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02:44 <Olympionex> shadoxx: not sure if you are still here, but I created a new user account to resolve any permissions issues, but the mount point inside the container always has the same owner / permission as whatever it is on the host system
02:44 <shadoxx> Olympionex: hmm
02:45 <shadoxx> Olympionex: can you comment out the "config.vm.synced_folder" line?
02:45 <shadoxx> OH!
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02:46 <shadoxx> I just read your problem from yesterday. Is "/var/www/bleh" on the host or the guest?
02:47 <Olympionex> well my synced folder is a folder inside of my vagrant project
02:47 <shadoxx> and you're trying to link that to /var/www/bleh inside the vagrant image?
02:47 <Olympionex> i have tried creating it first or letting vagrant create it with the 'create' flag
02:48 <Olympionex> eg: this is my line
02:48 <Olympionex> config.vm.synced_folder "./src", "/home/dev/BulkTransferNav",
02:48 <Olympionex> create: true,
02:48 <Olympionex> group: "dev",
02:48 <Olympionex> owner: "dev"
02:48 <shadoxx> ok, let me look something up
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02:49 <Olympionex> at the moment, I can also change the permissions on the host in real time and see that reflected in the container
02:50 <Olympionex> so if I change the src folder on the host to 777, then I can write inside the container, but thats not exactly what I'd prefer
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03:13 <shadoxx> ok back. dinner just got here so was eating lol
03:15 <shadoxx> Olympionex: if you ls '/vagrant' you see the folder you want to map into the container, correct?
03:15 <Olympionex> yeah
03:16 <shadoxx> Where, inside the container, do you want that directory mapped to?
03:18 <Olympionex> ideally to /home/dev/BulkTransferNav
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03:19 <Olympionex> which is where its also being mapped
03:19 <Olympionex> just not in a way that I can write to it unless container user is root or the other user has write permission
03:20 <Olympionex> but yeah, that one folder is actually being mapped to two places right now, once in the location I specified and the other in the default vagrant mount
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03:33 <Olympionex> I just tried moving the synced directory outside of the vagrant folder in case that double mapping was causing an issue, but same result
03:34 <shadoxx> Olympionex: perfect. i was hoping that was your case
03:34 <Olympionex> I also let vagrant create the folder itself again
03:34 <shadoxx> forget about defining the synced folder. In Ubuntu 16.04, that's taken care of
03:35 <shadoxx> what you're looking for is a symlink. in your vagrant file, in the commands section, do 'ln -s /vagrant/<project_folder> /home/dev/BulkTransferNav'
03:35 <Olympionex> well unfortuantely, I still can't write to the /vagrant folder
03:35 <Olympionex> same ownership issues
03:35 <Olympionex> owned by my host user pid/gid
03:37 <shadoxx> I think I know why the issue is getting causes. Since the Vagrant VM and Host are using the same filesystem, it's actually overwriting everything on your filesystem
03:37 <shadoxx> rather, it's overwriting the actual filesystem permissions.
03:37 <shadoxx> And reading from the permissions.
03:40 <shadoxx> can you pastebin the output of 'stat /vagrant' from inside the VM?
03:46 <Olympionex> http://pastebin.com/jcG31AfS
03:47 <shadoxx> checking now
03:48 <Olympionex> thx
03:51 <shadoxx> hmm
03:56 <shadoxx> ok
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03:56 <shadoxx> Olympionex: instead of owner/group as 'dev'
03:56 <shadoxx> try 'vagrant'
03:56 <shadoxx> in your Vagrantilfe, in the synced folder line
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03:58 <Olympionex> ok, at the moment I moved my source folder outside of the vagrant folder
03:58 <Olympionex> so right now the vagrant project folder and the folder I'm mapping in are at the same level
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04:01 <Olympionex> here is the pastebin of the stat for the synced folder
04:01 <Olympionex> http://pastebin.com/Q8f7q3N4
04:02 <Olympionex> and the config line:
04:02 <Olympionex> config.vm.synced_folder "../src", "/home/dev/BulkTransferNav",
04:02 <Olympionex> create: true,
04:02 <Olympionex> group: "vagrant",
04:02 <Olympionex> owner: "vagrant"
04:03 <shadoxx> so is the BulkTransferNav directory in /vagrant?
