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00:00 <lopex> hmm
00:00 <lopex> https://github.com/lopex/engine2/blob/master/lib/engine2/post_bootstrap.rb
00:00 <lopex> https://github.com/lopex/engine2/blob/master/lib/engine2/pre_bootstrap.rb
00:00 <lopex> that the only things I have
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00:00 <GitHub82> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans pushed 6 new commits to 06master: 02https://git.io/v937p
00:00 <GitHub82> 13sequel/06master 1402865e6 15Jeremy Evans: Remove virtual row method block use in comment
00:00 <GitHub82> 13sequel/06master 1426b90cf 15Jeremy Evans: Fix deprecation warning to not use virtual row method block
00:00 <GitHub82> 13sequel/06master 14e6c43a3 15Jeremy Evans: Deprecate Sequel::COLUMN_REF_RE{1,2,3}
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00:01 <lopex> most of that are patches for jt400 though :P
00:01 <lopex> that select_sql though
00:01 <lopex> I had to copy thad
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00:01 <lopex> I think sequel might have a callback for that
00:02 <lopex> oh
00:03 <lopex> well, db2 on as400 now supports limit/ofset and the like
00:03 <lopex> so all taht might be a history
00:03 <jeremyevans> lopex: In that select_sql, you may just want to use the columns_introspection extension
00:03 <jeremyevans> lopex: that may make it so you don't need to override select_sql in either case
00:04 <lopex> jeremyevans: I think I have changed the logic of fix_aliased_expression there
00:04 <lopex> ah
00:04 <lopex> jeremyevans: my issues was qualifying columns in over clause
00:05 <lopex> jeremyevans: but now it's a mad mans dream
00:05 <lopex> history
00:05 <lopex> thanks IBM
00:05 <lopex> same for Oracle
00:06 <lopex> as
00:07 <lopex> jeremyevans: default_offset_order
00:07 <lopex> I think it was just that
00:07 <lopex> just qualify the order in over clause
00:08 <lopex> so I could sort on external select
00:08 <lopex> but it's all gone now, since they fixed pagination in db2 now
00:09 <lopex> anways, sequel was the only tool at that times that could page those dbs
00:09 <lopex> those materialized all the results, but hey for small tables it waorked
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08:40 <ernlyne> Hy there. As i previously said i'm migration from ActiveRecord to Sequel. Is there another way to transorm
08:40 <ernlyne> 'A.has_many :b, through: :c'
08:41 <ernlyne> without doing : ` 'A.one_to_many :b; delegate :c to: :c'
08:41 <ernlyne> without doing : ` 'A.one_to_many :b; A.delegate :b to: :c' **
08:43 <ernlyne> but in a more direct way. Through doesn't seems to be an option in sequel association. And i'm not able to find any equivalent even after read this : http://sequel.jeremyevans.net/rdoc/files/doc/association_basics_rdoc.html and this http://sequel.jeremyevans.net/rdoc/files/doc/advanced_associations_rdoc.html
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14:20 <jeremyevans> ernlyne: the many_through_many plugin handles associations through multiple tables
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14:56 <Chris______> Can anyone tell me how to create a prepared statement for multi_insert?
15:32 <ernlyne> jeremyevans : Actually i'm not able to do that. `Company.one_to_many :surveys` and in activeRecord : `Company.has_many :feedbacks, through: :surveys`. (and bunch of other 'cascade' `has_many through`)
15:32 <ernlyne> But i can't find a way to do that in sequel
15:33 <ernlyne> When i will find a way, maybe I can try to make a pr on `https://github.com/jeremyevans/sequel/blob/master/doc/active_record.rdoc`
15:36 <ernlyne> Because the only examples are made with many_to_many + many_to_many association, but none with one_to_many + one_to_many (which is often use in ActiveRecord with has_many_through)
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15:57 <ernlyne> jeremyevans : Finally found the way to do that. Should I suggest to put smt on active_record.rdoc ?
16:21 <jeremyevans> ernlyne: one_to_many + one_to_many can generally be replaced by many_to_many
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16:41 <Guest60> Hi, I have a model with the plugin :enum and a definition... enum :status, { off: 0, on: 1 }
16:42 <Guest60> If I ask for the dataset value of my object using obj.status I get nil
16:42 <Guest60> if I ask for obj[:status] I get 1
16:42 <Guest60> I would like to get the symbol :on and go from there...
16:42 <Guest60> why does obj.status return nil?
16:58 <jeremyevans> Guest60: That's not part of Sequel, as the sequel_enum developers: https://github.com/planas/sequel_enum
16:59 <Guest60> seems then that I best avoid enum as that is a native Postgresql column type not connected to this gem.
16:59 <Guest60> this gem is a fake cover on a column of type whatever... I suppose
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17:31 <Guest60> So we can use the pg_enum plugin to create new types. Is there a Sequel method to dig into the created types? I did not find anything. Am interested in seeing the labels assigned to the custom type
17:34 <jeremyevans> Guest60: Sequel ships with a pg_enum extension that supports that: http://sequel.jeremyevans.net/rdoc-plugins/files/lib/sequel/extensions/pg_enum_rb.html
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17:39 <Guest60> That gem supports something for sure... just not sure what. Seems to have nothing to do with an underlying column of custom type enum, and has nothing on offer for inspecting a custom type of enum? I am confused now... I tried that gem first, and it did not seem too robust... so I flipped down to the Sequel enum codes... now I am trying to work in getting at the types I create...
17:47 <Guest60> Anyway... it works. I can save a value to my column of type custom enum, and the DB only lets the values from the migration where the type was created be used. I will have to sort out how to get the values for my UX another way... not DRY but still useful!
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17:59 <GitHub31> [13sequel_pg] 15jeremyevans pushed 4 new commits to 06master: 02https://git.io/v9GKM
17:59 <GitHub31> 13sequel_pg/06master 149c9393a 15Jeremy Evans: Bump copyright year
17:59 <GitHub31> 13sequel_pg/06master 146340a81 15Jeremy Evans: Remove Rakefile.cross...
17:59 <GitHub31> 13sequel_pg/06master 14648feac 15Jeremy Evans: Update tested versions in README
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17:59 <GitHub61> [13sequel_pg] 15jeremyevans tagged 061.6.18 at 14767b9b0: 02https://git.io/v9GKy
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21:42 <GitHub91> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02https://git.io/v9ZOk
21:42 <GitHub91> 13sequel/06master 145865ac0 15Jeremy Evans: Fix typo in whitelist_security plugin rdoc
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