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08:24 <jdemler> Hey! I am a bit confused about private networks. I have one ubuntubox running. private network works fine. ip: Then I tried to add a archlinux machine; ip in the same range Didnt work. Set it on dhcp mode. Worked. Used ip address ( set by dhcp as static. Works.
08:25 <jdemler> But now, when i try to add another arch linux machine, I cant find a static ip address that works. dhcp sets it to which works. But when i set that ip statically i am not able to ping that machine
08:26 <jdemler> I'm not sure where my mistake is here...
08:26 <jdemler> as I understood it: every vagrantbox needs its own subnet
08:27 <jdemler> but when i set the third machines ip to for example (which is a different subnet than 172.28.128.x right?) i cannot ping that machine
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09:33 <valeesi> hi, anybody knows how to get a fixed internal ip for vagrant-openstack-provider? i have tried with heat stack but the solution is so dirty that i believe that there should be another way
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10:09 <jdemler> found the error... the ip address was set to interface eth0 but needs to be set to enp0s8
10:09 <jdemler> i fixed it manually in my boxes by setting auto_config to false and creating a netctl profile
10:10 <jdemler> could this be fixed globally?
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10:34 <cybertron> hi, is it possible(virtualbox provider) to overwrite the default /vagrant mount point by using nfs inststead of vboxsf?
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12:03 <KnightsOfNi> I can launch the vagrant box, but when trying to ssh into it, I get this: "vagrant/util/subprocess.rb:147:in `rescue in execute': (216) (Vagrant::Util::Subprocess::LaunchError)" - what does it mean?
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12:59 <Croves> Hello dear friends. I have a homestead setup (located in ~/.homestead) that maps some personal projects that I own. In other different folder structure I have a Vagrant setup for the projects I develop at work. After a few days of vacations, when I run `vagrant up` inside my working directory, I get this error: https://paste.laravel.io/WzGq9
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12:59 <Croves> Note: `/Users/croves/Code/Agendai-api` is where my homestead setup maps
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13:16 <Croves> Anyone?
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13:25 <RxMcDonald> Hi, I'm running vagrant on Mac and I need to enable symblinks, anyone knows how to VBoxManage setextradata VM_NAME VBoxInternal2/SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate/SHARE_NAME 1 in mac? i.e. where do I run this command?
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13:31 <jamie_> i'm trying to use the virtualbox shared folders on Fedora 25 but I get the error "The synced folder type 'virtualbox' is reporting as unusable for you setup" - what am I missing?
13:31 <jamie_> using the centos/7 box
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15:49 <dprophit> Does anyone have examples that would get a minimal ubuntu 17 server possibly network install and scripts on github?
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16:10 <dprophit> pretty dead in here =(
16:23 <spox> people come and go
16:53 <ada> dprophit: didn't understand the question. please rephrase
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18:11 <dprophit> ada: I assume first step is to create minimal ubuntu install via virtualbox and then export to .box?
18:12 <ada> whats the question
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18:12 <ada> dprophit: what was your original question
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19:04 <dprophit> ada: building the smallest possible .box and use shell scripts to install LEMP / LAMP stacks.
19:05 <dprophit> ada: still learning. If I need to create the first virtualbox say with network install ISO and set the vm params and export
19:05 <viniciusfs> or you can use packer to create and install your box
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19:06 <dprophit> viniciusfs: I read that recently. But, I'm trying to keep the .box size small. First try was 3G heh
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19:08 <viniciusfs> i dont have any ubuntu box here, i'm creating a centos box with minimal installation, its about 500mb in size
19:09 <ada> I don't have a guide or anything for you. if you want to do all that work thats fine, but im sure theres a small .box on vagrantbox.es or the official box repo
19:09 <ada> or if small size is the goal, i would look at docker
19:10 <viniciusfs> here is my packer template for a minimal centos 7 installation: https://github.com/viniciusfs/packer-templates/tree/master/centos-7
19:11 <viniciusfs> you can achieve the same results using ubuntu server minimal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD
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19:14 <dprophit> Good information and thanks for that template, viniciusfs on github.
19:15 <viniciusfs> you are welcome! :)
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19:16 <viniciusfs> i don't have any script for ubuntu automate installation, i known it can be done using preseed.cfg file during installation, just dont know how because i never tried
19:17 <viniciusfs> you can find 'packer templates' for ubuntu or debian installations on github
19:17 <viniciusfs> it will certainly help you a lot
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19:19 <NotBobDole> Hi all. Anyone managing mac images via vagrant?
19:21 <ada> OS X ?
