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01:32 <adam12> AYGHOR: o/
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01:33 <AYGHOR> im using teh \o
01:33 <AYGHOR> lol
01:33 <AYGHOR> \o
01:34 <AYGHOR> there was stuff on my buffer it seems
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14:19 <GitHub125> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02https://git.io/vSle1
14:19 <GitHub125> 13sequel/06master 146155e0b 15Jeremy Evans: Bump version to 4.45.0
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14:28 Topic for
15:01 <adam12> jeremyevans: Just noticed the deprecation of the model transaction hooks. Any background on that?
15:14 <Caesium> I would say its possibly because its a bit misleading to have them in the model. it doesn't just roll back changes to the model like one might think
15:14 <Caesium> forcing the user to do db.after_commit instead makes it a bit clearer I guess
15:15 <Caesium> lot of deprecations lately. wonder if we're gearing up for sequel 5 soon :)
15:16 <adam12> Yeah - list of deprecations was huge for 4.45
15:16 <adam12> bbl :)
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19:10 <flips> <n00b alert>(I'm quite new to Sequel, and AR. Did some stuff with datamapper previously.) Have been trying to figure out what would be correct syntax for line 9-10 in this: https://gist.github.com/flips/8526b978f5eeb3f63677222e425aa4bf </n00b alert>
20:25 <Rennex> flips: you could do Post.update(account_id: first_account.id)
20:26 <Rennex> not sure if you can use model associations in migrations
20:27 <Rennex> but i think explicitly mentioning the _id part is fine, and actually makes it clearer
20:35 <Caesium> not really recommended to use models in migrations at all
20:35 <Caesium> leads to a bit of a clusterfuck if your code is trying to load a model for the migration which creates the backing table for it, but that migration hasn't yet run, doesn't it? :)
20:38 <* flips> is trying to run through the Padrino blog tutorial (http://padrinorb.com/guides/getting-started/blog-tutorial/), but want to use Sequel ... And I never really used AR (or Rails), so I'm getting a bit confused :)
20:41 <Rennex> padrino :/
20:41 <Caesium> yeah i was just checking with some surprise that they're still alive :p
20:44 <flips> Well, looks pretty easy to get started, and is streamlining quite some manual labor, but I haven't gotten my head around to figure out how robust/well built it is or anything. (I'm still pretty new to Sinatra as well, only been a side hobby ...)
20:46 <flips> I _was_ easy to mess up with faulty migrations, though ;)
20:46 <flips> *It
20:52 <flips> You guys don't like it because it's assuming too much? Or other main concerns?
20:53 <Rennex> flips: a couple years ago i read through the tutorials 2-3 times i think, but didn't start using it because of lacking documentation and too much magic
20:53 <Rennex> it's like a mini-wannabe-rails
20:55 <flips> I saw MiddleMan using it, thought I dig in, check what it does. :) I don't know rails, either, except the end result of a couple of poorly written rails projects
20:58 <flips> When I first learnt Ruby, Rails wasn't out. I created my own, small cms-ish thingie.(Not very effient, but better than some common perl code running cgi back then) Then never really used it for anything. Got stuck in other corporate php stuff, and some years with no dev/coding ...
20:59 <Rennex> flips: if i were to use something else than sinatra now, it'd probably be roda
21:01 <flips> Rennex: As you might have noticed, I've been fumbling around, trying to figure out best pratices (and in the process read a couple of books that really didn't help). I thought maybe Padrino could show me some helpful good practices :)
21:02 <flips> Roda looks interesting, too :) Too much choices ...
21:19 <adam12> flips: Roda is much more DIY. Padrino is a bit more batteries-included.
21:20 <adam12> flips: I like both, but have been preferring Roda due to the magical component of Padrino. Plus, Sinatra hasn't benchmarked as great as you would of expect, compared to Roda and other micro frameworks.
21:25 <adam12> flips: Which ever you choose, I'd still use Sequel over AR.
21:30 <flips> Yes, sequel has been performing well in my tests. My trouble with converting AR examples, is that I don't really understand how it works
21:34 <flips> mri+roda+sequel+puma? Or some other ruby? (jruby seems to score high on some tests)
21:44 <adam12> I use MRI+roda+sequel+puma+erubi
21:44 <adam12> I've dabbled with jruby but haven't seen the performance need
21:45 <adam12> I have a bunch of other roda libraries I made, which makes some things a bit more convenient.
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21:52 <* flips> is reading Roda documentation ... see you later ;)
21:56 <adam12> flips: cheers :)
22:01 <jeremyevans> Caesium: Sequel 5 will probably be after 4.48 or 4.49
22:01 <jeremyevans> More deprecations are coming, I'
22:02 <jeremyevans> I'll be posting on sequel-talk for the major ones asking for feedback
22:03 <jeremyevans> I'm starting the deprecation process early this time to allow for more feedback. If something is deprecated but it turns out people really need it, we can examine other options before the Sequel 5 release
22:04 <adam12> :)
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