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08:54 <zofrex> I'm continually having issues with "port is in use" with Vagrant
08:54 <zofrex> for example I just destroyed a box and then recreated it and it tells me the port is in use
08:54 <zofrex> Vagrant is wrong, the port is not in use. How to debug this? :)
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08:55 <zofrex> running Vagrant 1.9.5 + VMWare Fusion 8.5.7 + OSX
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09:01 <zofrex> ah, sounds like it's this maybe https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/7948
09:03 <zofrex> ah I upgraded vagrant and vmware but not my vagrant plugins, that was dumb
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09:07 <zofrex> still no go... killing the lines in nat.conf fixed it. hopefully it doesn't come back now :)
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09:09 <zofrex> yup, destroy and recreate is all good now
09:09 <zofrex> thanks for your help everyone ;)
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13:36 <mvaenskae> cheers -- how is the support for libvirt/qemu progressing with vagrant? i have found vagrant thanks to my student association and am quite fond of how quickly one can provision boxes and let others experience your config but i personally prefer qemu/kvm to virtualbox
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14:18 <strk> (how) can I backup a machine to re-create from scratch while not loosing the old one ?
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16:00 <javlens> I've just setup my first vagrant box and need to add a repo from my local machine. I added a symlink var/www/html/mysite pointing to /vagrant/mysite, so I can now access it via, but is there a way to add a host setting to make it cleaner, like just http://mysite.com? Or is this done in the vagrant's apache vhost?
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16:25 <strk> javlens: hostname resolution depends on client, the server you only need to setup to serve a different content based on client-provided name
16:27 <javlens> strk: not sure I follow, I don't think I can set a subdirectory in the /etc/hosts file, can I? Something like " mysite.com" is what I need, but don't think that's possible
16:29 <strk> the /etc/hosts file is a file, all you need is write permissions to it
16:29 <strk> but we're still talking about the client, not the vagrant machine
16:30 <strk> echo " mysite.com" >> /etc/hosts
16:30 <strk> then you should be able to wget http://mysite.com
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16:42 <javlens> strk: yes, but I want to point to the subdirectory in the vagrant machine called "var/www/html/mysite", not the "var/www/html", which is the default. I created a new vhost setting in the vagrant's apache vhost file, enabled it, but how do I use it? Or, do I have to use the 000-default.conf file?
16:45 <strk> add a ServerName mysite.com into that vhost file, and set DocumentRoot to the subdir
16:45 <strk> this is best asked in #apache
16:46 <javlens> strk: I understand how to mod the vhost file, but not how to make vagrant use a specific vhost file instead of the default one, that is my goal
16:47 <javlens> if it's not possible because vagrant can only support one site per vagrant box, then I'll setting for doing this in the default host file, but if it's possible I'd really like to know how
16:54 <strk> javlens: vagrant (to my understanding) just sets up a virtual machine, full operating system
16:54 <strk> it's up to you how to configure it - I'm pretty sure you can have any number of web sites on a single box
16:55 <strk> the /etc/hosts file can have multiple names for the same IP
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16:55 <strk> echo " mysite.com othersite.org thirdone.net" >> /etc/hosts
16:55 <strk> btw, are you sure it's 192.168.x.x ? (because on my machine it's a different network)
16:56 <spox> yeah, you just need to update your apache or nginx config file for multiple vhosts within the vm, along with the hosts file updates
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17:09 <javlens> Yes, I have done that with the /etc/hosts file in the past. I am sure I have the right ip because the default apache page works and I can also create a test.php file with "echo phpinfo();" in that works
17:10 <javlens> I have my apache vhost file setup and working right, but I am still not sure how to load a subdirectory as the root. I know I'm missing something simple but not sure what
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17:19 <Anthaas> Hi guys - I did vagrant ssh but some of the files have * next to them - what does this mean
17:19 <strk> Anthaas: ls -F
17:19 <strk> compare with 'ls'
17:20 <Anthaas> strk, No different
17:20 <strk> * is executable, / is directory (I'm not sure that's what you're talking about)
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17:20 <Anthaas> strk, http://i.imgur.com/Q3rwQkq.png
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17:21 <strk> Anthaas: I won't read images, don't you have a text only output ?
