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15:23 <craque> russelldb: keep up the good work! :)
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19:38 <battlepanda> I'm trying to build an application on riak_core. However, I'm struggling to find documentation for what happens exactly when a node fails. I know that partitions will get reassigned to another node. However, how and when does that process take place? Is it on demand? Does it simulate a handoff to the secondary vnode using existing replicas?
19:39 <battlepanda> If anyone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it
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19:50 <russelldb> battlepanda: there's a #riak_core where you might get more play
19:52 <russelldb> but roughly what happens is that the node watcher spots the nodes are unreachable, and then your preflist will contain fallbacks, and sending work to them results in vnodes being started on those nodes
19:52 <russelldb> roughly
20:01 <battlepanda> @russelldb: Thanks for the reply. So aside from the updated preflist, the rest is manual?
20:06 <battlepanda> I guess I'm just confused then how riak kv handles it. If a node goes out, does it wait for a read/write op to a missing vnode before it will recreate the vnode on a different node? And then does it just pull from a replica? Is that part of the repair process?
20:08 <russelldb> battlepanda: the preflist is how kv ends up reading/writing to a vnode. The vnode management tick is how a vnode decides if it is "at home" (based on the ring), handoff is how data get's "home" read repair is one form of anti-entropy, AAE is another.
20:09 <battlepanda> Gotcha. Thanks, that helps
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21:58 <greenyouse> Hey, if I have a bucket with composite keys of userID:<timestamp> what's the fastest way of rolling up on the keys by userID? (or should the data be modeled differently? I'm new to Riak)
21:59 <greenyouse> If it helps the problem being solved is user events over time
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22:15 <russelldb> greenyouse: there's a riak time series database
22:15 <russelldb> would that help?
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22:23 <greenyouse> russelldb: thanks, I'll see if I can use that
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