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01:43 <GitHub133> [13sequel] 15xyhc commented on issue #1350: thanks ! ... 02https://git.io/v9PHJ
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09:02 <GitHub199> [13sequel] 15AlexWayfer opened issue #1353: String in schema modification documentation 02https://git.io/v9XGB
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14:10 <GitHub131> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1353: The code example shows Sequel's defaults. The PostgreSQL support overrides the defaults. I think it is unreasonable to document all cases where database adapters override the defaults in the schema modification guide.... 02https://git.io/v9XxT
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14:10 <GitHub114> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans closed issue #1353: String in schema modification documentation 02https://git.io/v9XGB
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15:42 <GitHub12> [13sequel] 15AlexWayfer commented on issue #1353: Sorry, did not notice this text.... 02https://git.io/v91nM
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17:07 <GitHub178> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1351: Please only do this on oracle, as I showed in my earlier example. Also, for the `nvarchar2`, just adding a `2?` after the existing `n?varchar` seems simpler. With those changes and this rebased into a single commit, it should be ready for merging. Thanks! 02https://git.io/v91Xw
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17:10 <GitHub191> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1353: I don't think it makes sense to list the defaults for each database type. Sequel supports around 11 database types just in the adapters that ship with it, and external adapters would have their own behavior.... 02https://git.io/v911J
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17:26 <GitHub87> [13sequel] 15StevenCregan commented on issue #1351: From my testing, schema[:db_type] returns the datatype, not the type of database. Not sure what's going on there 02https://git.io/v91Dc
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17:32 <GitHub103> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1351: If you look at my code example, I'm calling the `db_type` method to get the database type symbol. 02https://git.io/v91yO
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17:38 <GitHub62> [13sequel] 15StevenCregan commented on issue #1351: Thanks for clarifying, I'll adjust 02https://git.io/v91Ss
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18:01 <GitHub53> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1351: `(2)?` in regexp creates an extra capturing group. Please use `2?` as previously recommended. With that fixed and this squashed to a single commit, I should be able to merge later today. 02https://git.io/v917W
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18:03 <GitHub42> [13sequel] 15StevenCregan commented on issue #1351: Sorry. Also, changing to reference `:db_type` has caused other tests to fail, I should not have pushed that yet 02https://git.io/v9177
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18:06 <GitHub17> [13sequel] 15StevenCregan commented on issue #1351: Sorry. Also, changing to reference `:db_type` has caused other tests to fail, I should not have pushed that yet 02https://git.io/v9177
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19:05 <GitHub112> [13sequel] 15AlexWayfer commented on issue #1353: Okay, thank you. 02https://git.io/v91j1
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19:11 <GitHub11> [13sequel] 15StevenCregan commented on issue #1351: After changing to check against :db_type == :oracle, it no longer works. I'm not sure what needs to change in order to fix the behavior 02https://git.io/v9Me0
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19:49 <GitHub41> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1351: `:db_type == :oracle` is always going to be false. However, the code example I gave is bad, as the method is named `database_type`, not `db_type`. Changing `:db_type` to `database_type` should fix things. 02https://git.io/v9MU5
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