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17:21 <Anthaas> Oh, that was just an image showing the green name of the file followed by a *
17:21 <Anthaas> First_Post.html*
17:22 <strk> right, that's the effect of -F switch of ls
17:22 <strk> green is the effect of --color
17:22 <Anthaas> That was without the -F
17:22 <strk> 'ls' unaliases ls
17:22 <strk> quotes matter
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17:22 <strk> alias ls # should tell you
17:22 <Anthaas> Ahhhh
17:23 <Anthaas> Sorry, I thought you quoted it for me to write that, I didn't think you intended for thequotes to be entered
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17:23 <Anthaas> That gets rid of the *
17:23 <Anthaas> Thanks
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19:37 <lbrewington> does anyone know how I change the value of the .env settings for a provisioning from within a action_hook call(env) (env being the state bag)
19:38 <lbrewington> i am trying to run some ruby code only during provisioning
19:38 <lbrewington> the only way I have been able to see to do it is to utilize the action_hook .. hook.before Vagrant::Action::Builtin::Provision, ProvisionAction
19:39 <lbrewington> but i need to change the the provision env value at this step
19:40 <lbrewington> or if someone knows a reliable way to tell if a provisioning is actually be called that would be nice too
19:42 <lbrewington> okay
19:42 <lbrewington> does anyone know how to access the Vagrant global from within the action_hook plugin?
19:44 <lbrewington> does anyone know the command for bringing up a setup vagrant box?
19:45 <lbrewington> blink once if you are still alive
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20:19 <lbrewington> blink twice if you dead
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20:24 <* spox> blinks 3 times
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20:31 <lbrewington> okay, so this thing is on
20:32 <lbrewington> does anyone know anything about action_hook .. or is this just a waste of words?
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20:37 <autofsckk> hi, i tried an archlinux vagrant box but it didnt work, how can i make one myself? im installing one now and i would like to re-use it using vagrant, is that possible?
20:37 <double-p> wo bekomm ich nu neue mitarbeiter her? :P
20:37 <double-p> ewps
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20:43 <mvaenskae> cheers, what format are the boxes vagrant "distributes" in terms of datatype?
20:44 <mvaenskae> meaning are they usually specific to the hypervisor used?
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20:45 <double-p> box is just a meta
20:47 <mvaenskae> basically a zip that then contains a disk image each hypervisor/emulator understands?
20:48 <double-p> yeah
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20:52 <mvaenskae> alright -- that solves that magic question :) wasn't too certain to that -- i am interested in using vagrant for libvirt/qemu environments using kvm as hypervisor
20:52 <mvaenskae> or at least, if the support is not there yet see to a provider that does it
20:57 <mvaenskae> if i take a box and install a hefty programming environment, what is the goto for increasing the size of the filesystem? beyond the scope of vagrant and depending on the virtual machine itself?
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21:41 <Comnenus> Can someone tell me what this means? https://pastebin.com/CBKMJvbQ
21:41 <Comnenus> mkmf.log is really not helpful here
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21:45 <Comnenus> nevermind, I didn't read the damn install doc.
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23:06 <glurp> Hello. I have a packer question. Is it possible to have packer interpret template vars ({{ user `varname` }}) in files _OTHER_ than the main json file? (ie. the one you're building with)
23:07 <glurp> I've got this nice centos unattended boot file that I would like to use templates in
23:07 <glurp> but I don't think packer will interpret them since it's executed via boot_command
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23:08 <spox> yeah, the unattend file is just served out directly
23:09 <glurp> bah so I've got to write some sed magic for it then I guess
23:10 <glurp> oh well, thanks
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23:28 <glurp> I'm also having trouble creating qemu images with headless: true
23:29 <glurp> I'm su'd as another user and I don't have access to X11, but setting headless: true doesn't seem to solve this error like it should:
23:29 <glurp> Qemu stderr: Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) - exiting
23:34 <glurp> nevermind, it seems if I set headless: true AND specify -display none in qemuargs I can bypass this
23:34 <glurp> I'm not sure why I need to, but it works :)
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