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14:11 <zilberstein> Hi #riak
14:12 <zilberstein> Are you going to move to E19 ?
14:45 <russelldb> zilberstein: I had a crack at a riak that compiles on e19 recently, wasn't that hard. Not tested or run it though, so maybe there are many lurking issues.
14:46 <zilberstein> russelldb, Yes, it fails on e19
14:46 <russelldb> zilberstein: it fails to build, or run? Like I said it wasn't hard to get it to build (just random and time changes)
14:46 <zilberstein> russelldb, it fails in runtime
14:49 <russelldb> zilberstein: with what issues?
14:50 <zilberstein> russelldb, I don't remember I've spent several days trying to make it work about 1 month ago.
14:50 <russelldb> I'm going to be working on riak for my new employer from next week, hoping we get to be active and productive open source citizens. If E19 is on their road map hopefully I'll get a crack at it
14:50 <sam1> \o/
14:50 <russelldb> it _really_ needs doing
14:50 <sam1> russelldb: Big Sets too? :)
14:51 <russelldb> sam1: I don't know, if so it would probably have to be a re-implementation as basho probably own that code
14:51 <russelldb> though the actual details are all in the open thanks to syncfree and the paper we published, so a fresh impl is not so hard
14:52 <russelldb> anyway, I've probably said enough
14:52 <russelldb> agree with you zilberstein that 19+ support is long overdue
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14:55 <zilberstein> russelldb, E19 would allow us to use cowboy, instead of outdated webmachine
14:56 <zilberstein> russelldb, as WM operates with strings and therefore it is very slow
14:56 <zilberstein> russelldb, cowboy offers SDPY aka HTTPv2 support as well as websockets
14:57 <zilberstein> Such hooks as Yokozuna would work faster with Cowboy
14:58 <zilberstein> I work on web ui for Riak CS, that allows to upload very big objects through the web interface.
14:58 <zilberstein> Currently it is stand alone app on E19, but it would be better if it was part of Riak's deployment. Like Yokozuna.
15:00 <zilberstein> Ther's general need to use external authentication and SDPY protocols
15:01 <zilberstein> That are missing in Riak atm.
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15:22 <russelldb> zilberstein: sounds interesting
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15:34 <lehoff> zilberstein: we are close to having Riak Core on OTP-19 - there is a branch with rebar3 in the name (use at own risk). There is still a lot of testing left. And after that we have to get Riak KV upgraded as well. Ted will do a talk at the Erlang Factory in SF on why it has taken so long.
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16:10 <russelldb> zilberstein: there is the Licenser / FiFo fork of riak core which is otp-19, too
16:10 <Licenser> someone called me?
16:11 <russelldb> heh, sorry, just mentioning you riak-core-ng fork
16:11 <russelldb> s/you/your/
16:11 <Licenser> heheh I saw :)
16:13 <Licenser> lehoff https://github.com/project-fifo/riak_core/blob/fifo-0.9.1/src/riak_core_rand.erl was the most tricky thing to get R19 to work, perhaps it helps you
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20:18 <lehoff> Licenser: thx for the pointer!
20:20 <Licenser> always mate
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22:06 <reshka> Hi folks. I this the correct place to ask riak_core questions or is this channel purely for Riak KV/TS?
22:29 <russelldb> reshka: there is a #riak_core on freenode too, but there is usually more footfall here
22:31 <reshka> Yeah I posted my question there too but the room was a bit empty. So I thought I would try my luck in other rooms.