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01:53 <tofutoon> Is there an easy way to set the root password using a Vagrantfile? I can do it manually with sudo passwd root, but I'd like to do this with a Vagrant shell script.
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03:09 <shadoxx> tofutoon: really easy. just put the passwd command into a script and pipe the new password into it
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04:09 <tofutoon> shadoxx: Thanks. That helps.
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04:42 <dbclk> anyone around?
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06:08 <Olympionex> I'm having issues with synced folders using vagrant 1.8.1 and 1.9.2 on Ubuntu 16.04. I am using a docker provider. Using the basic folder sync, I cannot find a way to allow a non root user to write to the synced_folder in the container. I h
06:09 <Olympionex> I have tried the mount options, but they did not seem to change anything
06:10 <Olympionex> I then tried using an NFS synced folder, but I get the "No host IP was given to the Vagrant core NFS helper..." message which seems to have an open ticket item since Nov 2016
06:11 <Olympionex> is there no presently not way to allow a non root user to write to the synced directory?
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06:39 <shadoxx> Olympionex: you can change the owner of the synced folder in the vagrant config i believe
06:39 <shadoxx> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13169154/cannot-change-permissions-of-folders-within-vagrant-home-folder
06:40 <shadoxx> looks like you can add :owner=> 'vagrant'
06:42 <Olympionex> shadoxx: hmm, i originally tried that and then spent a lot of time trying to get the dmode and fmode to work. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Are the owner and group supposed to correspond to ones in the container or on the host?
06:43 <shadoxx> Olympionex: generally the one in the container. the regular user is 'vagrant'. you want the owner and group to be 'vagrant'. Ignore the dmode and fmode, as I don't think they're needed
06:43 <shadoxx> ie, the defaults are good enough once the ownership is set
06:43 <shadoxx> I know it works. I have quite a few Ubuntu images that use the Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 image. It's possible something has changed and you're encountering a bug I haven't seen, but I'd have to test on my local machine to check
06:46 <shadoxx> Olympionex: you could also be hitting a condition where your host OS is disallowing writing to the directory your Vagrantfile is in too. i've seen that on Windows in earlier versions of Vagrant. i don't dev on Windows anymore so i can't test that
06:47 <Olympionex> oh, well there is a problem with the permissions though because they are still 755
06:47 <Olympionex> hang on
06:49 <Olympionex> well, now I have the directory with uid 1001 and group sudo
06:49 <Olympionex> but the UID of my user is 1000
06:51 <Olympionex> there is no 1001 in /etc/passwd, but 1001 is the uid of the user i'm running as on host ( which is not the user I have set as group / owner in the vagrant file)
06:51 <shadoxx> what host OS, out of curiosity?
06:51 <Olympionex> ubuntu 16.04
06:52 <shadoxx> are you working out of your home directory?
06:52 <shadoxx> ie, a Projects folder in ~
06:52 <Olympionex> yeah
06:52 <shadoxx> are permissions on that directory proper?
06:52 <shadoxx> On the host
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06:54 <Olympionex> hmm, the group ownership is odd I think, sudo for some reason
06:55 <Olympionex> thats for the whole /home/user
06:55 <Olympionex> although my project dir seems fine, user and group is me
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06:59 <Olympionex> ok, well now that i fixed that, both the user and group is now 1001 for the synced folder
07:00 <Olympionex> i wonder where its getting the 1001 from instead of the 1000
07:00 <shadoxx> can you do 'id' in the vagrant image and check?
07:00 <shadoxx> yeah, having 'sudo' as the group owner is kind of weird
07:01 <shadoxx> on a 16.04 host, it should always be <username>:<username>
07:01 <shadoxx> unless you have some weird admin structure or someone has changed it for reasons
07:01 <Olympionex> no, I assume it was a bad command on my part
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07:02 <Olympionex> yeah, inside the vagrant container, all I see is a UID of 1000 for my user (dev)
07:02 <Olympionex> uid=1000(dev) gid=1000(dev) groups=1000(dev),27(sudo)
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07:07 <Olympionex> was also interesting, my username was not a member of my user group, only sudo -- maybe when i created the user I set the primary group to sudo somehow
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07:08 <Olympionex> i just changed the user / group in the Vagrantfile to 'vagrant' just to see what it would do, and its still 1001
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07:09 <Olympionex> config.vm.synced_folder "./src", "/home/dev/BulkTransferNav", owner: 'vagrant', group: 'vagrant'
07:09 <Olympionex> before was: config.vm.synced_folder "./src", "/home/dev/BulkTransferNav", owner: 'dev', group: 'dev'
07:09 <Olympionex> doesn't seem to change anything there
07:11 <Olympionex> tried with root as well, no change. Seems to just be getting it directly from the host
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07:16 <Olympionex> alright, thanks for the help shadoxx -- i've got to leave but may be back later
07:16 <shadoxx> sorry, just saw your reply
07:16 <shadoxx> i'll be on tomorrow definitely
07:17 <shadoxx> sounds like you may have some user problems on your host you should work out. improper user creation would definitely cause weird issues like what you're seeing
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10:04 <RxMcDonald> Hello, anyone knows how to access the machine that is being hosted on my wifi hotspot from my host machine?
10:04 <RxMcDonald> Trying the ip address shown on the machine but it gets stuck loading, i.e. not responding
10:05 <RxMcDonald> timed out
10:05 <RxMcDonald> It works if I bridge to ethernet tho
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10:09 <RxMcDonald> I can't find the of my vagrant machine that is bridged to wifi from my host machine that is sharing wifi with hotspot
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10:13 <RxMcDonald> anyone ? :'(
10:15 <RxMcDonald> probably not possible
10:21 <es3l3k> RxMcDonald: Define what you mean by access?
