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00:02 Budgie^Smore joined
00:03 <Budgie^Smore> hey so I am trying to build an infrastructure in a box and running into a problem with the VMs that Vagrant is generating having a difference from those manually created that I can't find!
00:04 <Budgie^Smore> I suspect it is something in the VM's metadata
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00:07 <spox> what is the difference you are seeing?
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00:48 <Budgie^Smore> I am playing with Ubuntu's MaaS and for some reason there is a difference in the VM that is stopping it from functioning correctly after it PXE boots correctly
00:49 <Budgie^Smore> I am still trying to trace down specifically what MaaS doesn't like about the configuration so I can fix it
00:49 <Budgie^Smore> so far I have narrowed it down to Vagrant's VM creation by manually creating a VM and testing with it
00:55 <Budgie^Smore> I probably just have to do a modifyvm command, just trying to determine which one
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01:02 <multi_io> I'm running into this: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/1777 on ubuntu/xenial64 with a private_network.
01:02 <multi_io> it works on ubuntu/trusty64.
01:03 <multi_io> is the ubuntu/xenial64 box not supported or something?
01:04 <multi_io> there is indeed no eth1 network device on the xenial box. They're named differently there.
01:04 <multi_io> (enp0s3, enp0s8)
01:06 <multi_io> the failed command in my case is /sbin/ifdown eth1 2> /dev/null
01:06 <multi_io> the box comes up, ssh works, but the private network isn't set up and the provisioning steps aren't performed.
01:08 <Budgie^Smore> if I remember rightly multi_io it is to do with the fact that the ubuntu official box uses the user ubuntu and not vagrant
01:08 <Budgie^Smore> geerlingguy/xenial1604 is the box I use for it
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01:12 <multi_io> Budgie^Smore: hm ok thanks, yeah it uses the ubuntu user...not sure how that would cause this
01:13 <multi_io> thanks for the alternative box
01:13 <multi_io> trying debian/jessie64 now
01:15 <Budgie^Smore> multi_io the vagrant up command expects to be able to log into a vagrant user not an ubuntu user and since it can't log in then it assumes the process failed and doesn't, well can't provision the vm
01:20 <multi_io> Budgie^Smore: well it does login into the ubuntu user successfully... ("vagrant ssh" works too, out of the box)
01:20 <multi_io> it doesn't find eth1 on the box
01:21 <Budgie^Smore> hmmm those are odd, don't remember everything about the issue just remember that I switched to geerlingguy's since :)
01:21 <multi_io> the debian/jessie64 box fails at mounting a synced_folder...
01:21 <multi_io> trying your suggestion now
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01:25 <multi_io> The box 'geerlingguy/xenial1604' could not be found
01:25 <Budgie^Smore> probably a misspelling, hang on let me get my laptop out
01:26 <multi_io> hm I find it in the Atlas web ui
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01:27 <multi_io> ah, geerlingguy/ubuntu1604
01:27 <multi_io> not xenial
01:27 <multi_io> :)
01:27 <stormmore> geerlingguy/ubuntu1604
01:27 <stormmore> yup :)
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01:41 <Budgie^Smore> I hate playing spot the difference when the pictures are varying shades of white!
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01:50 <multi_io> ssh times out with the geerlingguy/ubuntu1604 box.
01:51 <Budgie^Smore> odd been creating VMs using that all week
01:52 <Budgie^Smore> spox there is something that I haven't considered, if I am guessing correctly Vagrant uses VBoxManage commands to create the VBox VMs. The difference could be in how the CLI creates VMs vs. GUI
01:56 <stormmore> multi_io I am trying a vagrant up with that box right now
01:58 <stormmore> seems to be working for me, it is going through my provision script
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02:06 <* multi_io> updates vagrant
02:13 <stormmore> yeah so far I have done 2 successful installs with that box and onto a third cause I messed up something since I moved from the office
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02:18 <multi_io> hey what do you know, with the latest Vagrant, the ubuntu/xenial64 box works. :-P
02:20 <stormmore> nice! :)
02:20 <stormmore> what version is that?
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02:32 <stormmore> a newer version that I am running, downloaded and updated in case there is a "fix" for my issue in there that no one knows about
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07:17 <fag> hi i have setup the port forawrding.if i type the ipaddress:port in the host machine.im nt able to see the output
07:17 <fag> do i have to use localhost:<port>
07:17 <fag> could someone quickly confirm this
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07:39 <Wanderer-> fag, localhost:port
07:39 <fulk> Wanderer-: yes thats what i have been using
07:39 <fulk> but its takes forever to load and no output is getting displaye
07:40 <Wanderer-> And that doesnt work?
07:40 <fulk> no it doesnt
07:40 <Wanderer-> Which port are you using exactly?
