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12:22 <ikopico> Hey, any recommendation on firewall setup in terms of inet_dist_listen_min and inet_dist_listen_max ? Best practices? thanks!
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13:45 <churcho> How can I set search_index within my code? I have tried :riakc_pb_socket.set_search_index(pid, bucket_name, search_index) but it doesn't seem to work
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15:18 <churcho> How can I set search_index within my code? I have tried :riakc_pb_socket.set_search_index(pid, bucket_name, search_index) but it doesn't seem to work
15:26 <MitchellSalad> churcho: why doesn't it seem to work?
15:28 <MitchellSalad> that looks like the right function and number of args
15:30 <churcho> Exactly
15:30 <MitchellSalad> yeah, so what's the error, then?
15:30 <MitchellSalad> does it return :ok?
15:30 <churcho> But when I check my data from riak explorer it shows "Search Index Name n/a (not being indexed)"
15:31 <churcho> Yes it does, when I create that
15:31 <churcho> I am using 'memory' backend, believe that should work across the board
15:32 <MitchellSalad> hmm... not sure what riak explorer is
15:32 <MitchellSalad> try just following set_search_index with :riakc_pb_socket.get_bucket(pid, bucket_name) and see if the search_index property was set
15:32 <MitchellSalad> (I don't know why it wouldn't be)
15:33 <churcho> I am using a custom schema
15:33 <MitchellSalad> that's fine
15:33 <churcho> Could that be the reason why?
15:33 <MitchellSalad> don't think so
15:33 <churcho> It seems valid as I can check and riak is loading it
15:34 <MitchellSalad> you created the index before using it, yeah?
15:34 <MitchellSalad> i assume set_search_index would error otherwise
15:35 <churcho> Yes I did
15:36 <churcho> The set_search_index block is coming right after I create the index
15:36 <churcho> Same line of chained function calls
15:36 <churcho> 'piped'
15:36 <churcho> Give me a few minutes (20mins drive home)
15:36 <MitchellSalad> are you IRCing while driving...?!
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16:25 <churcho> BACK!
16:30 <MitchellSalad> hello
16:30 <churcho> Let me go thru my logic one time and see where I might be missing something
16:31 <MitchellSalad> what happens when you get the bucket props after setting the search index?
16:32 <churcho> Let me do that
16:34 <churcho> {:ok, [n_val: 3, old_vclock: 86400, young_vclock: 20, big_vclock: 50, small_vclock: 50, allow_mult: false, last_write_wins: false, basic_quorum: false, notfound_ok: true, write_once: false, precommit: [], postcommit: [], chash_keyfun: {:riak_core_util, :chash_std_keyfun}, linkfun: {:modfun, :riak_kv_wm_link_walker, :mapreduce_linkfun}, search_index: "inx_users", pr: 0, r: :quorum, w: :quorum, pw: 0, dw: :quorum, rw: :quorum
16:36 <MitchellSalad> okay, looks fine
16:37 <churcho> But this is my bucket type, not my bucket per se
16:37 <churcho> I am using CRDT maps
16:40 <MitchellSalad> you're trying to index values in a datatype?
16:41 <MitchellSalad> I'm not sure that makes sense... you can certainly access a data type value by URL-hacking, I think
16:41 <MitchellSalad> but I don't actually know if it gets stored in a way that's meant to be indexed *shrug*
16:55 <churcho> Going over the search documentation again
16:55 <churcho> *sigh*
16:56 <MitchellSalad> I might be misunderstanding you
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