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02:17 <Bla_> Quick question, does anyone know the release date of 1.9.4? I am in panic mode cuz I updated to 1.9.3, and as a Windows user this release is broken lol.
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08:19 <vagg_> Anyone knows when will Vagrant 1.9.4 be released? I eagerly need a solution for the following host_ip: issue: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/8395
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09:22 <SmokeyD> Hi all, I am very confused about vagrant libvirt and networking. I have two machines using libvirt/kvm/qemu natively working just fine with bridged networking but I can't find any decent docs on how to setup a simple bridged setup where the vm gets it's IP from the DHCP server on the network (not the vm host)
09:22 <SmokeyD> In libvirt I just set it up with type bridge and device br0
09:22 <SmokeyD> which works fine
09:23 <SmokeyD> but most vagrant docs seem to assume NAT and a static ip defined in the Vagrantfile
09:23 <SmokeyD> can somebody point me to clear docs on how to setup the networking so that the Vagrant libvirt boxes bridge their virtual interface with br0 to get an ip from the dhcp serveR?
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11:09 <vagg_> Anyone knows when will Vagrant 1.9.4 be released? I eagerly need a solution for the following host_ip: issue: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/8395
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13:03 <holodoc> vagg_, That issue was the reason I had to rollback to 1.9.2.
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13:40 <Salamo> Guys, can anyone help me with this issue? I am trying to get it work for couple of weeks now: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43202371/vagrant-virtualbox-nat-not-working-windows
13:41 <Salamo> i tried many things
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14:01 <vagg_> holodoc: so 1.9.2 works for you? I will test it
14:02 <holodoc> vagg_, Yes, it was an issue introduced in 1.9.3 and since I didn't have time to deal with it simply reverting to 1.9.2 solved it for me.
14:02 <vagg_> holodoc: Thanks :)
14:04 <holodoc> Salamo, Have you tried installing the vbguest (https://github.com/dotless-de/vagrant-vbguest) plugin?
14:06 <Salamo> Holodoc, yes i did. I also installed vagrant-hostmanager
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14:15 <Salamo> holodoc: any other ideas?
14:16 <holodoc> Salamo, Firewalls? iptables on the host machine maybe? Is the machine provisioned?
14:20 <spox> windows gets upset when testing port availablility with the '' address
14:21 <spox> you can workaround it by setting the host ip to
14:22 <holodoc> Salamo, BTW, is hypernode a requirement? I've found puphpet to be much more stable.
14:22 <spox> here's the issue: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/8395
14:24 <Salamo> holodoc: hypernode is the name of the box of the hosting company. Its an exact clone of the machine hosting our clients site. Thats why i want/need hypernode.
14:25 <holodoc> Salamo, So it's already provisioned? Strange for a hosting company to use development boxes.
14:25 <Salamo> holodoc: in addidion, i tried different boxes. All with the same problem. Should i try a box from phphput?
14:25 <holodoc> As far as I know hypernode is this https://github.com/ByteInternet/hypernode-vagrant
14:26 <holodoc> Salamo, Well I can only recommend it cause it's really the least pickiest of all I've been using.
14:26 <Salamo> holodoc: yeah thats the one indeed. what do you mean development boxes?
14:27 <holodoc> You might also want to completely uninstall Virtual Box and run a clean installation since you obviously tested a lot of versions.
14:27 <holodoc> Salamo, Well hypernode is only for development as far as I know. It's already provisioned.
14:27 <Salamo> holodoc: what is provisining to be exact?
14:28 <holodoc> Provisioning is the process of automatically installing all the software and services inside a box.
14:28 <holodoc> Software like Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc. do that.
14:28 <Salamo> spox: how would i do that (setting host ip)? in the vagrant file?
14:29 <Salamo> holodoc: Ah i see. I don't think its provisioned yet because the host cannot connect to the guest. It fails at that step.
14:29 <spox> https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/8395#issuecomment-288379271
14:30 <holodoc> Salamo, I'd personally do a clean VirtualBox install and delete the .vagrant.d folder
14:30 <Salamo> spox: i will try that thanks. I am not using vagrant 1.9.3 btw.
14:30 <Salamo> holodoc: the problem is i tried that many times. I think there is something wrong with my host configuration.
14:31 <Salamo> holodoc: i disabled firewall
14:31 <Salamo> i am using elevated command
14:33 <holodoc> Salamo, BTW your host box should probably be using the Host-only adapter
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14:37 <Salamo> holodoc: when i do vagrant up it configures two NIC's. The first as NAT. The second as Host only adapter.
14:43 <holodoc> Salamo, Yes that's the way it's supposed to work. Your Host only adapter is used for outside connections.
14:43 <Salamo> holodoc: can i try a very basic box first maybee just to troubleshout?
14:43 <Salamo> *shoot
14:43 <holodoc> Salamo, Yep, that way you'll know if it's a box related problem.
14:44 <holodoc> Or it is maybe Virtual Box / vagrant related.
14:44 <Salamo> holodoc: i tried some boxes offcourse allready. No luck. Do you know a very basic/simple box which I can try?
14:45 <holodoc> Any box from the atlas should be pretty stock.
