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00:50 <kevinward> Hello, I'm trying to override the way the json_serializer plugin serializes and deserializes a field.
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02:10 <kevinward> I've looked through the source but I can't find any method of extension that would allow me to customize the plugin's behavior.
02:23 <adam12> Can you just override the methods it makes?
02:23 <adam12> And call super?
02:55 <kevinward> I've thought of overriding to_json and from_json, but I was wondering if there was a mechanism already available, especially a more granular one.
02:58 <kevinward> Alternatively, a third-party gem that provides this would be nice, but I've just scoured github and come up dry. I'm hoping to provide a simple, delcarative interface for this kind of tweaking, but I don't think it would be particularly hard to implement.
03:06 <adam12> kevinward: what kind of changes are you looking to make?
03:26 <kevinward> In this particular case, I need to serialize date columns as integers and vice versa. This is absolutely pervasive in my project, so a general solution would be ideal.
03:29 <adam12> I just looked at code and don't see anything (as you found as well)
03:29 <adam12> so I guess wait for jeremyevans to chime in - or make a post to the Google group
03:35 <kevinward> Okay, thanks for your help. I'm working on my own implementation already so I may just follow up when I'm finished.
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10:51 <GitHub56> [13sequel] 15fnordfish commented on issue #1317: Short update/for the record: Sequel does throw a correct "LoadError" when the missing plugin cannot be loaded. However, Padrino loads the `database.rb` in it's "load dependencies"-run in which it catches LoadErrors (probably to cope with loading order issues) and just carries on.... 02https://git.io/vyw3O
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20:18 <pabloh> Hello
20:19 <pabloh> does anyone know a profiling tool for sequel, like detecting stuff like N+1 queries on requests or integration tests?
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