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00:36 <adam12> jeremyevans: I'm trying to decide on composition or serialize plugin. What I'd like to do is stick arbitrary data in a JSONB column, and map it out to a specific type of object that's not necessarily a Hash. So perhaps YAML/Marshal style, but the type of class instance would either be a another column on that table or a field in the JSON blob. Any thoughts?
00:36 <adam12> I thought composition would work beautifully but you posted somewhere that you felt it was a better usecase for value objects.
00:37 <adam12> Which makes me think something immutable (as your date example).
00:37 <adam12> I'd almost want to fake-embed another model in this column, but the model could be "polymorphic".
00:39 <adam12> My other alternative is serialized plugin with my own wrapper (a factory method of some sort), but I coulda swore the composition plugin was gonna be perfect here.
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00:46 <adam12> Maybe serialization with a custom serializer. Hmm
00:57 <adam12> https://gist.github.com/adam12/a1cca6c85e37469cd9d35d21ac23a3d6 maybe there is a better way to do it.
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18:26 <adam12> Has anybody done a polymorphic-like serialization of objects using JSON? I'd like to store the object as JSON in the database but represent it dynamically during runtime.
18:27 <adam12> I figured JSON.load / JSON.dump would work but no luck.
18:42 <adam12> So JSON.load kinda works, but I had to define the json_create class method on my custom class.
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18:45 <Norm> I’m getting an error that this is deprecated...
18:46 <Norm> subset :active, proc {(start_at < Time.now) && (end_at > Time.now)}
18:46 <Norm> It suggests passing as blocks to the filtering method, but I’m not entirely sure what that’s referring to
18:46 <Norm> any hints?
18:51 <jeremyevans> adam12: From what you'd described yesterday, I would use the pg_json database extension. That will ensure the json is deserialized to a hash when retrieved. From there you can use the serialization plugin. Have you serializer create an instance of the appropriate class, and your deserializer call a method on that class that returns a Sequel::Postgres::JSONBHash, then things should work
18:52 <jeremyevans> Norm: subset(:active){(start_at < Time.now) && (end_at > Time.now)}
18:52 <Norm> jeremyevans: will check that out, thanks
18:52 <adam12> jeremyevans: Thanks. I've been experimenting a bit with it. I didn't realize I could pair pg_json with serialize.
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