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08:31 <RxMcDonald> please anyone knows how to restore ssh access to a machine? i'm tired of typing the password, i wrongfully deleted the dotfiles in /home/vagrant/
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09:26 <blizzkid> lo all. Using 1.9.4 and host_key_checking = False, I still get errors about remote host identification has changed.
09:26 <blizzkid> Do I need to use a key per machine as from now?
09:27 <ikopico> double-p: sorry just saw the messages now. Living in Dublin at the moment :)
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10:17 <Jimmyc> Hi All
10:18 <Jimmyc> I've a prob with vagrant and vmware_fusion provider
10:18 <Jimmyc> Vagrant wait on Bringing machine 'default' up with 'vmware_fusion' provider...
10:19 <Jimmyc> This is a debug : https://pastebin.com/HvK3yreK
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12:00 <RxMcDonald> lmao
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15:12 <setuid> If I'm building out 4 VMs, all idenitical except for hostname, and then into those I'll install 90% of the same packages, is there a rapid way to deploy them, vs. just "vagrant up" for each one separately (serially)?
15:13 <setuid> I'm trying to minimize the bootstrap/deployment time
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15:21 <spox> setuid: you can use packer to build yourself a pre-loaded box so you don't need to wait for all the installs
15:22 <setuid> spox: So if I'm building out 4 VMs, and I pull the remote box down in the first install, how do I use that downloaded version to 'clone' to the other 3?
15:22 <spox> and one thing i do thats handy is run `vagrant up --no-provision` to let all the instances come up, then loop through the names doing a `vagrant provision $name` and backgrounding them so the provisioning step can run in parallel
15:23 <spox> setuid: if the configuration has them all using the same `box` value, they will all be using the same base image
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15:27 <setuid> spox: this is what I'm working with: https://github.com/bloomberg/chef-bcpc/blob/master/bootstrap/vagrant_scripts/vagrant_create.sh
15:28 <setuid> Can you show me an example of how you're doing that, with a single Vagrantfile?
15:29 <spox> how i'm doing which part? building images or running vagrant?
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15:31 <spox> setuid: ^ ?
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15:31 <setuid> How you're doing the 'provision $name' part in parallel
15:32 <spox> it's just a bash script. loop through list of names and run `vagrant provision $name` backgrounding and storing the pid. then another loop to wait for all the backgrounded pids to complete.
15:33 <spox> i don't have the full script available to paste, but it's pretty straight forward. just a couple loops to start the provisioning then collect the results
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15:37 <setuid> Before I do that, do you see anything obvious that needs attention with: https://github.com/bloomberg/chef-bcpc/blob/master/bootstrap/vagrant_scripts/Vagrantfile
15:38 <* MajObviousman> gets a sense that his services are in demand
15:38 <MajObviousman> mmmm hmm. Yep. Mmmmmm hmmm. Those are letters and symbols all right
15:39 <MajObviousman> no need to thank me, setuid, just doing my job
15:39 <setuid> hrm?
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15:41 <* MajObviousman> activates the vornado so it looks like he's flying away
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15:43 <* setuid> casts MajObviousman to MajNot-So-Obvious-man
15:44 <MajObviousman> I'd play along, but that would bruise my idlerpg score
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15:55 <utkonos> Is there a way to configure rsync-auto in the Vagrantfile? I have tried appending rsync-auto: true to the end of the config.vm.synced_folder statements, but it does not seem to work.
15:57 <setuid> ooo, you just gave me an idea. If I have 4 identcal VMs, and into each one I do 'apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade', they'll all pull down the same package lists and packages. If I use rsync-auto, I could avoid the multiple downloads, right?
15:58 <utkonos> probably so
15:58 <utkonos> I have been able to get it working with the command line "vagrant rsync-auto" just fine, but I want to know how to have that happen automagically via Vagrantfile
15:58 <utkonos> It seems like it should be possible, but it doesn't work.
16:00 <setuid> "To ensure that the command works properly, you should start rsync-auto only when the machine is running, and shut it down before any machine state changes."
16:00 <setuid> It apparently doesn't handle state changes gracefully
16:01 <utkonos> so it's something that always gets run manually?
