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00:35 <adam12> jaequery: Not sure if you have an answer but i use the `inet` column type
01:27 <jaequery> so, in the migration, where you have String :first_name
01:27 <jaequery> Inet :ip ?
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01:28 <jaequery> ah, INET worked
01:28 <jaequery> heh
01:28 <jaequery> wouldve been nice if that was also listed in the docs
01:38 <adam12> jaequery: I used something like this: "inet :address, null: false, unique: true"
01:38 <adam12> I am not sure it's required for docs, as it's postgresql specific.
01:39 <adam12> I think anything not a Ruby class gets passed through to the adapter anyways. So if you used `foo :column_name`, Sequel would try to use `foo` as the column type. jeremyevans might correct me on this.
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11:44 <Bish> ~ /channel #postgresql
11:44 <Bish> whopsie
13:55 <Bish> i use .filter(:column=>/#{user_input}/) alot, and learned i shouldn't do that
13:55 <Bish> what is a clever way around that
13:58 <Caesium> don't take user input as regexp, would be my view :p
13:58 <Caesium> so hard to do properly
13:58 <Bish> basicially i only need "starts with, ends with, containts"
13:58 <Bish> so regex is way to powerful either way
13:59 <Bish> maybe i should reduce it to string, and use some.. Sequel.ilike or whatever
13:59 <Caesium> I believe sequel will escape that for you and everything, but its still not hard to craft regexps that grind a machine to a halt, from what I gather
13:59 <Caesium> not a regexp expert though
13:59 <Bish> well, i feel the same way
13:59 <Caesium> ilike is good for "starts with" as it can be trivially indexed
13:59 <Caesium> but contains and ends with might be slow
13:59 <Bish> well, even if it is, i think postgres will help me out there
14:00 <Bish> but how would i actually do "containts" and "ends with"
14:00 <Bish> without regexes?
14:03 <Caesium> the wildcard character in LIKE is %
14:03 <Caesium> so append/prepend that to your string
14:03 <Bish> so, Sequel.ilike('%containts%')
14:03 <Bish> so, Sequel.ilike('ends%')
14:03 <Bish> so, Sequel.ilike('%begins') ( just the other way around :p)
14:03 <Bish> ?
14:03 <Bish> well that is simple
14:04 <Caesium> other way around but yes :)
14:04 <Caesium> remember to escape your user input
14:04 <Bish> well, the security doc page doesn't mention like as "scary" function
14:05 <Bish> shouldn't it be safe to put something in there?
14:05 <Caesium> oh, yeah, you're right
14:05 <Caesium> sequel will escape for you
14:06 <Caesium> I think :)
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