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06:14 <srruby> Is it correct that integration tests should only check the "happy path" ?
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12:24 <ezuk> hi there! I'm trying to customize a let block with some external arguments, and kind of failing. Was wondering if anyone might be willing to take a look at a gist? :)
12:32 <qyliss^work> ezuk: go ahead
12:43 <ezuk> qyliss^work: This is what I ended up with... https://gist.github.com/ezuk/6d058f88f69aba8b4c94766184a0d799 -- it works but I am pretty sure there is a more rspec way to do that
12:43 <ezuk> what do you think?
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13:19 <qyliss^work> that looks pretty reasonable to me ezuk
13:22 <ezuk> oh, really? I thought I needed some sort of `let` magic
13:26 <qyliss^work> ezuk: let doesn't really make sense
13:27 <qyliss^work> the point of `let` is that it caches a value that isn't supposed to change
13:27 <qyliss^work> so calling it with arguments doesn't really make sense
13:27 <ezuk> awesome! I'm glad I got it right then, thank you very much!
13:28 <qyliss^work> I might put it after the tests rather than before just to make the tests the most prominent thing, but that's up to your preference
13:43 <elsurudo> Hi all, is it possible to open a describe block with the same identifier?
13:44 <elsurudo> And if so, will it overwrite, or merge?
13:45 <qyliss^work> elsurudo: I don't think it'll do either, from memory
13:45 <qyliss^work> Best idea is just to try it though!
14:23 <qyliss^work> Run rspec with `--format documentation` and you'll see grouping, etc
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20:33 <mustmodify> Somehow I got clever and created a spec/api directory from which I did get '/somepath' and just tested the raw output of my API.
20:34 <mustmodify> But git won't help me figure out how I did it and I want to do it in another app.
20:34 <mustmodify> Any thoughts?
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