14:45 <holodoc> https://atlas.hashicorp.com/boxes/search
14:46 <holodoc> 30M downloads for ubunty/trusty. Should be pretty self explanatory in terms of reliability.
14:49 <Salamo> holodoc: i am getting this error now, $ vagrant provision ==> hypernode: Running provisioner: shell... An error occurred in the underlying SSH library that Vagrant uses. The error message is shown below. In many cases, errors from this library are caused by ssh-agent issues. Try disabling your SSH agent or removing some keys and try again. If the problem persists, please report a bug to the net-ssh project. Net::SSH::ConnectionTime
14:49 <Salamo> spox: i tried the ip thing, getting above error now
14:50 <spox> use a bento box
14:51 <Salamo> spox: ok, going for vagrant init bento/centos-6.7
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15:00 <Salamo> spox: should i do the change of IP also for bento box? It hangs at same spot: https://pastebin.com/srAeWRi8
15:08 <Salamo> spox: holodoc: do i need to install plugins for every box. Or are they installed just one time globally?
15:09 <Salamo> holodoc: my virual nic's have static IP's set. Is that correct?
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15:20 <Salamo> spox: i did added gui = true. The bento box is booted, but my host cannot connect to it with ssh
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15:21 <Salamo> when i do a mannual ssh to the guest with putty it doesnt accept the conncetion
15:22 <Salamo> anybody else who can try to help me? I am trying to get it work on windows for couple of weeks now: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43202371/vagrant-virtualbox-nat-not-working-windows
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15:28 <Salamo> PS: i am willing to set a bouny on stackoverflow for the correct answer. The problem is I tried a bounty of 50 allready. With no result.
15:29 <Salamo> can i do another bounty?
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15:44 <spox> Salamo: open the guest vm in the gui, log in and verify if ssh is running and is accessible
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15:49 <Salamo> spox: that's a good idea, booting now
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16:02 <g1itch> i recently have been running into the following error when bringing up my dev vagrant box: mount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported
16:02 <g1itch> has anyone else encountered this? i'm running on fedora 25
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17:02 <Salamo> spox: how would i check if ssh is accepting connections? something like: ps -aux | grep ssh?
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17:05 <Salamo> when i do service ssh restart it says unrecognized service
17:06 <Salamo> this might be an issue?
17:06 <Salamo> holodoc: any idea?
17:24 <holodoc> Salamo, you do that by specifying the verbose parameter with your ssh client while connecting
17:24 <holodoc> Salamo, ssh URL -v
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18:00 <seme> hola
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18:13 <seme> do you guys know if there is any way to make sure that each system knows about the other systems using the fqdn even if vagrant isn't creating the system? vagrant-hostmanager appears to only do it if I'm using vagrant to bring up the machine
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18:14 <ada> dns
18:15 <seme> yeah I don't want to have to bring up dns in order to set this on my local environment
18:15 <ada> well that's the only way that you're going to get an automatic solution
18:15 <ada> that will work regardless of your hypervisor
18:16 <seme> hrm... vagrant-hostmanager kind of gets me close... I guess I'll have to write something on my own if I can't find anything
18:16 <ada> you can run a dns server in a docker container, it takes very little extra work
18:17 <seme> one other thing... I'm trying to have the machine I'm bringing up with vagrant mount my directory as c:\vagrant. It does everything but for some reason I keep getting the error that the user name or password is incorreect
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18:17 <ada> post actual error messages from your terminal and your Vagrantfile, at a minimum
18:17 <ada> pastebin/hastebin/gist etc.
18:18 <seme> ada: it is just a dialog that says c:\vagrant is not accessible, the username or password is incorrect. I'll post my vagrantfile shortly.
18:18 <ada> the context is important
18:18 <seme> of course
18:18 <seme> one second
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19:05 <seme> ada: ok here is the vagrantfile
19:05 <seme> https://gist.github.com/johnrizzo1/29b961773d12842bafea78926d8fd1b0
19:05 <seme> I've tried just about everything I can think in terms of the username and password.
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19:06 <seme> my machine is a domain joined machine but obviously the host I'm bringing up with vagrant is not
19:06 <seme> also, if I just go to the host ip manually it asks me for my username and password and it works
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19:23 <seme> I updated the gist with some error details I found in the eventviewer... kind of misleading but probably not 100% wrong
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19:48 <seme> odd. If I recreate the c:\vagrant net map to teh share using the same username/password and link URL
19:48 <seme> it works
19:48 <seme> not sure what the difference is
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19:52 <seme> weird. it looks like the code to use the username/password is commented out in teh plugins/synced_folders/smb/synced_folder.rb file
19:54 <seme> I guess that makes sense... it is assuming whoever you specify actually has access so it doesn't have to add that user to the share...
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20:03 <zacnomore> I'm having difficulties satisfying puppet dependencies in a vagrant box. I'm getting the error "Warning: /Stage[main]/********::Web/File[/usr/local/bin/symfony]: Skipping because of failed dependencies" during provisioning. Does this mean that it's looking in the directory inside the vagrant box or on my machine?