07:40 <fulk> Wanderer-: config.vm.network "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host:6789
07:41 <Wanderer-> yah that should work fine
07:41 <Wanderer-> Have you set up dhcp as well?
07:41 <Wanderer-> -> config.vm.network "private_network", type: "dhcp"
07:42 <fulk> Wanderer-: do we have to set up dhcp
07:42 <fulk> without that,i think port forwarding should be working
07:42 <Wanderer-> Well try it since its not working for you.
07:43 <Wanderer-> Usually i do it by ip only, i assign a specific IP to the guest
07:44 <fulk> how do you assign the ip
07:44 <fulk> if i login to that machine and do a sudo ifconfig i am able to see ip address
07:44 <fulk> also having enabled the dhcp in Vagrant file.still i get the same error
07:45 <fulk> page is not loading in browser
07:46 <Wanderer-> -> config.vm.network "private_network", ip: ""
07:47 <fulk> Wanderer-: can we give any ip address here
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07:47 <Wanderer-> I think so
07:48 <fulk> ok i issued a vagrant reload now
07:48 <fulk> lets see
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07:52 <fulk> not working
08:01 <fulk> Wanderer-: do u know how to open up firewall settings
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09:37 <eeti> guys any idea how to set up the port forwarding
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10:22 <wandering_vagran> eeti, like forwarding a port of guest to a port of host
10:36 <eeti> yes
10:36 <eeti> i am facing the prob
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11:34 <wandering_vagran> this is how you would do it: https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/networking/forwarded_ports.html
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11:55 <eeti> I have followed the same thing
11:55 <eeti> but no response
11:58 <Wanderer-> Are you reprovisioning the box instead of just reloading config? Maybe try that
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13:41 <electrofelix> looking for ideas on how to write rspec tests to verify certain actions are run or not run depending on calling 'up', 'provision', 'up --provision', etc for https://github.com/vagrant-libvirt/vagrant-libvirt/blob/master/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action.rb
13:42 <electrofelix> Spotted a bug where 'vagrant up --provision' doesn't run the provisioners for vagrant-libvirt, and although I have a fix the lack of testing in that area made it interesting to ensure I didn't break other stuff while altering
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14:08 <gfad> guys i have issues with port forwarding in vagrant
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15:04 <mailly> hi
15:04 <mailly> anyone here?
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15:05 <gfad> s
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15:23 <MarkusDBX> Is there a provider for KVM that is working fine these days? I did investigate this like 12months ago, and at the time it seemed beta.
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16:29 <mailly> hi
16:30 <mailly> anyone here?
16:30 <mailly> MarkusDBX: I want the same :(
16:30 <mailly> MarkusDBX: well, there is vagrant-libvirt, but a new issue is found each day.
16:30 <mailly> I really admit the vagrant libvirt devs for pushing through with that
16:30 <mailly> but it is nice - libvirt is already a bit like vagrant actually
16:31 <mailly> and libvirt also offers quemu/kvm
16:31 <mailly> in my opinion vagrant should have started right away with libvirt - this would have been so awesome
16:31 <mailly> currently I always have issues with vagrant, always
16:31 <mailly> vagrant up never works - on a fresh linux system it fails
16:31 <mailly> stupid error here, timeout there, logs spewing
16:32 <mailly> it hangs, it complains
16:32 <mailly> each time I see a vagrantfile my first emotion is fear and despair :(
16:33 <mailly> MarkusDBX: my current approach is VirtualBox in a VM with virtualization pass-through
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16:33 <mailly> MarkusDBX: some years ago VBox just crashed - but now it seems to work
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18:05 <MarkusDBX> mailly: I also use virtualbox. but I would prefer KVM, since if you got a kvm host, you can't run both
18:05 <MarkusDBX> I really prefer using KVM for my virtualization needs, if it's development or staging servers.
18:05 <MarkusDBX> locally I use virtualbox
18:05 <mailly> MarkusDBX: really? I was able to run virtual box and kvm on a vmware
18:05 <mailly> or do you mean virtualbox on kvm?
18:05 <MarkusDBX> no I mean running them both at the same time
18:05 <MarkusDBX> kvm and virtualbox interfer
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18:06 <MarkusDBX> kvm wants those cpu extensions to itself
18:06 <MarkusDBX> mailly: nesting virtualization is not good imo
18:07 <mailly> indeed
18:07 <mailly> I see, kvm is a bit greedy then :/
18:07 <mailly> I would find this a disadvantage
18:07 <MarkusDBX> I think it's a hardware limitation
18:07 <MarkusDBX> they use it for performance I guess
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18:07 <MarkusDBX> kvm is slightly more native to the cpu as I've understood it, kind of like ESXi
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