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01:43 <Minikloon> Noob question I'm hitting a problem with hyper-v and this should fix it https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/pull/8510. People in the PR are saying they "manually applied the fix", how do I do that?
01:44 <konrados> Morning! Where does vagrant store 'boxes'? I played with vagrant like a month ago for a few hours and I forgot a few things. I know I have downloaded the ubuntu-xenial box, but where is it stored?
01:45 <Minikloon> I think it's in your home directory under .vagran.d/boxes
01:46 <Minikloon> .vagrant.d/boxes
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01:46 <konrados> Minikloon, - indeed it is, thank you!
01:50 <konrados> hmmm, I feel a bit stupid, I didn't take any notes, just played a bit, I know I was able to ssh into my vm, and that everything was working fine. Now, being in my vagrant dir (made with vagrant init) I do $ vagrant up and I see:
01:51 <konrados> "A Vagrant environment or target machine is required to run this command. Run `vagrant init` to create a new Vagrant environment. Or, get an ID..."
01:51 <konrados> I don't think I had to get any ID or sth?
01:51 <konrados> Before.
01:56 <konrados> I'll rephrase:) I installed virtual box & vagrant, I did vagrant init. I entered the dir, and I'm trying `vagrant up` in the terminal. I get "A Vagrant environment or target machine is required to run this command" - what should I do?
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01:59 <Minikloon> Mmh do you have a box setup?
02:00 <Minikloon> Like https://www.vagrantup.com/intro/getting-started/boxes.html
02:00 <konrados> Minikloon, yes. I was able to ssh into it, but it was a month ago :)
02:00 <konrados> I think maybe I should start sth? Like, virtual box?
02:01 <konrados> Before trying anything?
02:01 <Minikloon> Probably yeah.
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02:32 <konrados> I started virtual box, logged in to the vm, and I still get the message... anybody?
02:37 <konrados> Sorry! I was in a wrong directory. Need a coffee :)
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14:34 <vnl> Hi all, I have installed ruby-2.4.1 via rvm in ubuntu 17.04 and I am trying to run vagrant=> /usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/rubygems.rb:241:in `bin_path': can't find gem vagrant (>= 0.a) (Gem::GemNotFoundException) from /usr/bin/vagrant:22:in `<main>'
14:34 <vnl> I've tried to sudo apt-get remove vagrant, autoremove, reinstall, gem install it, nothing works
14:34 <vnl> any ideas how to solve this ?
14:35 <vnl> gem -v
14:35 <vnl> is 2.6.12 If it helps
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14:36 <ada> vagrant is not supported as a ruby gem
14:36 <vnl> I know I got the message so I gem uninstalled it
14:36 <ada> and don't install from your package repos. install from vagrant
14:36 <vnl> hmm ok, so apt-get is wrong in this case ? I see it's version 1.9.1
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14:37 <ada> https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/installation/
14:40 <TsunamiFoodTarge> Is there a way to pass args to vagrantfile via command line for ansible like this:
14:41 <TsunamiFoodTarge> vagrant up —environ 'dev' —artifactory: 'the url' —VRSN: '1.11.0-SNAPSHOT'
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14:48 <vernos> ada: /opt/vagrant/embedded/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:54:in `require': cannot load such file -- vagrant-share/helper/api (LoadError)
14:48 <vernos> ruby 2.2.0 is pretty old
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16:40 <alfonso> hi guy who can help me?
16:40 <alfonso> on vagrant on windows 8
16:40 <alfonso> !
16:41 <dreamer> don't ask to ask, just ask
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16:41 <alfonso> can you help me?