04:04 <Olympionex> not at the moment
04:05 <Olympionex> originally it was, but i moved it to see if there was a problem with it being in the vagrant project directory ( which gets mapped to /vagrant )
04:05 <Olympionex> so its mapping ../src to /home/dev/BulkTransferNav
04:06 <Olympionex> previously it was ./src
04:06 <shadoxx> can you uncomment that whole config.vm.synced_folder line and then 'vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up'
04:06 <Olympionex> comment or uncomment?
04:07 <shadoxx> err, comment
04:07 <shadoxx> and then pastebin the output of 'stat /vagrant'
04:11 <Olympionex> http://pastebin.com/bHkQV7Cy
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04:21 <Olympionex> when i was trying to get NFS working, I had to set it to use a privileged container, but I just disabled that, destroyed, and rebuilt again -- no change
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04:44 <Olympionex> could it be an issue with docker?
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05:21 <pizzaops> Ok strange thing happening. I have a handful of boxes I use. All of them work no problem on my laptop running fedora (as a host), all of them fail to mount the virtualbox shared directories with the typical "mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 vagrant /vagrant" when I try to use Vagrant on my windows box
05:21 <pizzaops> but the boxes I'm using are identical, and just installed on both machines!
05:21 <pizzaops> same exact version of vagrant and virtualbox too
05:24 <pizzaops> Interesting share path: `\\?\C:\Users\Zee\Working\Vagrant\xenialtest`
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05:24 <pizzaops> ah apparently the ? is normal
05:26 <pizzaops> Well, on Windows in general anyway.
05:33 <pizzaops> It might be this: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/8352
05:36 <pizzaops> Yup, rolling back to VirtualBox 5.14 seems to fix it.
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10:08 <freezer> morning
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14:49 <surnom> I was hoping somone could point me to a vagrant resource that: - Describes setting up a VM with this networking setup: - Static IP (I'd be comfortable with DHCP based address instead) - Allow external traffic in from my company's network - Allow access to internet from VM - All of this from home over VPN connection, or at work. I've got a two adapter setup on NAT, and one bridged that is having trouble with ac
14:50 <surnom> I was hoping somone could point me to a vagrant resource that:
14:50 <surnom> - Describes setting up a VM with this networking setup:
14:50 <surnom> - Static IP (I'd be comfortable with DHCP based address instead)
14:51 <surnom> - Allow external traffic in from my company's network
14:51 <surnom> - Allow access to internet from VM
14:51 <surnom> - All of this from home over VPN connection, or at work.
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14:56 <es3l3k> surnom: Check out https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/
14:58 <surnom> Any one in particular?
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15:07 <es3l3k> Static IP (I'd be comfortable with DHCP based address instead) - READ THIS --> https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/networking/basic_usage.html
15:08 <es3l3k> surnom: It actually sounds like you could do with starting from the beginning with this: https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/getting-started/
15:08 <es3l3k> surnom: Let us know how you get on! ;)
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20:02 <multi_io> does vagrant support running the VM in a synchronous fashion?
20:02 <multi_io> i.e. "vagrant up
20:03 <multi_io> i.e. "vagrant up" launches the VM, runs something in it and shuts it down, and then the vagrant command exits
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20:18 <js12> hey
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20:19 <js12> is there a bug in the new vagrant or VB? I'm stuck on "Warning: Remote connection disconnect. Retrying..." if I add an additional interface
20:19 <js12> googled around but haven't found a fix
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20:43 <stormmore> anyone familiar with bandwidth limiting using virtualbox?
20:54 <js12> is there a bug in the new vagrant or VB? I'm stuck on "Warning: Remote connection disconnect. Retrying..." if I add an additional interface
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21:22 <stormmore> hmmm I wonder why bandwithctl doesn't seem to work when customizing a vm in the Vagrantfile!
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