20:03 <spox> that generally means that an earlier failure in the puppet run is causing that item to be skipped because it has a requirement on the thing that failed
20:04 <zacnomore> That sounds quite likely
20:04 <zacnomore> It's having a timeout error earlier
20:05 <zacnomore> I've looked into that and it seems that the default timeout is too small for my slow machine but I can't change that config file from here.
20:05 <zacnomore> Is there an cl argument that overrides the timeout?
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20:12 <anupn> Hi Folks, I am trying to setup vagrant with Ubuntu 16.04 and giving a login problem for which I see a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/1569237/, has anyone tried to use 16.04?
20:13 <anupn> could someone give a pointer on how to proceed? I tried with bento/ubuntu16.04 but getting "unable to find the box" error when run using Vagrantfile
20:13 <seme> damnit... figured out the issue. I was logging in as administrator and it didn't work... if I log in as vagrant though it does work.
20:14 <spox> anupn: probably need to update the ssh username/password setting for the ssh communicator
20:14 <spox> and for bento, it's because the name you used it wrong. it should be: bento/ubuntu-16.04
20:15 <anupn> spox: I used the same bento/ubuntu-16.04
20:15 <anupn> spox: is there a normal way to use xenial/ubuntu64?
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20:16 <anupn> spox, i read in bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/1569237/ comment 57 that only other thing is using bento, so trying that
20:16 <spox> bento and boxcutter boxes are generally solid. and that bento box does exist, i use it often
20:16 <gapi78> hello, new to vagrant, have a question, where can i change download destination for boxes in windows, it always wants to download to c but i want it to download it to another drive
20:17 <spox> gapi78: https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/other/environmental-variables.html#vagrant_home
20:17 <spox> you need to adjust that environment variable
20:19 <gapi78> thx where do i change that in my development file (vagrantfile) or in core files of vagrant
20:19 <anupn> spox, okay let me give a try one more time with bento, i just noticed i had put bento/ubuntu16.06 in Vagrantfile
20:20 <anupn> spox: Thanks :)
20:20 <spox> sure
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20:22 <anupn> spox: wohoo! was able to add bento box, does it work with ssh keys? Or need to use password-based authentication?
20:23 <spox> anupn: it works with keys, no extra config required
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20:28 <anupn> spox: ugh, could you mind taking a quick look at my Vagrantfile http://paste.openstack.org/show/607756/ as "vagrant up" timed out while waiting for machine to boot up
20:29 <anupn> spox, I have private_key at correct location
20:31 <spox> anupn: i've got to head to a meeting unfortunately. best bet, reduce Vagrantfile down to just box setting. ensure it comes up properly. then start adding in more lines and run `vagrant reload`s until you find what's not working
20:31 <anupn> spox, Okay np.. yes will try that
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20:34 <salamo> holodoc: i cant connect from my host to the guest with ssh
20:34 <salamo> spox: it says connection refused host unknown
20:35 <salamo> should i be able to ssh from host to guest with "ssh"?
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20:37 <spox> salamo: if you are using virtualbox, you can ssh to on the port that the guest 22 was forwarded to (2222 by default, but can be different depending on collisions)
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20:43 <salamo> spox: yeah mine is on port 1222. But when i do try to ssh it won't accept the connection
20:43 <salamo> spox: i don't understand why
20:44 <spox> if sshd is running on the guest and listening on 22 then it might be iptables or something on the guest
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20:47 <salamo> spox: sshd status is running. This is a fresh box, shouldn't the iptables just be configured correcly?
20:48 <salamo> spox: i appreciate your help btw!
20:52 <spox> it _should_ be, i'm just making guesses at things to look at. a completely stripped down Vagrantfile using bento/centos-6.7 and virtualbox comes up as expected for me.
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20:54 <salamo> spox: i am feeling that the problem is more likely to be on the host machine instead of the guest. I tried lots of boxes, they all seem to have the same problem. So that might indicate a host problem. My windows virutal network interfaces have static IP's. Is that correct?
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21:12 <salamo> i added some updates to my problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43202371/vagrant-virtualbox-nat-not-working-windows
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21:56 <anupn> is there some specific Virtualbox version we should use with vagrant 1.8.6? My "vagrant up" is trying to start a process "/usr/bin/VBoxManage", "showvminfo"" but can't do that and unable to exit the process
22:04 <anupn> spox, ^
22:05 <spox> a non-EOL version should be fine. either in the 5.0.x or 5.1.x release trees
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22:27 <anupn> spox, i am running 5.0.2r102096
22:28 <spox> well, you'd probably want to upgrade just for the sheer number of fixes since that release
22:30 <anupn> spox, shall i upgrade safer side to 5.1.x release
22:30 <anupn> ?
22:30 <anupn> 5.1.20 seems to be pretty stabe
22:30 <anupn> *stable
22:30 <anupn> and i am running on host OS ubuntu14.04, assume that is not a prob
22:36 <anupn> after getting 5.1.2x also i am facing the same problem :(
22:37 <anupn> spox, oh no, it went correct
22:37 <anupn> wow! yeah the virtualbox version was the prob
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23:08 <anupn> spox, appreciate your help!
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