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18:42 <prooftechnique> Is there a way to set the user a migration should be run by in the migration, itself?
18:42 <prooftechnique> I'm setting up rodauth, and I'd like to automatically run the password hash migration with the appropriate user when migrating up and down
18:44 <prooftechnique> It's currently one of my first couple of migrations, so I could probably special-case it in some way, but it seems more correct to record the desired user in the migration (or maybe in the migration task)
18:45 <prooftechnique> For reference, I'm using the rake tasks defined by jeremyevans at https://github.com/jeremyevans/roda-sequel-stack/blob/master/Rakefile, so if there's an obvious modification I can make there, that would also work
19:42 <jeremyevans> prooftechnique: You can't do that, because the database user is set before making a connection, and migration is run after the database connection is setup
19:43 <jeremyevans> prooftechnique: for separate users, you should use separate migration directories and migration tasks
19:44 <prooftechnique> Yeah, I've been digging into your spec directory. Are the ph user's migrations independent of the app migrations, or are there dependencies to contend with?
19:45 <prooftechnique> Oh, actually, I guess I can just run all the app migrations and then run the ph migration last
19:45 <jeremyevans> prooftechnique: The ph user migration needs to be run afterward, since it references the earlier tables
19:46 <prooftechnique> Okay, cool. Thanks a lot. :) That's a much more sensible way to handle it
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