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10:58 <RxMcDonald> es3l3k: ping or w/e, can't find it from my host browser
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11:19 <aredpanda`w> Does Vagrant provide a way of booting up machines without bein in their respective folder? I wanna bring up my machines from anywhere in my system, I tried using the machine ids but to no avail.
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11:24 <ccooke> aredpanda`w: You can write a script that changes to the directory and then starts the VM
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12:32 <es3l3k> RxMcDonald: have you tried 'vagrant ssh'?
12:32 <es3l3k> aredpanda`w: what operating system do you use?
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15:43 <digi691> If using linux VAGRANT_CWD=[The directory of your vagrant file] vagrant cmd
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18:35 <vhosakot> hi, I see each vagrant VM use more than 200% CPU on my vagrant host and I cannot SSH into some of the vagrant VMs. My vagrant host has 16 CPUs and 32G RAM, and I'm using libvirt vagrant driver. Can anyone help me debug? - http://paste.openstack.org/show/602108/
18:37 <vhosakot> can I open an enhancement bug to propose a "vagrant top" command (similar to "docker top" command) to display the CPU and memory stats of the processes running in a vagrant VM on the vagrant host. "vagrant top" will be helpful to debug the issue I'm seeing where each vagrant uses more than 200% CPU on the vagrant host, and I cannot SSH into the vagrant VM. Let me know!? :)
18:40 <spox> if vagrant is unable to ssh into the vms it is managing then it will not be able to get a current process list from the guest vm as it is unable to connect
18:43 <vhosakot> spox: right, that is a great point, isn't "vagrant top" a nice command to check stats of the vm when we _can_ SSH into the vagrant vm? but, yeah, I can't even SSH in my case since each vm is using more than 200% CPU on the vagrant host :(
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18:46 <vhosakot> spox: any idea why the vagrant guest VM is using 200% CPU on the vagrnat host?
18:46 <vhosakot> vagrant*
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19:03 <Wanderer-> vhosakot, doesnt libvirt provide a log file?
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19:07 <vhosakot> Wanderer-: it does. I see these errors in the libvirt logs - http://paste.openstack.org/show/602113/
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19:18 <vhosakot> lol, nobody likes the "vagrant top" proposal?:)
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19:31 <OnceMe> is there official vagrant box for debian 8? or I need to build a base box?
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19:37 <brianjsw_> not sure if this is due to the new VirtualBox maintenance release or not... but exact same box that was working yesterday, today gives message it cannot mount vagrant shared folder and vagrant up aborts
19:37 <brianjsw_> Error: no such file or directory on: mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 vagrant /vagrant
19:39 <OnceMe> brianjsw_: what box?
19:39 <OnceMe> from where have you dl the box, or you made a base box?
19:39 <brianjsw_> ubuntu/xenial64
19:40 <OnceMe> dl from where?
19:40 <brianjsw_> I believe vagrantcloud.com
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19:41 <brianjsw_> just did a Vagrantfile
19:41 <brianjsw_> and it says:
19:41 <computeracer> Hello, Has anyone seen the transport: ssh_key field being ignored in .kitchen.yml and ec2 driver?
19:41 <brianjsw_> config.vm.box = "ubuntu/xenial64"
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19:48 <spox> vhosakot: it's a fine proposal. might be best as a plugin if you want to implement it :)
19:54 <vhosakot> spox: wow, I dont have time time to implement it, I'll open the bug, and might help implement if any developers are ready to help :) it would be helpful instead of ssh'ing inside and checking top in each VM :)
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20:00 <xmj> moin
20:01 <xmj> is there a way I can provision a particular ssh pubkey to some user, in addition to the one provided by Ansible?
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20:03 <spaok_> hi all
20:05 <spaok> does anyone know how to prevent vagrant from adding the vagrant user and use the ubuntu user I put in the image with packer?
20:05 <spox> spaok: do you mean using your custom user for the ssh communicator?
20:06 <spaok> ya, but after I put the box in vagrant and up it, the ubuntu user is gone and the vagrant user is added
20:06 <spaok> I tried using config.ssh.username
20:07 <spox> are you sure the ubuntu user is gone?
20:07 <spaok> but since the user seems to be getting removed
20:07 <spaok> we'll I ran the same packer process, kept the input files, converted it to vdi and loaded it in virtualbox and the user was there
20:08 <spaok> so either the packer vagrant post-process is doing something or vagrant up is
20:08 <spox> then i would confirm you have properly loaded the box into vagrant. sounds like it's either using the wrong box name, or you haven't added it properly.
20:08 <spox> vagrant won't remove a user from a newly started guest
20:08 <spox> unless you have a provision script enabled to do that
20:08 <spaok> I don't but I'm using libvirt so maybe its doing something
20:09 <spaok> shouldn't be
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20:15 <brianjsw_> Yep it's the new version of VirtualBox
20:15 <brianjsw_> Downgraded to 5.1.14 and the problem went away
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20:23 <OnceMe> I have an issue with shared foldwers
20:23 <OnceMe> Vagrant was unable to mount VirtualBox shared folders. This is usually
20:24 <OnceMe> Ihave this: config.vm.synced_folder "/var/www/bleh", "/vagdata"
20:24 <OnceMe> this /var/www/bleh is on my pc and I wish to access it on vagrant at /vagdata
20:24 <OnceMe> Ive installed sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso
20:24 <OnceMe> but still this error happens
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21:38 <OnceMe> is there any problem with debian boxes? I cannot to configure private network ip from some reason
21:39 <OnceMe> this works on ubuntu precise and rest of boxes..
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