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05:55 <ineb> short testcase here: https://paste.xinu.at/DXzV8/rb it explains everything. do i have a misunderstanding somewhere?
06:12 <Rennex> ineb: what database are you using (does it support foreign key constraints?) and what is that schema method? does your database have the same idea of the schema?
06:18 <ineb> Rennex: iam using postgresql. and i forgot that the schema method was something i came up with. iam creating all my database tables like this. here is the missing snippet for it https://paste.xinu.at/o6DW/
06:19 <Rennex> ineb: ah. well, i noticed your foreign_key call doesn't specify which table it refers to!
06:19 <ineb> good catch
06:20 <ineb> you think that is the problem?
06:20 <Rennex> yes
06:22 <ineb> ok i will try it out as soon as my db server is available again (down for maintenance right now). i just recently started to work with sequel
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06:24 <ineb> Rennex: do you know some real world applications which are using sequel where i could learn from?
06:26 <Rennex> not really. but i bet someone does
06:26 <ineb> heh, yeah. right now iam working with the documentation, which is good.
06:27 <ineb> but seeing some real world applications would be nice
06:27 <Rennex> true
07:38 <ineb> Rennex: it works now after adding the table name to the foreign key
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19:50 <brauliobo> hi all, I'm using insert_conflict.multi_insert but non conflicting values aren't being inserted, any idea why?
19:58 <brauliobo> wrong unique index