19:21 <NotBobDole> yeah
19:21 <ada> afaik, virtualizing os x is a no go
19:21 <NotBobDole> what do you mean/
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19:22 <ada> technically, you are only allowed to virtualize os x server if you have the proper license
19:22 <ada> an idk if it will even work in vmware or vbox
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19:23 <alpha_> anyone: https://www.reddit.com/r/vagrant/comments/692j3u/ubuntuxenial64_change_ssh_auth_method_from/
19:23 <NotBobDole> ada, got any link for that bit about os x server restriction?
19:23 <NotBobDole> I thought osx server went by the wayside a couple years ago
19:23 <ada> google
19:23 <ada> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5476987?start=0&tstart=0
19:24 <ada> it is, but that doesnt mean you are allowed to put OSX in a vm
19:24 <ada> or macOS for that matter
19:24 <ada> and IDK if any of the hypervisors even work with it
19:24 <ada> AND it has to be Apple hardware
19:25 <NotBobDole> https://9to5mac.com/2015/10/19/mac-os-x-el-capitan-license-explained/
19:25 <NotBobDole> I think elcapitan changed their liscensing since that link you sent me (2013)
19:26 <NotBobDole> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7367745?start=0&tstart=0
19:26 <NotBobDole> More up to date answer from apple. (2015)
19:26 <ada> then i dont know
19:26 <NotBobDole> And I did find virtualbox images, but I was just seeing if anyone here has actually done it with vagrant
19:29 <NotBobDole> I'm trying to do this as codifying what a jenkins osx build slave is for our company
19:29 <NotBobDole> Because as it stands, we can't reproduce the current server that is doing all our software signing
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21:51 <seanz> Greetings. I'm trying to package up an existing box to use in a repeatable fashion. When I bring the packaged box online, vagrant cannot connect to it via SSH. Is there a guide for exporting and re-using a box?
21:51 <seanz> A customized box, I should say.
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22:26 <Comnenus> if I drop a file in the same folder as my Vagrantfile, it should show up in the guest under /vagrant - right?
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22:27 <Comnenus> on the guest in /vagrant I can see the Vagrantfile but not the rpm I dropped next to it
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22:27 <Comnenus> default configs - just did a vagrant init, vagrant up. nothing weird.
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22:31 <blinkingprompt> hey guys, is port 22 open on a vagrant box by default?
22:31 <blinkingprompt> is it using port 22 when you do 'vagrant ssh'
22:32 <Comnenus> blinkingprompt: I'm pretty sure vagrant ssh is using the forwarding port, so in that case, it's really doing an ssh to localhost:2222
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22:32 <blinkingprompt> hmm
22:33 <blinkingprompt> if i need it to use port 22
22:33 <blinkingprompt> and 443
22:34 <Comnenus> couple ways of doing that. In the Vagrantfile you can have it forward local ports to the guest 22 and 443. Or you can bridge the NIC and use those ports and the guest's IP directly.
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22:34 <blinkingprompt> in that context, 'guest' is the vagrant VM right?
22:34 <Comnenus> correct
22:36 <Comnenus> I usually go with the latter.
22:37 <Comnenus> the only time I really needed everything to go through NAT is if my host was on a VPN.
22:37 <blinkingprompt> trying to wrap my head around that
22:38 <blinkingprompt> so lets use ssh as an example, they would connect to the host machine on 2222 and would be connected to the vagrant box?
22:38 <Comnenus> with a bridge, the NICs are basically independent of any other configuration. So if you set up a bridged NIC, it will grab an IP from your DHCP like any other machine would.
22:39 <Comnenus> by default, yes. 2222 will go to 22 on the vagrant guest.
22:40 <Comnenus> if you open up a term and do ssh localhost -p 2222 right now you will get into your vagrant guest.
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22:43 <blinkingprompt> and you're saying if I went the bridge route the vagrant box would have it's own ip on the network and i could use all the same ports?
22:43 <Comnenus> right. you would treat it like any other host on the network.
22:43 <blinkingprompt> have a bunch of code that will hit the box using all the standard ports
22:43 <blinkingprompt> that sounds like the better option
22:44 <Comnenus> I usually go with that. There's sometimes reasons not to, I just haven't run into them yet.
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22:50 <blinkingprompt> this is a pretty noob question but how do i see the IP it obtained?
22:50 <blinkingprompt> ifconfig?
22:50 <blinkingprompt> bridge0?
22:52 <Comnenus> depends on the guest. ip addr show usually works.
22:53 <Comnenus> the nat'd IP is probably something like 10.0.2.x
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22:53 <Comnenus> you can't get rid of nic0, it's always there, because vagrant ssh uses it.
22:53 <Comnenus> so you would be creating a second nic on your network.
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