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08:35 <tgy> what's the best c++ client for redis ?
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08:44 <minus> i've only ever used hiredis and can't exactly recommend it with C++. checking through the examples/repos of those listed here https://redis.io/clients#c-- seems like the thing to do
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08:59 <minus> https://github.com/cylix/cpp_redis and https://github.com/hmartiro/redox seem to look best, both require C++11+
08:59 <minus> ^ tgy
09:02 <minus> first one seems somewhat neater to use, latter probably offers better performance
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09:49 <badboy_> there's a redis client called redox? oO
09:52 <minus> what's so surprising about it, badboy_?
09:54 <badboy_> There's a operating system and kernel, written in Rust, called redox :D
09:54 <badboy_> that's what threw me off
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15:22 <__Yiota> what's the best way to healthcheck redis?
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16:52 <badboy_> ping it
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17:14 <commonerror> I'm working on a redirect service (based on query params) I'm thinking of storying serialized JSON in a list ["someRegx => http://example.com", ...]. Is there a better way to go about this?
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17:41 <GNU\colossus> you want to map ONE set of query parameters (=key) to ONE destination URL (=value)?
17:41 <GNU\colossus> or how is this supposed to work?
17:43 <commonerror> GNU\colossus: I'll be storing multiple regexp keys with destination values. For incoming HTTP requests, I'll be checking if any of the expressions pass and if they do I'll redirect to the destination.
17:44 <commonerror> In other words, the rewrite_rules List will be composed of a number of differing "regex => destination".
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17:46 <GNU\colossus> and your list of redirect rules is so dynamic that you need that backed by redis?
17:46 <commonerror> Indeed it is
17:48 <commonerror> Heh, I could probably just have a form for admin to fill out that appends their redirect to a file and redeploys the service :D No one would be the wiser.
17:49 <GNU\colossus> I ask this because if you're not careful, your RE engine will end up compiling each resulting automaton anew for each incoming request and each stored regex.
17:52 <commonerror> I'm not sure what you mean by "compiling each resulting automation anew". Could you expand? It's not so dynamic that the list is having redirect appended every minute, it's more of a periodical update.
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18:01 <GNU\colossus> commonerror, before a regular expression can match anything, it will be compiled into a DFA. that's why the POSIX RE has distinct compile and match functions. some runtimes (PHP, for instance) combine two steps (and transparently cache compiled REs)
18:01 <GNU\colossus> if your runtime isn't celver enough, it will probably parse and compile each of your REs for each match you want them to perform, even though the resulting RE/DFA hasn't changed
18:01 <GNU\colossus> in case you are serving loads of redirects, that might be a performance bottleneck of your service
18:02 <GNU\colossus> if you expect a few hundreds matches a second at most, just forget what I wrote
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18:03 <commonerror> I'm looking at millions/second, but each of the REs will be unique. Granted, I don't expect to have more than a few 100 redirect rules in place at a given time.
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20:27 <GNU\colossus> is it correct to use Redis replication (read-only slaves) to achieve read scalability? or will a massive write storm destroy read performance due to the replication trying to keep up regardless?
20:27 <Habbie> (1) yes (2) of course this is possible
20:29 <GNU\colossus> is there a general rule of thumb for an upper bound for the number of slaves?
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21:18 <chris11> what are some common reasons I'd get connection refused for localhost:6379?
21:19 <GNU\colossus> redis listens on a different port or interface. redis isn't running. redis has crashed, and isn't running any more. you have misconfigured your packet filter.
21:19 <minus> yes, if redis isn't running
21:19 <GNU\colossus> that about sums up the problem space
21:21 <chris11> ps aux | grep redis gives me this: 0:00 redis-server *:6379
21:21 <chris11> I am running redis from a docker container
21:21 <chris11> in a virtualbox
21:22 <xiaomiao> chris11: docker has its own network weirdness
21:22 <xiaomiao> most likely you're not in the same network namespace as the container
21:22 <chris11> ugh that's annoying
21:22 <xiaomiao> ... and I almost feel tempted to ask "why", but ... then I don't want to hear the answer ;)
21:24 <minus> chris11: so you need to connect to the ip of the redis container via the vbox vm
21:24 <minus> you can avoid docker giving containers a separate ip by disabling network isolation by passing --net=host to the docker run command
21:25 <minus> better just install linux on your host, and redis too
21:33 <__Yiota> chris11 try `redis-cli` from container
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21:38 <chris11> connection refused.
21:39 <minus> docker exec my-container redis-cli?
21:39 <chris11> docker ps gives me>6379. I call localhost:6379 not localhost:32771, right?
21:40 <chris11> I'll try that
21:40 <chris11> still same error
21:42 <minus> you should go figure out how to use docker if you must use it
21:42 <chris11> you might have a point.
21:45 <chris11> so what's that command supposed to do? I read that its supposed to run a commad on the docker container. But I saw that I ran the command in the wrong spot so I reran it. I did not get any response. No error though.
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