16:01 <setuid> spox: with --no-provision, 149s, without, 196s. Not a big appreciable savings.
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16:27 <setuid> oof. With vagrant-cachier, 6m11s.
16:28 <setuid> It should not take ~2x-3x longer with a caching proxy
16:32 <setuid> ==> vm2: Configuring cache buckets...
16:32 <setuid> It's definitely "trying" to cache
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17:13 <energizer> There's a staging server with database, web server, app code, etc. I want to make a local copy of the server so I can easily try database-altering code on my laptop locally. Does this make sense for vagrant?
17:14 <vb_jasonc> @energizing - is the creation of that server at all automated now? can you apply some chef/puppet/ansible items to rapidly deploy the same as a vagrant box?
17:14 <vb_jasonc> I can't spell it seems
17:15 <vb_jasonc> @energizer ^
17:16 <energizer> vb_jasonc: there's no automation on it at all now; it's just a server with some db, nginx, python app on it
17:17 <vb_jasonc> well - vagrant isn't really a backup system, it's more of a bootstrapper - at least imo, so if you don't aleady have that automation, you'd need to create some in order to make vagrant useful to you
17:17 <vb_jasonc> vagrant is great for testing, and I'm sure some would say that's its primary area of usefulness
17:18 <setuid> energizer: what's the OS of the server?
17:18 <energizer> setuid: ubuntu 14
17:18 <vb_jasonc> but those components all have public domain cookbooks (or similar coverage for the provisioner of your choice) that would make setting up a box like that pretty straight forward
17:19 <setuid> energizer: you could clone it with dpkg --get-selections, then dpkg --set-selections in your vagrant provisioner
17:19 <setuid> you won't get the _data_, but you'll get an exact build
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17:21 <energizer> vb_jasonc: were you thinking i should write an ansible playbook to install db, python, uwsgi, clone app; then make a vm with vagrant and run the playbook?
17:21 <vb_jasonc> something like that
17:21 <vb_jasonc> vagrant will run the playbook for you
17:21 <vb_jasonc> as part of bringing up the vm for the first time
17:22 <vb_jasonc> and you can likely get your data on it too the same way
17:24 <energizer> vb_jasonc: how would i get the data
17:24 <vb_jasonc> if you want to build something more detailed, packer -> vagrant would allow you to use kickstart files (or debconf) to set up the box
17:24 <vb_jasonc> typically, vagrant provides either a filesystem connection (local "Vagrantfile" path = /vagrant on the host) or you can scp
17:25 <vb_jasonc> vagrant also has file/shell provisioners that will get stuff onto the guest and execute it
17:26 <vb_jasonc> how to say, out of the box vagrant is kind of clever, but if you need it to be very clever, you need to add that part
17:27 <vb_jasonc> all the hooks are there - and there are probably some good examples out there that would be close to what you need
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17:36 <setuid> I've done some work using packer to build an image, with an injected HWE kernel, which is then fed to vagrant to bootstrap, avoiding the reboot
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17:41 <vb_jasonc> packer can provision most of the same things - it's just that it can go from "bare metal" where vagrant really can't
17:41 <vb_jasonc> vagrant needs that "box" as a starting point
17:42 <vb_jasonc> fortunately, packer can make vagrant boxes, as setuid suggests
17:43 <setuid> My packer json uses a preseed to do an unattnded Ubuntu install, injects the hwe kernel, then packs it up into an image, which vagrant can use to provision vms against it
17:50 <setuid> This is not very user friendly: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/38417904/
17:50 <setuid> There's a --machine-readable flag, but no help on that flag or others
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18:11 <setuid> Is there an easier way to filter that output?
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19:41 <dprophit> Is there a channel for puppet in vagrant builds? I have questions about module manifest
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19:51 <energizer> vb_jasonc: I'm trying to use packer build, and i get "virtualbox-iso: Timeout waiting for SSH."
20:06 <vb_jasonc> there is a fairly broad number of reasons that happens - including that there's just not enough time in the default to complete provisioning
20:07 <vb_jasonc> do you have a rdp/gui available on the vm that's being built?
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20:38 <dprophit> Is there a channel for puppet in vagrant builds? I have questions about module manifest
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