16:41 <alfonso> i need an help step by step
16:41 <alfonso> because i'm becoming crazy
16:41 <dreamer> nobody knows if they can help you, because you never asked a question
16:42 <dreamer> besides, don't expect a specific individual to guide you along. ask your question and maybe people will respond
16:42 <alfonso> i downloaded into a directory 2 files Vagrantfile and a file .sh
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16:42 <alfonso> when i run vagrant up
16:42 <alfonso> an error occour
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16:42 <ada> dont paste it in here
16:42 <ada> use pastebin or something like it
16:42 <dreamer> use pastebin to share the files
16:43 <dreamer> what ada said
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16:43 <alfonso> ok
16:43 <alfonso> Directory di C:\lab 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> . 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> .. 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> .vagrant 02/05/2017 18.07 81.877 installMolochSuricataEveboxKibana.sh 02/05/2017 18.09 34.974 Vagrantfile 2 File 116.851 byte 3 Directory 56.871.862.272 byte disponibili
16:43 <dreamer> you're doing it wrong
16:43 <ada> exactly the wrong thing
16:43 <dreamer> use pastebin
16:44 <alfonso> if i run vagrant up
16:44 <alfonso> a syntax error occour why?
16:44 <ada> because you have a syntax error
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16:44 <alfonso> i know
16:44 <dreamer> alfonso: https://pastebin.com/
16:44 <alfonso> how i can fix it?
16:44 <dreamer> how would we know?
16:44 <ada> use pastebin.com or gist.github.com or some other kind of paste service and show us your Vagrantfile and the error message
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16:45 <alfonso> Directory di C:\lab 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> . 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> .. 02/05/2017 18.10 <DIR> .vagrant 02/05/2017 18.07 81.877 installMolochSuricataEveboxKibana.sh 02/05/2017 18.09 34.974 Vagrantfile 2 File 116.851 byte 3 Directory 56.871.862.272 byte disponibili
16:45 <ada> alfonso: stop pasting into the channel
16:45 <ada> no one can read that
16:45 <ada> and it doesnt even matter
16:46 <ada> it looks like a directory listing
16:47 <dreamer> alfonso: use a paste-service or gtfo
16:47 <alfonso> ican't use it
16:47 <alfonso> is first time for me
16:48 <dreamer> watch this or something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCS0kU5VFA4
16:48 <dreamer> nobody will help you if you don't know how to share your files
16:48 <ada> alfonso: go to https://hastebin.com/ and use it instead
16:48 <dreamer> or hastebin indeed <3
16:48 <dreamer> copy-paste the contents of the files there. then share the link
16:49 <ada> paste your Vagrantfile and the error message in there, save it, and give the short link in this channel
16:50 <alfonso> ok ok sorry
16:51 <alfonso> https://pastebin.com/EcLnsCaU
16:51 <alfonso> it's correct now?
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16:53 <alfonso> i have this file in lab https://pastebin.com/hZ9D7WtD
16:53 <ada> show us the Vagrantfile's contents
16:53 <alfonso> ok
16:54 <ada> your vagrantfile has HTML stuck in int
16:54 <ada> stuck in it
16:54 <alfonso> ok
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16:57 <alfonso> https://pastebin.com/TM3yUewu
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17:01 <alfonso> @ada and @dreamer are on line?
17:02 <ada> yes
17:02 <ada> im working and doing other things too, it may take me a minute to reply
17:02 <ada> your Vagrantfile is junk.
17:02 <ada> it is full of HTML. Idk where you downloaded it from but you need to download it again
17:03 <ada> it looks like you opened a page on github and did a right-click > save page as...
17:03 <ada> but you need to get the raw file link from github and save THAT, instead
17:03 <alfonso> wait me 10 minutes
17:03 <ada> i mean, ill be here just reply when you can
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17:26 <alfonso> ada i'm here
17:28 <alfonso> what do you mean with junk file?
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17:29 <alfonso> i don't understand what are you saying
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17:37 <alfonso> nothing doesn't work
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18:38 <dreamer> ada: wow, that guy ..
