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01:30 <rjb> how can I start vagrant without reinstalling all the packages?
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02:22 <setuid> "start vagrant"?
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02:53 <Wanderer-> vagrant up ?
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05:02 <Comnenus> anyone else running into shared folders problems after upgrading to virtualbox 5.1.20?
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05:38 <Comnenus> Yep - went back to 5.1.18 and everything works fine again with no changes. Something changed in .20.
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06:48 <pLaTo0n> moin
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09:34 <kevin_> hi, I am trying to access a mysql instance from a vagrant instance to another vagrant without ssh. I have host, vm1, vm2.
09:35 <kevin_> can anyone directs me to a documentation that would help me with this topic ?
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12:29 <astephanh> hi. how can i pass an argument to vagrant up changing the virtualbox machinefolder before creating the vm ?
12:29 <astephanh> i'd like to have vagrant instances on a different location than the default virtualboxes
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14:15 <seme> hi guys... is there any way I can update the hyperv provider to enhance it to support networking options, etc. I have to use hyperv in my environment and the provider is not as robust as the others.
14:20 <seme> I see that vagrant is closed source so I'm wondering if this is even possible?
14:20 <seme> err nvm
14:20 <seme> I didn't see the link to the github repo
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15:47 <seme> is anyone else getting a certificate error when they try to do a vagrant plugin repair? I get this SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed
15:47 <seme> I don't see that error if I go there in my browser
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17:33 <seme> hola gents. Is there any reason that while I'm developing vagrant I get an error downloading the plugins. For example if I run bundle exec vagrant install vagrant-hostmanager I get this error SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed (https://gems.hashicorp.com/specs.4.8.gz)
17:33 <seme> do I have to do something different when I am running the development version of vagrant
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18:25 <ZeroZeroZeroZero> Howdy- for some reason my centos box with the ansible provisioner isn't able to download ansible anymore
18:25 <ZeroZeroZeroZero> err, provisioner
18:27 <ZeroZeroZeroZero> Actually, to back up a sec, It's not able to get the epel rpm - https://pastebin.com/AP6MHmuv
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18:28 <ZeroZeroZeroZero> Oh... I guess fedoraproject.org is down...
18:28 <ZeroZeroZeroZero> nvm
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18:46 <gde33> hi, I was just following the steps in the getting started guide.
18:46 <gde33> https://www.vagrantup.com/intro/getting-started/index.html
18:47 <gde33> I run the commands then went to page 2 that suggests to make a folder
18:48 <gde33> doing init from the folder doesn't run as smooth as running it the first time
18:49 <Wanderer-> I think you only have to init once
18:50 <gde33> yes I get that.
18:50 <gde33> how do I un-init?
18:50 <Wanderer-> Or not even init at all, if you specify the box in the vagrant file yourself
18:50 <gde33> I tried destroy but that wasn't good neough
18:50 <Wanderer-> All it does is create a Vagrantfile
18:51 <gde33> thats all?
18:51 <gde33> I sort of doubted that after : default: Successfully added box 'hashicorp/precise64' (v1.1.0) for 'virtualbox'!
18:51 <Wanderer-> Yah all it does
18:51 <gde33> Should I try delete or copy the file into the dir?
18:52 <Wanderer-> It creates a base vagrant file, after that, dont worry about init , but change the settings in the vagrantfile
18:52 <Wanderer-> and then vagrant up
18:52 <gde33> I get what it does but I dont want it in my home directory
18:52 <Wanderer-> then delete the Vagrant file
18:52 <gde33> ok
18:53 <Wanderer-> destroy deletes the vm
18:53 <gde33> then simply run init from the folder again?
18:55 <gde33> running up it says: An error occurred while downloading the remote file. The error message, if any, is reproduced below. Please fix this error and try again. Couldn't open file /home/gaby/vagrant_/base
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19:01 <Wanderer-> gde33, the process is , cd to the folder your project is /home/gaby/mycoolproject , do 'vagrant init ubuntu/xenial64' , if you dont have the box, you do 'vagrant box add ubuntu/xenial64' , then 'vagrant up'
19:02 <gde33> yeah, I get that. The tutorial explains it nicely after telling me to run init from /home/
19:03 <gde33> after restoring the file there it runs from home just fine
19:03 <gde33> maybe page 2 can have a red message at the top that you shouldn't follow the instructions on page 1
19:03 <gde33> lol
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19:05 <Wanderer-> https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/cli/ , learn from that
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19:12 <gde33> Wanderer-: thanks, the getting started guide is not really helpful
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19:22 <gde33> excuse my noob question but isn't it a terrible idea to have the Vagrantfile in /home/ ?
