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06:31 <eruu> i m nt able to ping google.com
06:31 <eruu> i have included this config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |v| v.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--natdnshostresolver1", "on"] v.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--natdnsproxy1", "on"] end
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06:51 <shadoxx> eruu: you shouldn't need to do any of that
06:51 <eruu> shadoxx: then what can i do
06:52 <shadoxx> eruu: first, what host OS is running Vagrant/VirtualBox
06:52 <eruu> shadoxx: windows
06:53 <shadoxx> And which network is the VM getting an IP from?
06:54 <shadoxx> If you're just looking to get the VM to the internet without troubleshooting your network, change the networking adapter for the VM that's spun up to "bridged"
06:54 <shadoxx> that'll cause the VM to pull an IP address from the network your Host is attached to
06:55 <eruu> shadoxx: which network as in?
06:55 <eruu> shadoxx: how can i change it to bridge
06:56 <shadoxx> eruu: first. a curiosity
06:56 <shadoxx> what does your 'config.vm.network' line look like?
06:56 <eruu> sure one sec
06:57 <eruu> shadoxx: config.vm.network "public_network"
06:57 <shadoxx> ok, that's right
06:57 <shadoxx> try changing it to
06:57 <shadoxx> config.vm.network "public_network", bridge
06:58 <eruu> shadoxx: bridge or bridged?
06:59 <eruu> m getting a syntax error
07:00 <eruu> do i have to give it like this config.vm.network "public_network", :bridge => 'en1: Wi-Fi (AirPort)'
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07:18 <shadoxx> try :bridge
07:18 <shadoxx> sorry. i'm on a mac right now and don't have my window system near me
07:21 <eruu> oh ok
07:22 <eruu> shadoxx: no mate,nope
07:22 <eruu> shadoxx: it throws me an error config.vm.network "public_network", :bridge
07:23 <shadoxx> i'm not sure the syntax error is from that change
07:23 <shadoxx> hmm
07:24 <shadoxx> config.vm.network "public_network", bridge
07:24 <shadoxx> it should just be that. that's what i see in documentation
07:24 <shadoxx> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33250304/how-to-automatically-select-bridged-network-interfaces-in-vagrant
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11:13 <es3l3k> Natrick: Are you still around? I have decompressed my package.box and I now have two files. Not sure which one indicates the name?
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11:14 <aredpanda`w> Hello guys, can anyone tell me if this is a known issue with Vagrant or if it's me that's doing smth wrong? Thaks in advance :) http://i.imgur.com/gsMkjpQ.png
11:15 <Natrick> es3l3k, isn't there a Vagrantfile with the name of the box?
11:16 <Natrick> aredpanda`w, the working directory is relevant to a `vagrant up`
11:17 <es3l3k> I only have the Vagrantfile that I originally made in the root of the workspace.
11:18 <aredpanda`w> Natrick, even when using the machine's hash to bring it up? say I wanna automate bringing my machines up, i'd have to cd into their wd before?
11:19 <es3l3k> I'm also just reading in the docs that Vagrant does expect a single file: metadata.json however, I do not see this file anywhere in the workspace?
11:19 <Natrick> aredpanda`w, haven't tried it out. I'm usually in the correct folder before issuing vagrant up
11:19 <aredpanda`w> Maybe I misinterpreted it but I thought by using the machine's id I could bring them up anyware
11:20 <Natrick> aredpanda`w, might be true. Have you tried switching to the correct folder? If that works you'd at least have something working
11:21 <aredpanda`w> Natrick, I have no problems bringing my machines up if I'm in their vagrant folder
11:21 <aredpanda`w> Was rather trying to find an easy way to deal with my machines with some fish functions and was relying on the machines ids to do so.
11:21 <Natrick> Oh, good. That means might understood it wrong, but I haven't read anything about it. Sorry, can't help you with that one
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11:23 <aredpanda`w> thanks for the input !
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11:27 <Natrick> yw
11:28 <Natrick> es3l3k, I've created such a box once and I had three files, the image of the os, the metadata.json and the Vagrantfile. I assumed that every box has to have a Vagrantfile
11:30 <es3l3k> Natrick: That didn't happen for me when I did vagrant package so not sure what went wrong, or why it's not working. The documentation needs to be updated to reflect the fact that this does not work.
