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08:34 <GitHub98> [13sequel] 15perlun opened issue #1335: as400 jdbc adapter does not honor identifier_mangling: false 02https://git.io/vSPrg
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17:30 <GitHub124> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1335: Note that `:identifier_mangling => false` Database option does not mean no identifier mangling, it means don't load the identifier_mangling extension (technically, now the _deprecated_identifier_mangling extension). The default in Sequel for databases that fold unquoted identifiers to uppercase is to upcase on input and downcase on output. The default in Sequel for databases that fold unquoted id
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17:30 <GitHub113> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans closed issue #1335: as400 jdbc adapter does not honor identifier_mangling: false 02https://git.io/vSPrg
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21:47 <jaequery> is there a way to perform case insensitive searches?
21:47 <jaequery> only thing i see is ILIKE but i dont wanna perform a LIKE query
21:49 <jaequery> in fact i can even live with making every queries case-insensitive by default, like mysql does
21:51 <jeremyevans_> jaequery: depends on the database. There is always the lower() database function
21:52 <jeremyevans_> jaequery: on PostgreSQL, there is the citext type in contrib for a case insensitive string field
22:05 <jaequery> hm, so there is no easy way to do this in sequel besides using ILIKE ?
22:06 <jaequery> i guess i'll try lower for now
22:06 <jeremyevans_> jaequery: I just said, you can use the lower database function if you don't want to use LIKE/ILIKE: where{{lower(:column)=>lower('value')}}
22:07 <jaequery> yea, gotcha. thanks jeremy
22:12 <jaequery> sorry but that makes me question, what is the difference between, where{ ... } , and where {{ .... }} ?
22:20 <jeremyevans_> jaequery: where{} uses a virtual row block, where{{}} is a hash inside a virtual row block
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22:45 <Rennex> oh, never seen that before. doesn't where{lower(:column) == lower('value")} work?
22:45 <Rennex> aside from the quote mismatch :P
22:47 <jeremyevans_> Rennex: nope. You can use =~ though
22:48 <jeremyevans_> Rennex: overriding == is a bit too extreme
23:03 <Rennex> jeremyevans_: oh, i never felt so, in a context where you can just make up method names and they appear from the ether ;)
23:11 <Rennex> jeremyevans_: i don't know if people really use those SQL::Identifiers etc in other contexts than virtual rows... but for me, virtual rows are the main use case and not having a simple == work is a bummer. How about if virtual row blocks gave you special subclasses of identifier objects that have == overridden? Then anyone making normal SQL::Identifiers would be exempt