18:38 <ada> there was a language barrier
18:38 <ada> i feel bad they should have just stuck around
18:38 <ada> i was on a phone interview
18:40 <dreamer> yeah. well not sure someone should be using vagrant when they can't download from github
18:40 <dreamer> I mean. they could've also just copy/pasted it from the webpage
18:40 <dreamer> but instead they saved the entire page is a Vagrantfile
18:40 <ada> to be fair if you do that it has line numbers in it
18:40 <dreamer> shouldn't
18:41 <dreamer> you can just select from github without the linenumbers
18:41 <dreamer> https://github.com/ccdcoe/CDMCS/blob/master/Moloch/vagrant/singlehost/Vagrantfile << I think this was the file
18:41 <ada> oh yeah it doesnt
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18:41 <dreamer> "This material has been designed to be taught in a classroom environment... hands-on 90% talk 10% slides 0%"
18:42 <dreamer> hehe
18:42 <dreamer> "Cyber Defence Monitoring Course Suite" << if these are the people that are doing cyber defence then the world is either f-ed or saved. not sure :P
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18:43 <ada> i met people in college who could program, could understand algorithms, but couldnt actually use a computer for shit
18:44 <ada> i mean linux/unix is like a wacky paradigm, and if you don't practice it because you're studying computer science maths all day, then you're just not good at using the tools
18:44 <joga> I remember helping someone access their email (as if to a granny who had never used a mouse) on a course about parallel programming...
18:46 <joga> also some group projects where no one else gets even the toolchain set up so they could actually do something so I just had to do everything, so much lack of "basic" skills and knowhow like common troubleshooting and reading errors
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18:49 <ada> when i worked for uni IT support, profs were definitely the worst. but parents were more irritating
18:51 <joga> heh, I used to work for uni too, there were funny cases like a lady whose workstation suffered a broken hard disk; turns out, the fan in the computer had started making noise (touching some cable or something) and she had been *kicking* the computer (on the floor) for quite some time whenever the noise started, sometimes silencing it
18:52 <joga> eventually it just didn't work anymore :)
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18:56 <Guest34491> how can i change default auth method of password to ssh-key in vagrant?
18:56 <Guest34491> using ubuntu/xenial64
18:56 <Guest34491> It says: SSH auth method: password and then authentication failure message drops
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19:07 <spox> the ubuntu boxes are built with custom user/pass values
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19:24 <Guest34491> spox: so, how can i change the behaviour?
19:24 <spox> for a specific instance of the vm, or in general?
19:26 <Guest34491> in general is file, i don't prefer p/w based auth
19:26 <Guest34491> fine*
19:28 <spox> well, in general you'll need to repackage the box with your updated configuration
19:28 <spox> easier option would probably be to either grab a bento or box-cutter version
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20:06 <konrados> Hi again. I started vagrant by up, then vagrant ssh, everything worked, I then exited ssh. But I still see '/usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxHeadless' in my process list. I tried `vagrant halt`, but I get 'The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status.' (the result are a few whitespaces) - what am I doing wrong? How do I exit the virtualbox process nicely?
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20:17 <spox> konrados: if you want to be rid of the vm, use `vagrant destroy`
20:17 <spox> if it errors, you can use `--force`
20:18 <spox> and if you just want to stop it, and `vagrant halt` is not working, you can add a `--debug` flag to see what it is running on the guest and if any other output may be getting generated
20:18 <konrados> spox, - I don't think this is what I want... I want to keep the box, the config etc. I just want the 'virtualbox' process to end.
20:18 <konrados> sec...
20:18 <konrados> yes - I want the later - stop it, I'll try that --debug flag
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20:29 <konrados> spox, - a lot of text, but I don't see anything useful, it ends with the same info:
20:29 <konrados> INFO interface: Machine: error-exit ["Vagrant::Errors::VagrantError", "The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status.\nVagrant assumes that this means the command failed!\n\nshutdown -h now\n\nStdout from the command:\n\n\n\nStderr from the command:\n\n"]
20:29 <spox> what is the guest you are using?
20:30 <konrados> 'guest'? You mean OS in the started VM? It's Ubuntu xenial, spox
20:31 <spox> best bet is to `vagrant ssh` into the box and run `sudo shutdown -h now` and see what happens
20:32 <konrados> sec...
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21:15 <konrados> spox, Thanks! The idea of shutting down from vagrant ssh showed that I just did a mess with users, and that the user I / Vagrant was logging in into ssh running `shutdown` was not possible (permissions). Again - thank you very much!
21:16 <spox> you bet :)
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