11:30 <es3l3k> Also, using a file path for config.vm.box_url does not work, so again, another doc change perhaps?
11:33 <Natrick> I didn't use the package command, though. That one actually didn't work (for me), so I had to get an minimal image of a distribution, create those two others files and archived them to a .box file
11:34 <es3l3k> Natrick: So where do I find this box name I need for the Vagrantfile?
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11:34 <es3l3k> I decompressed it like you said, but don't see what indicated the box name?
11:35 <Natrick> Usually the "Vagrantfile", but you don't seem to have one
11:37 <es3l3k> I do, but it's the one you make to start with.
11:37 <es3l3k> when you vagrant init, I then modified that out to quite an extensive file with lots of config
11:37 <es3l3k> but many components do not function as per the documentation.
11:37 <Natrick> As far as I can tell there should also be one within the archive (.box) file
11:38 <es3l3k> I do not have one in my .box file however, I made this myself as per documentation.
11:39 <es3l3k> Lot's of things are not as they're meant to be as the people who make the boxes do not follow best practice unfortunately.
11:40 <Natrick> It could help to add a Vagrantfile to the process of creating the box, so that it can automatically be installed. Without a name of a box, it's probably not possible to add it automatically
11:40 <es3l3k> It will be install when I vagrant up in the corresponding workspace.
11:40 <es3l3k> The issue is that it does not find the box despite giving the correct file path?
11:41 <es3l3k> config.vm.box_url does not function as documented..
11:41 <Natrick> I bet Vagrant looks for an installed box by it's name, not the value given in box_url
11:43 <Natrick> If it install correctly, then you might see the name when issuing 'vagrant box list'
11:43 <es3l3k> vagrant up
11:43 <es3l3k> Bringing machine 'win10-ie-test-env' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
11:43 <es3l3k> There are errors in the configuration of this machine. Please fix
11:43 <es3l3k> the following errors and try again:
11:43 <es3l3k> vm:
11:43 <es3l3k> * A box must be specified.y
11:43 <es3l3k> Natrick: this is where we are at here.
11:44 <Natrick> Yes, it says that box must be specified
11:44 <es3l3k> That's my whole point, it is specified!
11:44 <es3l3k> config.vm.box_url = "file:///Users/username/vagrant/win10-ie-test-env-V1/package.box"
11:44 <Natrick> config.vm.box = 'win10-ie-test-env' (or whatever is available in `vagrant box list`)
11:45 <es3l3k> I don't want to have to manually install. That isn't how this is meant to work.
11:45 <es3l3k> I want it to work in the way the documentation says that it should.
11:46 <Natrick> Specify both and I bet vagrant will use the url to install the box. But still, you need have a proper box name configured
11:46 <es3l3k> The whole point of Vagrant is to automate, so I am not going to introduce a manual step just because the tool doesnt work. I'll just find another tool that does work instead?
11:47 <Natrick> The documentation says that the box_url setting is used if the box is not installed (Otherwise, it should point to the proper place where the box can be found if it is not installed.)
11:47 <es3l3k> I would specify both, but I still have no definitive way to estabish the correct value for config.vm.box :(
11:48 <es3l3k> If I specify "Microsoft/EdgeOnWindows10" then it will not use my package.box
11:49 <es3l3k> Hence why I cannot at this point set config.vm.box
11:49 <Natrick> Use something that is not here
11:49 <Natrick> there*
11:49 <Natrick> Then it'll install your box and you'll see it's name using `vagrant box list`
11:49 <es3l3k> So I can make it up?
11:49 <Natrick> Just try
11:50 <es3l3k> ok
11:51 <es3l3k> BINGO!
11:51 <es3l3k> vagrant up
11:51 <es3l3k> Bringing machine 'win10-ie-test-env' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
11:51 <es3l3k> ==> win10-ie-test-env: Box 'test/test' could not be found. Attempting to find and install...
11:51 <es3l3k> win10-ie-test-env: Box Provider: virtualbox
11:51 <es3l3k> win10-ie-test-env: Box Version: >= 0
11:51 <es3l3k> ==> win10-ie-test-env: Box file was not detected as metadata. Adding it directly...