19:30 <* aso> Just wanted to share this here in case anyone else was being affected by the fedora EPEL repo being down as I got some help in the #salt
19:30 <aso> https://pastebin.com/pRFKnd9n
19:30 <aso> in case anyone is using a salt provisioner with a centos vm
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19:51 <spox> Jayflux: hey, i'm finishing up some networking work and then i'll spin my win10 box back up and get things re-installed. i'm surprised that it didn't repro for me, but maybe i need to mess with things a bit
19:51 <Jayflux> hi spox, yeah sure, maybe we can go through the same Vagrantfile and see what's different
19:53 <spox> sure, i used a super simple Vagrantfile. config.vm.box = 'hashicorp/precise64' and a private_network (though my name was a #2 instead of #7)
19:53 <spox> if you want to confirm that a simplified vagrantfile like that also fails, that would be great
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19:59 <Jayflux> spox, i can if you share with me the Vagrantfile
19:59 <spox> sec, i'll write one in a gist real quick
20:02 <spox> Jayflux: https://gist.github.com/chrisroberts/c753849af1468dc82aff794b65bd63d4
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20:22 <Jayflux> spox, that works
20:25 <spox> Jayflux: interesting! i would suggest gutting your Vagrantfile to the bare minimum (like that gist) and confirm that it works. then start re-enabling chunks of it and do destroy / up to see what's causing the issue
20:26 <Jayflux> spox, yup, going to do that and see what it is
20:40 <seme> is there a contribution guide for vagrant? I've made some changes to vagrant to allow the user to configure the switch and specify it in the hyperv provisioner rather than having to wait and select a switch while it is being provisioned
20:41 <seme> I forked from mitchellh/vagrant should I just submit a pull request?
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20:48 <Salamo> Hi guys, i am struggeling to get Vagrant working on my windows machine for a couple of weeks now. This chat is kind of my last resort. Anybody willing to look into my problem? I have asked a question on stackoverflow. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43202371/vagrant-virtualbox-nat-not-working
20:50 <seme> Salamo: what OS are you running?
20:51 <Wanderer-> Windows machine he said
20:52 <seme> Salamo: did you modify the Virtualbox file from hypernode or are you using what is in git
20:52 <Salamo> Yes, Windows. I am on Windows 7 now. But I also tried Windows 10.
20:53 <Salamo> I tried 2 different machines. I didn't edit the Virtualbox files.
20:53 <seme> errr I'm sorry I meant Vagrantfile
20:53 <Salamo> yeah that is what i ment too, lol
20:54 <Salamo> Always mix them em, both start with a V
20:54 <Salamo> Do you have a suggestion on a very simple configured machine which I can try?
20:54 <seme> did you try deleting the virtual networks from virtualbox?
20:54 <seme> and then run vagrant up
20:54 <seme> it should create them if they don't exist
20:54 <Salamo> No I dit not try that.
20:55 <Salamo> Will do so right away
20:55 <seme> you may want to give that a try. you may have messed something up while you were troubleshooting
20:55 <Salamo> By deleting you mean just unchecking the NIC?
20:56 <seme> I don't have vbox on my computer right now so I can't walk you through the UI but basically it is in the leftmost menu under settings
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20:56 <seme> you go to the network item on the left in the list and then delete all the interfaces from the tabs on the right
20:57 <Salamo> just to be sure, you mean in Virtualbox right?
20:57 <seme> yeah
20:57 <Salamo> I just unchecked "Enable network interface": http://imgur.com/a/CNVED
20:58 <seme> the web proxy here won't let me go to that link
20:58 <Salamo> Is that sufficient?
21:00 <Salamo> i got an error which i havent got before
21:02 <Salamo> tried a vagrant up a second time, not it is proceeding as what i am used to
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21:03 <Salamo> not=now
21:04 <seme> weird... it probably had to recreate them
21:04 <seme> is it working now?
21:04 <Salamo> still waiting at vagrant trying to connect trough SSH
21:05 <Salamo> It will time out in couple of minutes...
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21:06 <Salamo> should i use cmd.exe to do vagrant up or something like git bash?
21:06 <seme> if you are on windows I would use the version of vagrant that was built for windows from a cmd or powershell prompt
21:06 <seme> remember that the prompt should be elevated or you may get permission denied errors
21:06 <Salamo> yeah i opened as admin
21:07 <Salamo> what do you mean by "I would use the version of vagrant that was built for windows"
21:07 <Salamo> You just mean windows version of vagrant?
