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15:38 <GitHub131> [13sequel] 15StanislavNaumov opened issue #1524: Converting resultset to json return noMethodError 02https://git.io/vhXVm
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15:52 <GitHub71> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans closed issue #1524: Converting resultset to json return noMethodError 02https://git.io/vhXVm
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15:52 <GitHub133> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1524: You have to add `disabled` and `selected` methods to `BoxberryPackage` use the json_serializer plugin in this case (the json_serializer plugin calls methods for each of the keys in the hash). Alternatively, since you aren't actually using the json_serializer specific options, you can do: `packages.map(&:values).to_json`. 02https://git.io/vhXw2
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21:41 <JJonah> I have a table `secrets` with a fk `resource_id` -- the resource is a variable like a password, and when you change it you add a record to `secrets`, which automatically gets the highest sequential version number. when i'm creating a new secret with sequel `Secret.create(...)`, I'd like to lock it so that no secrets with that resource id can be read (for_update can do this part) AND no other creates on the resource_id can be
21:41 <JJonah> added. How do I achieve this part?
21:48 <jeremyevans> JJonah: Not sure if there is a good way to do that. Ask on the appropriate forum for your database the best way to do it in SQL, and if you can provide the SQL you want to use, I can help with the Sequel part.
21:49 <JJonah> jeremyevans: thanks.
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