11:51 <es3l3k> ==> win10-ie-test-env: Adding box 'test/test' (v0) for provider: virtualbox
11:51 <es3l3k> win10-ie-test-env: Unpacking necessary files from: file:///Users/estill/vagrant/win10-ie-test-env-V1/package.box
11:51 <es3l3k> win10-ie-test-env: Progress: 52% (Rate: 390M/s, Estimated time remaining: 0:00:13)
11:52 <Natrick> That was unexpected but it's reasonable
11:52 <es3l3k> now a massive error :(
11:53 <Natrick> Use services like this one for pasting more than three lines please: http://pastebin.com/
11:54 <es3l3k> http://pastebin.com/2f7hrG9R
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12:07 <es3l3k> Natrick: did you see my output to pastebin?
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12:12 <Natrick> Haven't had that problem, but it seems to be related to this https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/3806 one. Good luck with that es3l3k
12:13 <es3l3k> So there is no solution to my problem?
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12:33 <es3l3k> Natrick: how do you recommend that I proceed?
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12:59 <aredpanda`w> Does anyone if vagrant has a way of bringing machines up without having the cwd being the machines vagrant environment?
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13:12 <freezer> Can Vagrant versioning be compared to Chef?
13:14 <Natrick> es3l3k, it looks like it could be a problem with the box. I'd check that first
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13:35 <es3l3k> Natrick: The only thing I can think of to do is to fire up the original box from Atlas, make the relevant changes so that the WinRM actually works out of the box, the I'll package that up again. I may have damaged the package.box file when I decompressed it to find the box name, and then I added in a metadata.json file manually as it didn't happen before.
13:36 <es3l3k> Just another thought, if I run through this all again, I still will not have the metadata.json contained within my package.box?
13:37 <Natrick> Repackaging a box using the `vagrant package` command didn't work for me. I don't know if it will work for you or if the box will contain a metadata.json file afterwards, sorry.
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14:39 <es3l3k> Natrick: That is the command I ran, and it worked ok, but when I decompressed the resultant package.box, the archive contained so mention of metadata.json
14:39 <freezer> Is there a good howto/documentation on how to use Vagrant boxes versioning?
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14:42 <es3l3k> freezer: https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/boxes/versioning.html
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15:02 <frankkahle> good morning, looking for a little help
15:03 <frankkahle> I have an Ubuntu 16 gueat, running as a VM on hyper-v (server 2012), but keep getting an error about no usable providers.
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15:52 <TheBrayn> I'm trying to use the vagrant-r10k plugin (https://github.com/jantman/vagrant-r10k) to install puppet modules for vagrand but vagrant does not find the puppet executable, how can I tell it to use puppet from somewhere else?
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18:27 <netjammr> using vagrant box add hashicorp/precise64
18:27 <netjammr> getting error that box could not be found in catalog and a subsequent msg "Error: SSL certificate problem..."
18:28 <netjammr> "...self signed certificate in certificate chain"
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18:34 <netjammr> anyone have a clue as to my above questions?
18:34 <netjammr> vagrant box add hashicorp/precise64 was the command I input after installing vagrant per the install instructions
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18:37 <dork> using vagrant 1.8.5 with chef kitchen, suddenly when pulling bento/centos65 it hangs while inserting the cert: default: Warning: Authentication failure. Retrying... - is this a known issue or anything similar being reported? not sure how long this problem has existed as i havent tried to fire up a centos box in a while, the ubuntu ones seem to fire up fine
18:37 <dork> ubuntu 16.10
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18:45 <dork> upgrading seemed to fix it
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20:04 <shadoxx> dork: that was a well known bug in 1.8.5. it's been fixed upstream. Vagrant wasn't setting the proper permissions on authorized_keys after it added the autogenerated one, so SSH was failing
20:05 <shadoxx> hit my head against an hour or two when i first encountered it
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21:21 <raynold> ahh it's a wonderful day
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22:04 <shadoxx> It really is. West Coast weather has me like 😎
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23:39 <sum1> quick q; if anyone is around that can answer. what mechanism does vagrant use for telling if a windows guest is done sysprep?
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