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11:19 <NoPoday> Hello :) Is there any editor/plugin/way to get my IDE (like RubyMine or another) to give me autocompletion and correct Highlighting for Vagrantfiles?
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16:00 <apb1963> I just bought a shiny new VPS and installed ubuntu 16.04, oddly it has an ancient kernel. Standard ubuntu upgrade doens't work, it was suggested to me that it sounds like vagrant; I know zero about vagrant. I just want my VPS to work correctly, ideally with a late model kernel. Thoughts?
16:08 <spox> vagrant is just a local development tool so i'm not sure how it would be related at all
16:13 <apb1963> spox, The exact comment was: vagrant is a vm based on that stock old kernel, with patches..
16:14 <apb1963> That from a ubuntu developer.
16:14 <apb1963> s/That/That comment/
16:15 <spox> well, i'm not exactly sure what that developer is talking about. vagrant is a tool for running vms locally to aid in local development.
16:16 <apb1963> And it can't be used for any other purpose? Just local development? It can't run say a web server?
16:16 <spox> for production purposes?
16:16 <apb1963> yes
16:17 <spox> no, it should not be used for that purpose
16:17 <apb1963> But... it could be.
16:17 <apb1963> How can I tell if I'm running an OS under such a situation?
16:17 <spox> sure, it _could_ be but it _shouldn't_ be
16:18 <spox> if vagrant is managing the VM?
16:18 <apb1963> And... how can I tell if I"m running the VM and do not have access to the host?
16:18 <apb1963> I know I'm runnig a VM... how can I tell if it's vagrant?
16:19 <spox> from within the VM, there's no reliable way to determine that.
16:20 <apb1963> so, in theory... I could be running vagrant.
16:20 <spox> do you mean that the VM you were given from your VPS provider could have been provisioned with vagrant?
16:20 <apb1963> Yes, exactly. Just because you're aware or at least believe it shouldn't be used for production, that doesn't mean the webhost I"m using has the same awareness or beleifs.
16:21 <spox> you'd have to ask.
16:21 <apb1963> And, considering nobody can tell the difference... why shouldn't they?
16:22 <apb1963> Yes... but I'd like to be able to ask relatively intelligent questions and understand the full story before I go start asking.
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16:24 <apb1963> I'd also like to be able to understand their response, and if what they tell me makes any sense.
16:25 <spox> vagrant is built for making development easier. as such it wouldn't be considered "hardened" at all for production use.
16:54 <apb1963> spox thank you
17:01 <spox> yeah, sure :)
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