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15:47 <arne_> is there some function that automaticially updates models changed in a transaction?
15:48 <arne_> i am using save_changes in a transaction, which does what it should
15:48 <arne_> then short before transaction commits the WHOLE model gets updated.. for some reason
15:48 <arne_> if i remove the save_changes call, it ends up updating only the changed_columns at the end
15:48 <arne_> and there is no call to save or similiar
15:49 <jeremyevans_> arne_: could you post a minimal self contained example?
15:49 <arne_> i don't think so .. but i will try as i am still investigating this, it's really odd
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15:50 <GitHub171> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02https://git.io/vSQBI
15:50 <GitHub171> 13sequel/06master 14f5fab58 15Thomas Steinhausen: Add TypeConvertor jdbc/sqlserver DateTimeOffset...
15:50 <GitHub171> 13sequel/06master 1472e3b4f 15Jeremy Evans: Respect per-database timezones when doing datetimeoffset conversion...
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15:50 <GitHub150> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans closed pull request #1338: Add TypeConvertor jdbc/sqlserver DateTimeOffset (06master...06jdbc-sqlserver-datetimeoffset) 02https://git.io/vSHOE
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15:55 <arne_> jeremyevans_: do add_association methods save the model?
15:56 <jeremyevans_> arne_: depends. do you mean the current model object or the associated model object?
15:57 <arne_> rec.add_event <= will this cause rec to be saved?
15:59 <jeremyevans_> arne_: No, it shouldn't, at least by default
16:01 <arne_> AH, i found it
16:02 <arne_> i never thought i would forget code like this.. i overloaded the add_event method.. thank you though, you brought me to it
16:02 <arne_> do people say overloaded in ruby by the way?
16:03 <jeremyevans_> arne_: Not really. overrode or redefined is probably more common
16:03 <jeremyevans_> arne_: technically overrode would be more appropriate in this case, as the association methods are added to a module included in the class and not in the class itself
16:04 <jeremyevans_> arne_: this is allows you to override the methods and call super to get the default behavior
16:06 <arne_> jeremyevans_: thanks a lot as usual, jeremy, happy holidays ( in case you have them right now in US; i don't know )
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