21:07 <seme> https://releases.hashicorp.com/vagrant/1.9.3/vagrant_1.9.3.msi
21:08 <seme> I don't know how you installed vagrant so I was just saying make sure you use the right one
21:08 <Salamo> yeah ofcourse i use those, i even tried different versions
21:09 <seme> you never know :)
21:09 <Salamo> yeah i know
21:09 <seme> I just had to update the vagrant code from git in order to get it to work properly with my hyperv setup :)
21:09 <Salamo> i appreciate your help btw :)
21:09 <seme> np
21:11 <Salamo> should i try a powershell maybee?
21:11 <seme> it is weird... I wouldn't expect that to matter
21:12 <seme> if you go back into virtualbox and look at the nat network
21:12 <seme> you hsould see a button to see the ports that are being forwarded
21:12 <seme> do you see 22 there?
21:14 <Salamo> host ip: host port: 2200 guest port: 22
21:14 <seme> ok thats right
21:15 <seme> can you do any kind of screen share?
21:15 <seme> like join.me or something
21:15 <Salamo> did you see the log entries on stackoverflow? it list things like this: 00:00:02.271317 NAT: Failed to redirect TCP -> (Unknown error)
21:16 <seme> yeah it is weird
21:17 <Salamo> yeah i can do screenshare
21:17 <seme> oooh don't use vb 5.1
21:17 <seme> make sure it is a 5.0 version
21:17 <seme> 5.1 has all kinds of problems for me
21:17 <Salamo> tried 5.0 also
21:17 <Salamo> should i install it now?
21:18 <Salamo> i tried 5.0.18, 5.0.20. 5.0.36
21:18 <seme> yeah but stick to one of those 5.0.36 should be good
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21:19 <Salamo> let me uninstall it then, and i will also do a fresh git clone
21:21 <seme> yeah I would also make sure you delete any generated interfaces and make sure that the directories created by virtualbox are removed
21:21 <seme> like the C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox... the installer doesn't remove everything cleanly
21:22 <Salamo> i will do so
21:22 <Salamo> you mean interfaces in windows? Should i remove those too?
21:23 <seme> yeah but just the ones that virtualbox created
21:24 <seme> I just submitted a pull request to fix the logic around testing the user permissions for hyperv.. it passed the CI #6673 :)
21:24 <seme> let me know if I should change anything or if it can be accepted
21:31 <seme> I submitted one more pull request for changes to allow configuring the virtual switch for hyperv in the config rather than having to be asked
21:35 <Salamo> should i reinstall vagrant too?
21:37 <Salamo> brb need a reboot
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21:38 <Salamo_> back
21:40 <Salamo_> deleted oracle map
21:40 <Salamo_> after i uninstalled Vbox
21:40 <seme> ok so now you are set up with a clean environment and new virtualbox 5.0?
21:41 <Salamo_> i am setting up 5.0.38 now, that a good version?
21:41 <Salamo_> or should i go for 5.0.36?
21:42 <Salamo_> all virtualbox network interfaces are gone
21:42 <Salamo_> vagrant version is 1.9.2 btw
21:42 <seme> thats fine
21:42 <seme> ok let's see what happens
21:43 <Salamo_> 5.0.38 is also fine?
21:43 <seme> yeah
21:43 <seme> I have to leave soon. I'll be back online later tonight. Good luck
21:43 <Salamo_> anything special while setting up?
21:44 <Salamo_> i deleted all old boxes
21:46 <Salamo_> installing join me
21:48 <Salamo_> got my msg?
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22:07 <Jayflux> spox, i think its the box
22:07 <Jayflux> when i change boxes it happens
22:07 <spox> i wonder if it was configured when the box was packaged
22:11 <Jayflux> spox, i think so, very weird, do you know how i can edit and generate a new box? I have a previous one which does work so i think its deffo the box file
22:12 <Jayflux> also changing to your "ashicorp/precise64" works too
22:14 <spox> ideally you'd want something like packer building out your boxes
22:15 <spox> for dealing with what you have, it depends on if you can bring a new instance up (like by removing the networking config line)
22:17 <spox> if so, once you have the VM up, you can `vagrant halt` it and then use the gui (or edit the xml files directly but it's easier to make mistakes there) to update the settings.
22:17 <spox> once they are fixed up, you can package it up with `vagrant package` and you _should_ be good to go :)
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23:31 <Jayflux> spox, im not even sure what to look for if the new instance does come up
23:31 <Jayflux> that error feels vagranty rather than something within the guest OS
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23:42 <Jayflux> spox, ignore that, i will try and build it from a vanilla centos 7 box rather than a pre-made one. Thanks will look into that!