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09:56 <ecraven> hello ;) can I tell vagrant to run ansible in some way so that ansible *knows* it is run from vagrant (to use test machine names instead of real machine names, etc.)?
09:57 <double-p> ecraven: hmm.. chef has some flag for it (vagrant_mode), but cannot recall the ansible for that
09:57 <ecraven> ok, I'll check the docs ;)
09:58 <double-p> otoh you can deal with that if you differentiate facts-hostname and inventory hostnames
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10:20 <thebigj> I am not sure, but changies I do at files under /vagrant aren't replicating to base folder.
10:20 <thebigj> *base folder means the folder from where the project is running.
10:21 <thebigj> I am using Virtualbox as a provider.
10:22 <double-p> guest/host?
10:22 <thebigj> https://dpaste.de/J1b5/raw is my configuration file.
10:22 <thebigj> I mean Vagrantfile
10:23 <double-p> very fancy
10:23 <thebigj> double-p: Let me explain the situation.
10:23 <thebigj> double-p: I start the VM using 'vagrant up' command.
10:23 <thebigj> double-p: I move to /vagrant folder.
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10:24 <thebigj> double-p: And touch file for example test.file with command 'touch /vagrant/test.file'
10:25 <thebigj> double-p: I am able to see the file inside guest.
10:26 <thebigj> double-p: But when I observer the folder of host I am unable to see that file.
10:26 <double-p> well.. host/guest OS?
10:34 <thebigj> double-p: I have mentioned already that I am creating folder at /vagrant of guest. Which I am unable to see under my host os folder.
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10:34 <double-p> yes, but is that OSX to linux or windows to freebsd?
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10:36 <thebigj> double-p: Okay. I got what you wanted to ask. Host OS distribution is Gentoo Linux, kernel is GNU/Linux and Guest OS is Debian.
10:37 <double-p> and it shares via NFS or guest-tools?
10:37 <thebigj> double-p: I don't know. Can you guide me how can I confirm on that?
10:38 <thebigj> double-p: I am using Virtualbox as provider.
10:38 <double-p> if you didnt do a thing, it's likely guest tools. so it is supposed to work.
10:38 <double-p> but i cannot go further, since i am not using that
10:38 <thebigj> double-p: I did nothing.
10:39 <thebigj> double-p: Okay. Thanks for helping.
10:39 <double-p> thebigj: the other way round does work?
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10:40 <thebigj> double-p: No. I have to reboot the VM for that.
10:40 <double-p> thebigj: no.. touch a new file in where you did 'vagrant up' and check for presence in VMs /vagrant
10:40 <thebigj> double-p: Did, nothing I can see inside the VM.
10:41 <double-p> well, there's something wrong. maybe incompatible host/guest
10:41 <thebigj> double-p: Is there any option in which it mounts as read-only?
10:42 <thebigj> double-p: Because, the file I created inside the VM is still there when I shutdown and restarted it.
10:42 <double-p> i am not using synced_folders
10:42 <double-p> huh
10:42 <thebigj> double-p: Still from host os I am unable to see at the folder I fired my vagrant up command.
10:43 <double-p> i think these guest-tolls are a POS
10:43 <thebigj> double-p: Can you define POS?
10:44 <double-p> ...
10:57 <thebigj> Here is the output of 'vagrant up --debug' option https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ultimatecoder/d303d357d05ec1422ea7523a64e37740/raw/b8c29de171b8ac79604cbdd91abeb122dc0afaff/vagrant_up_debug
10:58 <thebigj> I am unable to see files I update at /vagrant inside guest VM to host folder.
10:58 <thebigj> also files created at Host OS after booting VM is unable to observe.
10:58 <thebigj> *unable to observe inside the VM.
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10:59 <double-p> i dont know.. i am not using that.
11:00 <double-p> now sinking into weekend... while another 1000 lines of new provider code are waiting to have been written by me. patience
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