and dbfilename to dump.rdb
15:59 <minus> badboy_: even without config?
16:00 <badboy_> yes
16:00 <minus> oh, you're right, there's a dumprdb in my home dir
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16:07 <King_DuckZ> hi, I'm writing a pastebin program and I want to save the pastie, its language and its max lifetime, and I'm wondering if there are guidelines to chose between a hash and simple values in redis
16:08 <King_DuckZ> like hmset abcd pastie "" max_ttl 1000 lang "cpp"
16:09 <King_DuckZ> vs set pastie:abcd "" set max_ttl:abcd 1000 set lang:abcd "cpp"
16:11 <minus> hset id paste=... lang=cpp; expire id 1000
16:12 <minus> definitely not store it as separate keys, there's no benefit in doing so in my eyes
16:14 <King_DuckZ> minus: I need it because I want to have the option that when somebody accesses a pastie its ttl gets reset, so I need to remember how much it was
16:14 <King_DuckZ> hashes sound like a better idea btw, so I only have to expire 1 item
16:15 <King_DuckZ> I only thought of that seeing your example :p
16:15 <minus> oh, you can't query expiry, interesting
16:16 <minus> well then just add a expires_at=<date>
16:16 <minus> ttl itself is pretty meaningless without a date
16:17 <King_DuckZ> don't you need seconds for the expire command?
16:17 <minus> yes
16:17 <minus> but for storing the expiry in the hash a date might make more sense
16:19 <King_DuckZ> hm in the pastebin page users will chose 1 day, 1 week etc, not an end date
16:19 <minus> yeah, sure
16:19 <minus> depends on what you want to display, i'd say. saving a creation date + ttl works too
16:21 <King_DuckZ> ah I see, I didn't think of displaying that info... might be useful tho... and I also need an autoreset=yes/no
16:21 <* King_DuckZ> takes note
16:21 <King_DuckZ> I'm looking forward to comments btw :) https://github.com/KingDuckZ/tawashi
16:22 <minus> lol, C++
16:23 <minus> ew, GPL
16:23 <King_DuckZ> yup, it's going to fly on old raspberry pi models ;)
16:24 <minus> but sounds like a good project to do in a new language
16:25 <King_DuckZ> there's plenty in other languages, sprunge, hastebin... they all have some drawbacks tho
16:25 <minus> i'd write it in D
16:25 <minus> to learn D
16:26 <King_DuckZ> the only thing I'm worried about is the security level, since I'm no expert in that... I'm gonna sanitize utf8, but that's as far as I can take it :/ hopefully people will jump in and contribute
16:26 <King_DuckZ> I thought of D, I did some... but it's always tricky on ARM imo, and .so support is so and so... that's why I still don't use it much
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16:26 <minus> well, the only thing you need to consider is display; and for that you just need to escape HTML entities
16:27 <minus> ah, never used D myself
16:27 <King_DuckZ> hm escaping.... I didn't think of that either! that's a good hint
16:29 <King_DuckZ> minus: https://alarmpi.no-ip.org/gitan/King_DuckZ/jumping-in-d I put comments on the things that confuse me the most about D (coming from c++), hopefully it's not too hard to follow :)
16:30 <King_DuckZ> I really wrote that just for the purpose of showing D to total beginners
16:30 <King_DuckZ> besides that, it's not a real project
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16:36 <minus> so, what's tawashi stand for?
16:38 <King_DuckZ> just "scrubbing brush" in japanese... I like the sound of it I guess :p
16:39 <minus> that's an odd word to pick :D
16:39 <King_DuckZ> I can't always come up with super-smart names like IncRedis, y'know... :D
16:40 <minus> ;D
16:40 <minus> man, that enum lib you're using looks scary
16:43 <King_DuckZ> are you looking at cgi_environment_vars? that's amazing, isn't it? all build time
16:47 <minus> i was looking at the lib directory
16:50 <minus> you, it'd be cool if you could store data in enums, like in java. or if you could have them be an algebraic data type like in rust
16:51 <minus> but no, enums in C++ have to be almost useless </rant>
16:52 <King_DuckZ> with better-enums you get a string/int mapping (or int/string), it's build-time only but still better than the naive enums o.O
16:54 <minus> i've built that with a codegen + runtime already at work
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17:08 <King_DuckZ> idk java, but if you store stuff at runtime then it's a map, and it comes with a performance price
17:09 <King_DuckZ> if you do as I did, with a vector or array, you can still store whatever you want and you only pay for what you use
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17:11 <King_DuckZ> and the string-to-index part is done at build time, so something like my_vec["my_key"] simplifies to pointer+offset in assembly (or at least it should), I don't think you can get any faster than that
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17:23 <crobbins> @badboy_: i see you responded to my previous question
17:23 <crobbins> you asked, "did you set a maxmemory limit and policy?"
17:24 <crobbins> i'd have to check, but i thought ElastiCache took care of that to some degree
17:24 <crobbins> will the policy help to ensure that expired items get dropped first?
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17:25 <badboy_> expired items will be erased in any case, but a policy can handle the case that you still run out of memory
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17:55 <crobbins> @badboy_: hmm, it seemed intuitive that expired items would get evicted before unexpired items, but upon understanding the innards of redis a bit more it seems that may not really be the case
17:55 <crobbins> we're stuck with waiting on the randomized garbage collector to do its work, or write some sort of garbage collector ourselves
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18:39 <chatter29> hey guys
18:39 <chatter29> allah is doing
18:39 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
18:39 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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18:43 <minus> hail satan
18:46 <tmberg> =)
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