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16:14 synt4x joined
16:17 <synt4x> Hi! I'm wondering if an issue I encountered is actually a bug, so I want to ask about it here before submitting a PR. I'm using sequel to connect to a aws aurora cluster, and whenever there's a failover, the server sequel is currently connected to can become a read-only, meaning all CRU queries will error with "The MySQL server is running with the --read-only option so it cannot execute this statement". Now, in this case, sequel sh
16:18 <synt4x> I believe adding the error to https://github.com/jeremyevans/sequel/blob/master/lib/sequel/adapters/utils/mysql_mysql2.rb#L12-L20 should fix the issue.
16:19 <synt4x> question is, should I submit a PR with this? :)
18:26 Arney joined
18:26 <Arney> question that bugs me: Sequel::Model's inherited "callback" checks if the table exists when creating a subclass of it
18:27 <Arney> in my biggest project i require all models in my "migrate" script
18:27 <Arney> and it doesn.t die, why
18:29 <Arney> i can even "class Test < Sequel::Model;end; without it dying
18:31 <Arney> is there some extension/plugin/setting that i could've done, that doesn't result in a terminal error when doing that?
18:31 <Arney> when having loggin on, i even see it NOT finding the table
18:31 <Arney> and it doesnt die
19:30 GitHub180 joined
19:30 <GitHub180> [13sequel] 15EricWVGG commented on issue #1522: I feel like this error message should be better written. Identity columns must not necessarily be smallint, integer, or bigint… 02https://git.io/vhDko
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20:20 GitHub191 joined
20:20 <GitHub191> [13sequel] 15jeremyevans commented on issue #1522: The error comes from PostgreSQL, not Sequel, so talk to the PostgreSQL developers if you would like the error message changed. You'll probably have a hard time with that as identity column types must be smallint, integer, or bigint (those are the only valid column types for identity columns). `PRIMARY KEY` and `IDENTITY` are orthogonal concepts.... 02https://git.i
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20:21 <jeremyevans> Arney: Requiring models in migrations is a terrible antipattern, you should try to avoid that if at all possible
20:21 <jeremyevans> Arney: You can set require_valid_table = false if you want to allow creation of classes without valid tables
20:48 <Arney> jeremyevans: i know, but in that project i did, and i will never do it again in a new one
20:49 <Arney> jeremyevans: what other reasons could it have? that it does work in my application
20:49 <Arney> i have server_block,sharding, one of these?
20:55 <Arney> i can't recreate that
21:06 <Arney> okay, require_valid_table is false for me, but i don't set it anywhere
21:09 <Arney> ah okay. 4.47 changed it's behaviour
21:16 <jeremyevans> Arney: the default in Sequel 4 was to allow model subclasses with invalid tables, but the default was changed in Sequel 5
21:16 <jeremyevans> Arney: It's usually a bug to create a model class with an invalid table, and it is better to fail early in that case
21:38 <Arney> i agree, but when i started the project i wasn't very fluent in sequel